Thursday, May 2, 2013

Energizer Run: On its Third Year of Positive Energy

Truly, running is more fun in the Philippines. For the past decade, as more and more people have already jumping into the band wagon of pursuing the active health life style through running, organizers have likewise find more ways to make this simple yet very effective exercise a fun activity.

In the last two years, this running culture in the Philippines has evolved in many forms already from the traditional flat pavement running, to trails coupled with bunch of obstacles all in the purpose of making running a very enjoyable feat. And these innovations have brought more and more people to venture out and extend their physical limitations to these challenges.

In many fun runs, night races have already getting its own follower of runners who find thrill running at night. That’s why on its third year, Energizer will soon stage their fun run at the Bonifacio Global City famous running route on May 4, 2013 and the gun-start will begin after sundown.

Energizer, the leader in battery source products in partnership with GMA Kapuso Foundation will hosts this year’s Energizer Run to promote positive energy. This is an advocacy campaign to spread awareness about places in our country that doesn’t have electricity. One Million Light Foundation as a co-beneficiaries will identify three thousand house-holds who are still living their lives in “darkness”. This is just a part of a much bigger goal which is to illuminate one million house hold all across the country.

Last April 17, 2013, Energizer hosted a press launch that was attended by various fitness and sports media both traditional and online. Executives from the company shares the objective of the fun run and how people can help spread the advocacy of bringing suitable light to people who still uses kerosene-fed lamps which are harmful to health and are hazardous to safety.

Ms. Joan Mendoza, Brand Manager of Energizer shares that his run will be just one among many night races being staged from different parts of the globe, all to provide a better source of lighting to places where there are still none. In the Philippines, Energizer are set to distribute three thousand solar rechargeable lamps to poor communities where school kids are deprived from a suitable light where they can study at night. 

The Energizer Run, is hoping to target more than 2.000 runners who will challenge themselves running at night. All runners are provided by Energizer head lamps so that they can have a good depth of vision on the road. In the same way it will also give a spectacular view of other runners lighting the road with their own head lamps. 

Registration are still open in RUNNR Stores, BROOKS North Edsa, Toby’s Stores. Visit the website to know the details of the race.

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