Saturday, April 30, 2016

STREAMLINE Sports Instruction

I have four sons and when they were little, and our family get invited to a swimming pool party, supervising these four playing in the pool is one “life-guard” nightmare because they didn’t know how to swim then. When this happen, I’m the one normally had the lesser time for socials among other parents in the party, because I would spend the whole time looking after these active kids.

The methodologies of world-renowned swimming institutions such as Austswim, Total Immersion, and World Aquatic Baby Convention have also been adopted and integrated into the curriculum of the Streamline Sports Instruction swimming program. If you’re looking for quality instruction and a genuine commitment to help you or your child learn one of life’s most enjoyable yet vital skills, you’ve come to the right place!
Later on, we decided to enroll these boys to a swimming class one summer to learn some swimming skills. After that, my wife and I are more confident whenever we go to a pool party leaving the kids on their own in the water by themselves. When they got a little bigger I’m glad that they were the ones starting to supervise the smaller kids and giving them a few pointers.

Streamline Coaches with bloggers...
Just recently, I was invited to cover a swimming class organized by Streamline Sports Instruction Inc. Established in 2014, the group started out as a swim coaching business. Later on, the group expanded their services in other discipline like triathlon and multi-sports events. The event was divided into schedules according to age groups and My son, Gab and I joined the adult group of the class. 

A swimmer doing the basics under the close supervision of Coach Nonoy Basa...
My son and I know already know how to swim but we decided to join the class to get something new that will improve our efficiency in swimming. It’s a good thing we attended because we were able to learn other forms of which we think can improve our swimming. The demonstration of the swimming coaches were basics but I was able to observe some interesting points, where I can apply to my swimming form. At least I know what part or my swimming a need to change. 


My son Gab applying what he learned from Coach al (Taken with CherryMobile Action Cam)

After the quick demos, my son and I took the opportunity to practice the new found knowledge we learn from the coaches of StreamLine. On our first try, I noticed that I was able to swim straight with less efforts. After a few more laps, the coaches called us up for a short debriefing of what have learned. 
With Coach Al Gonzales...
What sets Streamline Instructions apart from other swimming coaching groups? Streamline Instruciton, with a 40 years in swim coaching experience, the coaches are fusion of various swimmers which are Philippines Record Holders, seasoned triathletes, and National water Polo players with one common passion and that is the joy of sharing the skills and knowledge of swimming.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

adidas: Top running groups in the city get a #boost

adidas hosts the first and biggest running community meet in the country to date with #BoostManila

Manila, Philippinesadidas Philippines partners with top running communities from all over the metro for #BoostManila. Dubbed as the first and biggest running community meet in the country to date, #BoostManila brings together running communities from all parts of the city. 

Leading the pack from the north is running group Run365ph along with Ayala Triads from Makati, Philippine Titans from Pasig, Urban Runners from BGC/Taguig, and all the way from the south, Snail Runners from Alabang. 


“Running has gotten quite big in the country and this is a category that we want to  focus on this year,” begins Jen Dacasin, Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager of adidas Philippines. “Tonight, we are joined with around a hundred runners from different parts of the city. It is important for us to go grassroots for running and be present amongst these active running communities by letting them know that we want to give them that boost by allowing them to not just learn about our products but most importantly experience them as well,” ends Dacasin.

Last year, adidas first unveild ‘the greatest running shoe ever’, the Ultra BOOST shoes. Developed with the top runners in mind, the Ultra BOOST was designed with energized cushioning for your best run ever. This is just one of the many products adidas has developed for the dedicated runner.

adidas aims to build a community of runners who will further influence more to get into the sport. Running along the said communities and part of the adidas roster are Team Gotta, Team Pangilinan, and triathlete Claire Adorna, who bagged the first gold medal for the Philippines during the 2015 SEA Games. 

For the latest updates, follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram at @adidasPH and @adidasRunning with #BoostManila or contact:

adidas Group makes plastic shopping bags history


Herzogenaurach – To celebrate Earth Day, and to underscore its ongoing commitment to sustainability, the adidas Group announced that plastic shopping bags will be removed from its own retail stores globally. The switch to paper bags will be implemented immediately, with Russia and Kazakhstan following in June 2016.
Additionally, over the last year, the adidas Group has worked closely with its partners, resulting in the vast majority of its franchisees committing to paper bags by the end of June 2016. 

