Saturday, March 29, 2014

Glucerna: Not just for the Diabetics…

Glucerna, a dietary food supplement or meal replacement specially designed for people with diabetes. It has formulation that extends its absorbing features to a long period of time, thus glucose are burned by the body before it can be absorbed by your internal organs. 

People with diabetes are into active lifestyle are advised to take Glucerna along with daily meals. Well, it depends on how active a person can be, but the idea is, taking it as it is, might lead to a very low blood sugar after a very strenuous work out, most especially to those who are taking insulin.

For a long time, Glucerna has been the brand of choice, an ideal dietary companion of people with diabetes. But many people doesn’t know, Glucerna, can also be effective for ordinary folks who would want to just to loose weight or simply wants to maintain the ideal physic they have already. 

People who are glued to an office chair in front of a computer for a long period of time, coupled with the heavy lunch at the nearest fast food hub are prone to gaining weight easily. My recommendation for the corporate rats like me who endure the daily grind of office work, is to replace the fast food lunch with a 53.3 grams of Glucerna in a 200ml of cold water.

A mug size would more likely the content of the meal. Make sure to steer it thoroughly until all are dissolved. Taking a mug size of Glucerna will make you feel heavy in the belly. It has a density sensation making you feel really full. Very ideal if you are in a middle of an idea and you don’t want your momentum to be interrupted by lunch break. You can continue working while taking a gulp of Glucerna every few minutes or so. 

My weekly GLUCERNA Program:

Days: Breakfast:   Lunch:   Dinner:        After Dinner:

Monday        Coffee & Bread   Glucerna   Rice meal 12km run

Tuesday        Coffee & Bread   Glucerna   Light meal Rest

Wednesday     Coffee & Bread   Glucerna   Rice Meal 12km run

Thursday        Coffee & Bread   Glucerna   Light Meal Rest

Friday        Coffee & Bread   Glucerna   Rice Meal 16km run

Saturday        Coffee / Cerials   Rice meal  Rice meal Rest

Sunday        Coffee / Oats   Rice meal  Rice meal 4 min metafit

My weight when I started was 142lbs. After the three-week Glucerna Program, my weight went down to 138lbs. With a height of 5’5” , my ideal weight should be 135lbs. 

Glucerna is available in a powdered form on a sachet variant, good for one cup. Although in the super markets the ready to drink can are also available but a little pricy. I’ve tried both and the taste are the same. Glucerna is available in two flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Glucerna, an adult nutritional drink effective for people with diabetes and also to people without the illness but simply wants to live in a well balanced diet and keeping a healthy lifestyle. 

Note: This Three-Week Glucerna Program is a sponsored post courtesy of  Abbot laboratories

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

“COSMOS: A Space-Time Odyssey” Redefines the Universe

With the advent of man’s latest technology in exploration and research, the last few decades has brought man with overwhelming discoveries in the vast reaches of the universe. There are new discoveries about the galaxies and outer space that are mind boggling; weird stuff that we only knew in fiction movies before. 

When I was in grade school in the late 70’s, I had the opportunity to visit the local planetarium in Manila where we experienced seeing a replica of the galaxy with constellations and all the stars and planets. At that time, Pluto was still a planet but now it's not as experts voted that it is just a big moon. 

As man is able to come up with new ways to discover new things about outer space, the curiosity allows him to want for more knowledge beyond what’s out there. In the 70’s in order for a man to become an astronaut, one should be at least an Air Force pilot with an engineering degree. Now, a simple civilian can already get the opportunity to become an astronaut without having those technical skills in order to explore outer space.

Very recently, news broke about the next space shuttle mission that will allow the first Filipino to experience the vastness of the cosmos. And these developments just happened in the last 40 years! Imagine the many other things man can do tomorrow. 

This month, National Geographical Channel (NGC) and FOX will be featuring another mind blowing documentary series about the universe and beyond. Its called COSMOS: a Space-Time Odyssey. The 13 episodes series is actually a sequel of the popular TV series in the 80’s COSMOS: A Personal Voyage, which was written and hosted by Carl Sagan.

The new COSMOS series will feature new discoveries and will disprove old theories about the universe and all the things in it. The new COSMOS will be hosted by Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson who will feature a new imaginary space craft while he expound the secrets of the universe in a new mode of storytelling. The producer of this scientific mini series is a man, very unlikely to pursue such a project. He is no other than Mr. Seth Mcfarlane, the very talented voice comedian that brought us the Family Guy

COSMOS: A Space-Time Odyssey will launch its premier telecast on March 12, 2014 at 10PM on NGC and FOX channels simultaneously. The new COSMOS series will definitely raise the bar in three dimensional animation that will bring audiences to new heights in education and entertainment. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Harness The Kinetic Advantage for Your Business

Just over a few years ago, the phenomenal rise of popularity of the social media made a lot of brands re-think their way of reaching their target markets. While many have gone exploring on how will their brands click to the world of the “netizens”, many experts chose to held on to other mediums which they believe still works best – the OOH media or the Out-of-Home media. 

Out-of-home