This means every year the adidas Group will eliminate approximately 70 million plastic shopping bags across more than 14,000 retail stores globally. This translates to 3 million plastic shopping bags in the United States and more than 2 million plastic bags in Germany.

“Phasing out shopping plastic bags is part of our wider effort to constantly increase the use of more sustainable materials in our production, products and stores, as we recently announced with our newly launched 2020 Sustainability Strategy ‘Sport needs a space’,” says Roland Auschel, Member of the Executive Board, responsible for Global Sales. “However, there is even more to it than that. Our store staff has been trained on the importance of taking consumers on this journey with us; we will therefore ask consumers if they really need a paper bag before we give one away. Reducing the number of bags we produce also means minimizing our environmental footprint and helps us to become an even more sustainable company.”

The plastic shopping bag phase-out initiative started one year ago, when the company announced its partnership with Parley for the Oceans. As a founding member, adidas supports Parley for the Oceans in its education and communication efforts, as well as its comprehensive Ocean Plastic Programme (A.I.R., Avoid, Intercept, and Redesign) that intends to end plastic pollution of the oceans. On top of phasing out plastic bags, the adidas Group has taken concrete steps to reduce its use of virgin plastic such as:

-         Ended the use of plastic microbeads across all body care products by December 31, 2015.
-        Eliminating plastic bottles in meetings at its headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany as of   Q3 2015.

The adidas Group’s programme is regularly recognized by leading socially responsible investment rating agencies, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and the FTSE4Good Index. In 2015, for the 16th consecutive time, the adidas Group was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. Again, at the beginning of 2016, the adidas Group ranked fifth among ‘The Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World’, as announced by media and investment advisory company Corporate Knights at the World Economic Forum.

For additional information on the adidas Group 2020 Sustainability Strategy, please visit

For more information about the adidas Group’s continuing efforts, visit
About the adidas Group

The adidas Group is a global leader in the sporting goods industry, offering a broad portfolio of footwear, apparel and hardware for sport and lifestyle around the core brands adidas, Reebok, TaylorMade and Reebok-CCM Hockey. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the Group employs more than 55,000 people across the globe and generated sales of around € 17 billion in 2015.
Please visit our corporate website:

Thursday, April 21, 2016

ORBIK: Home design experts in lighting solutions

With the rising electric bills that we experience every month, consumers are starting to look for all possible means to lower it. However, as much as we resist the temptation of turning on our air conditioning units in this time of the year which is summer, the tropical heat is just too much our mortal bodies can bare. So if there are certain electrical appliances in the house we cannot sacrifice not to use, there are also some we can at least lessen the consumption. 

ORBIK bulbs in various lumens and wattage...
Last year, my wife and I decided to do some saving measures in order to cut the cost of our monthly electrical bills. So, we started replacing all our incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs little by little, because LED bulbs are more pricey compared to the regular ones. After a few months, we already notice a significant cut down to our Meralco bills, considering that we still have other areas in our house which still has the old bulbs that need replacing. 

Add caption
Last week, I was invited to attend a media event on light bulbs. ORBIK, the country’s leading distributor of high quality LED lighting solution presented the importance of lights in adding not just efficient illumination but also beauty to the interior of the house. Orbik showcases their top of the line light bulbs, each has a distinct use and effectiveness to a particular place depending on the size of the room and its purpose. 

Arch. Conrad Onglao and Ms. Sam Oh...
For Arch. Conrad Onglao, lighting serves different purposes: accent lighting to highlight artwork, indirect lighting to create mood, or task lighting on desks or above kitchen counters where clear light is necessary. There are many ways Onglao applies lighting so that function and design complement one another. “A bedroom should have soft and warm lighting while an office space has bright white lighting to keep one alert. There is no blanket lighting solution for all spaces.” Most Orbik bulbs have both warm white (yellowish feature) and daylight (crisp white color) options.

LED bulbs emits less heat, so you can actually touch it while its turned on...
In the event, the host Ms. Sam Oh even encourage the audience to touch the lighted bulbs around us and surprisingly, they were not hot at all. That’s one of amazing feature of LED because it emits very little heat, thereby adding to the cool temperature of the room. 

Orbik Bluetooth Speaker LED bulb...
Another cool models of light bulb ORBIK has is the Bluetooth LED bulb with speaker. This light bulb has a built in speaker where you can actually play music in your smart phone and listen to the music through the light bulb itself. It has even a cool feature where you can dim the light remotely while you are changing the music via the remote control that comes along with it. 

Six watts Orbik LED bulbs...
“We have a full range of LED bulbs and other lights that assure energy efficiency,unlike other brands, we don’t focus on  the priceof the product, but on what kind of light functions should be needed.” says Jam Chan, Marketing Director of Orbik LED light bulbs. “We at Orbik like to consider ourselves as light experts because we want to educate consumers about LED light bulb use.”

Nine watts LED Bulbs...
Replacing the old incandescent bulbs in your house LED lights can be a little bit costly but in the long run, LED can be cost efficient because it uses less electric current and the diodes will last for years, much longer than the incandescent lights we normally use. 

Vintage LED light bulbs...

Chan says, “Your room can be transformed in the switch of a single light bulb. But with low quality bulbs, you’ll find yourself more hassled than benefited with the transformation if you have to keep changing it! This is where LED makes a difference.” The energy-efficient bulb is touted for its low environmental impact and cost-effectiveness as its outdated predecessor for lasting over 3 times longer. Going LED means saving money, effort, and the environment – it’s a win all-around!

If you want to know more about ORBIK and the importance of LED bulbs, you may log on to their web site:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Unbounded 3.0: Art Beyond Boundaries of Rax Bautista @ Designs Ligna


Three times a charm.  This is what artist Rax Bautista has reached with her recent collection entitled Unbounded 3.0. 

With an eclectic mix of interest, Rax has exhibited a large body of work from her nude and body paint photography to abstract paintings, and “Unbounded 3.0” is her third collection installment. Her peers and patrons have been yearning for her artistry since “Unbounded” in 2012—her collection that delved into dark social issues. Thus, to appease them, as well as her muse, another collection has come into fruition:  Unbounded 3.0.

Designs Ligna owner Nicholass de Lange, Mari Gomez and Rossana de Lange
A compendium of her insights and emotions, the Unbounded 3.0 collection is Rax’s expression of her unbounded inner self. Each artwork draws you into distinct and varying sentiments of the soul. One really has to be present in front of each art piece to fully experience the deep emotional message.This is how the select guests of Rax Bautista experienced at the private viewing of the collection held last 05 April 2016 at Casa Ligna in N. Garcia St., Makati City.

Eric Khan, Erlwin Navarro, Rax Bautista and Carlyle Ong
Casa Ligna presents the innovative creations of Designs Ligna, a world-class manufacturer of finest quality crafted furniture.  They develop and market their own designs to high-end retailers and supply exclusive products to 17 countries in 4 continents. The walls of Designs Ligna have made Rax’s artworks more alive given the ambience only Casa Ligna can provide.

It was an evening of intimacy with Rax and her paintings together with her select guests where Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi wines were poured.

Raquel "Rax" Bautista with the painting entitled: "Breast of Autumn"
This affair was made possible by the Activation Agency, Eventechnique Inc. headed by Earlwin Tan-Navarro and Carlyle Wilbur Ong, Rax Bautista’s good friends and fans, and through the invaluable support of one or Rax’s art appreciators, wine connoisseur, Eric Kahn.

Rax Bautista, Eleonor Banatin and Jun Bisnar (Ayala Land - Nuvali Vice President)
Raquel Bautista is an accomplished photographer, fashion stylist, creative director, and painter. Her artistry was honed delicately by her degrees of Fine Arts at the College of the Holy Spirit and significantly from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, USA. The Unbounded 3.0 Collection is now open for viewing at Designs Ligna until 30 June 2016.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Twin Touch: Traditional Four Hand Bali Massage @ Blue Water Day Spa

As much as I want to have more time to go to the spa as much as I want to, the nature of my job limits me to do so. When I started running more frequently, I began to realize that I need those massages and stretching to keep my legs and the rest of my body toned and flexible to keep up with the enduring long distance run I normally do. 

For those who are asking me for advice on when to get a massage after a run, I normally recommend two to three days after a long distance run. Running 21k or 42k marathons take a lot of toll to your muscle fibers on your legs and feet. There are what experts called “micro-muscle fiber tearing”. But don’t be alarm, because this is normal and our body has the capability to heal by itself. All you need to do is to rest and recover, eat food rich in protein, like meat. This will help your body rebuild its torn fibers and reconnects itself again. After a good rest and recovery period, do a short recovery run then hit the spa for a lite massage and stretching. 

Ms. International 2014, Ms. Bianca Guidotti
 Last week, my wife and I had the opportunity to have a short stay-cation at Radision Makati. Just a short walk from the hotel is a branch of Blue Water Day Spa where we spent an hour and a half of a good soothing massage. My wife and I chose a combination of Swedish and Herbal massage with a lite stretching of limbs. This massage services are unique with Blue Water Day Spa and are being offered to all branches nationwide.

BWDS' Brand Ambassador, Ms. Kim Chiu...
Recently, BWDS launched another original style that will add to the satisfaction of its loyal patrons. It’s called the “Twin Touch”. If you tried the Balinese Massage before, this one is pretty much the same but it’s being performed by two therapist simultaneously massaging your body. This particular style of massage gives a double enticing and relaxing feature and spending more time on body parts that you wish to focus on. 
Twin Touch Massage. The Benefit of four hands...
 Another interesting massage service is the Athletic massage which focuses on body and limb stretching, allowing your muscle reach its optimum flexibility. This type of massage is designed for obviously, athletes who are into post-competition recovery. Stretching is indeed an ideal part recovery but it is important to know your limits, over stretching might also result to minor injuries sometimes.

Celebrity models Mark McMahon, Philippe Excalambre, Brent Javier amd Sam Adjani...
The launch was celebrated at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City. The event was graced by the management and executives of BWDS together with its celebrity brand ambassadors rendering their talents while members of the media took the liberty of taking photos of their fabulous physique. One Celeb even took part at the real live demo on how the Twin Touch is being serviced by two BWDS masseurs. After which, model celebs performed a short ramp modeling while TV and movie personalities of both GMA7 and ABS-CBN networks entertained the audience with their singing prowess. 

Check out the rest of the services of Blue Water Day Spa with their corresponding rates. These massage services are available in BWDS branches: Makati, Ortigas, Capitol Hills, Eastwood, Tomas Morato, Cotabato and Naga City.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Behrouz Persian Cuisine opens in BF Paranaque

My first experience of Persian food was the Shawarma. This was during my early years of married life back in Los Banos, Laguna. At that time, my wife was pregnant with our second child and her pregnant cravings was Shawarma. It was a sensational delicacy, gaining popularity among UPLB students. I remember patiently waiting long lines just to buy one with extra garlic sauce.

Little did I know that eventually I will come to know the very family who brought Shawarma in the Philippines way back in the early 80’s. Of course he is no other than my good friend Mr. Modj Mojdeh and Mrs. Joan Mojdeh of Behrouz Persian Cuisine. The Mojdeh Family is the primary owners of Behrouz which was modestly introduced by Modj’s dad Mr. Behrouz Mojdeh himself, when he was just a struggling entrepreneurial migrant from Iran,thirty years ago. I remember Modj sharing with me the story of how his dad started it all with their first branch in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Mr. Modj Mojdeh, Joan Mojdeh with Iranian Friends...
Mr. Behrouz Mojdeh started the Persian Cuisine business with humble beginnings and with a handful of resources as capital. With little money, he cannot afford to hire staff, so he operated and managed the business on his own, from cooking, serving the food, busing the tables afterwards down to dish washing. Diligence, hard work and dedication were the prime values Mr. Mojdeh passed on to his family which they uphold until today and have imbibed it to every staff of Behrouz. 

Modj's Local buddies signaling an excellent Behrouz experience...
With four branches serving the best Persian dishes in the metro, Behrouz is now extended to the south in BF Homes Paranaque. Recently, my wife and I visited the opening of the Behrouz BF branch and on their first day, they graciously served free food tasting to everyone. The grand opening was graced by Mojdeh’s friends in multinational groups, families and of course loyal Behrouz Persian foodies.
Beef Biryani with Basmati Rice at P300 per serving
We started the afternoon with Behrouz's best sellers - the Beef Biryani. This dish is a prime grilled ground beef with special spices, coupled with grilled tomatoes and Basmati Persian long-grain rice which they import from Iran. This dish is served with dips of garlic sauce in which Modj has the hands-on of making them himself. 

Beef kebab at P90...
The next one on the list is the Chicken barbecue. It is a chopped chicken breast marinated in yogurt with special Persian spices grilled to perfection, and I really like this one. When I eat chicken, I don't normally choose the breast part because its dry and you don't get to enjoy the flavor of it, but this one is really exceptional because its juicy and flavorful. So the secret of making the chicken breast tasty is to marinate it with yogurt.   

Chicken breast barbecue at P120
 Of course, this Persian meal won't be complete without the middle-eastern signature dish Hummus. It is a pasty-like dip that can be eaten with almost everything. It can be spread to bread, or you can eat it with kebabs. Hummus is a processed Chick Peas with tons of garlic, cayenne peper, fresh lemon juice and more spices, which are all blenderized to perfection. At Behrouz, the Hummus is personally prepared by Modj himself, a sacred food tradition that was passed on to him by his dad. 

Hummus at P85...
Another version of this exotic dip, is the Mutabbal or also know as Baba Gannoush. Similar to Hummus in preparation, this dip is made out of Eggplant, Tahini, salt, pepper, olive oil all blended in to a fantastic side dish or dip best enjoyed with Pita bread.

Mutabbal or Baba Gannoush at P85
After our hefty meal, we took the opportunity to visit the interior of Behrouz kitchen and witness all the cooks and staff in action. After which, we took time to have some photo ops before we left the place. Behrouz Persian Cuisine BF is located at #226 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque. You also visit their FB page:

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Camp N: The Newest Recreational Facility at NUVALI

NUVALI perhaps is one of the few developments I know that bundles nature, health and fitness living rolled into one amazing place. This exceptional development by Ayala Land have attracted thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts from runners, bikers, birdwatchers and others who want to explore the outdoors or for some who simply feels the need to detach themselves from the urban city grind of Manila. 

Annually, Nuvali is the choice of venue of numerous running events and mounting bike races that are being participated by people from different parts of the regions. Presently, this 2,290 hectare nature park houses several commercial developments including some well-known educational and health institutions. It also the hub of several BPO and call center companies that gave thousands of employment opportunities not just with thin Sta. Rosa, Laguna but from all over.

Eco-friendly modern architectural designed buildings...
Most importantly, this development buffers a huge area of natural habitat of wild life and some exotic birds. The trail alone covers a scenic 35 kilometer jungle trails, more than enough for both novice and pros to explore and test their biking skills to the limits. Yearly, more and more are being added to the development which makes the place even more exciting. Last week, Nuvali made another attraction that sets the bar higher in outdoor recreation. This place is called CAMP N. 

CAMP N is the newest recreational venue which gives more people another reason to explore Nuvali. It is a structured adventure camp that comprises of different team-building facilities which stimulate incubation and self-discovery, good health and environmentally sustainable living. Camp N is a six hectare area that allows people to engage in physical activities that tests not just their stamina but also their character through experiential learning.

John Estacio, NUVALI General Manager...
Last Saturday, CAMP N, was launched for the very first time to the media where we got to have the first-hand experiencing the facilities. The structures are designed by Green Strat Inc., the same group that built the facilities at SandBox which is also an Ayala Land development. The operation and management of the Camp is sourced out to Lakbay kalikasan – Outbound Education, an outfit that offers team building facilitation via structured facilities.

Mon Hocson of LakbayKalikasan - Outbound Education
One highlight of the camp is the AREAL WALK. It is a multi-directional structure that connects high poles with high tension cables and ropes. Each participant or team member is challenge to complete the course by crossing from one pole to another via intricate rope works and cables. A participant is equipped with full body harness, safety helmets and an Eldrid smart belay device which is a full-proof safety feature of the camp.  At the end of the course, one gets to descend via short zip-line to the finish line.

One of the highlights of Camp N, the AREAL WALK...
Another cool feature of the Camp is the Extreme Tower which is more than 40 feet high and It holds five activities. The first one I tried was the FREE FALL, a very challenging activity for those who are afraid of heights. Here, a person is hooked into a safety cable that is connected to an auto-descender, thereby giving the fall a controlled but still gives an adrenalin rush descent.

45 feet climbing wall...

On the other side of the wall is the WALL CLIMBING and RAPELLING facility. Now this was something I really looked forward of doing because of my experience in climbing when I was still with Power Up back in the 90’s. The inclination of the wall was not as difficult but the orientation of the holds were a bit sketchy. Nonetheless I was able to top it out, thanks to my years of training with Power Up.

Me on the Cargo Net...
Other facilities of the Extreme Tower are the ROLLER COASTER ZIP LINES. They have two, actually. The shorter one is 160 meters and the longer one is 280 meters, much longer than the one in SandBox. I was not able to try this out because time constraint but I will surely come back for this next time.

Runner blogger, Franc Ramon. (Photo courtesy of
CAMP N also offer provisions for people who wish to set up tents to get the feel of a real camping experience. The facilities are designed also for corporate team building workshops and also for families who wish to bond via obstacle courses. One area in the camp that is yet to be developed is the lagoon where teams can experience water challenges in the course.

Camp N has provisions for Tents for over night camping experience...
For reservations on the Team Building exercises, you may contact CAMP N, through mobile: 0917-84CAMPN. Or you may email

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

JBL Joins Consumers in Celebrating Their Passion with #AmplifyPassion

JBL, the world’s leading brand in quality audio technology, celebrates passion in bringing top quality sound with their newest line of head phones and ear phones that fits any person’s lifestyle. This campaign was held at the Activity Center of Glorietta, Ayala Mall in Makati City. This two-day event features the state-of-the-art sound technology only JBL can bring. 

Latest portable speakers from JBL...
On the first day of the event, (March 10) JBL brought in some members of the press and also from the blogging community. The event highlighted the line-up of head phones that offers a specific feature for a distinct life style of an individual listener. For the music lovers, one can be blown away with JBL’s Studio head phones such as the JBL E40BT and E50BT. 

JBL E40BT...
And for the sports and outdoor enthusiasts like me, one can experience superb sounds with Under Armour Wireless Mini BT. Engineered by JBL, this ear phones was co-partnered with an equally popular sports brand Under Armour to bring the superb sounds to sports and outdoor adventurers. This UA wirless was built to exhibit JBL’s signature sound for up to eight hours. Made especially for those who are into active life style, it features a very durable design to withstand the rugged environment a listener is into. 

JBL / Under Armour sports ear phones...
For the Travelers and casual listeners, JBL offers the wireless Everest series that combines un-matched sound quality with ergonomic design, for a more pleasurable dynamic and acoustic experience. Among the series is the flag ship model; Everest Ellite 700 NC that features cutting edge NXTGen Active Noice Cancelling Technology. This cool feature allows the listener control the amount of noise coming from the outside. 

JBL Everest Ellite 700 NC with Sheep skin leather...
JBL head phones is just one of the brands of Harman Inc., world’s leading sound technology company that also brings Yurbuds, AKG and Harman Kardon speakers. Harman specializes audio and infotainment syatem, enterprise automation solution and softwear services. For more information on the latest speakers models, microphones, head phones and ear phones, check the newest concept store of Harman kardon/JBL in Glorietta Ayala Mall.


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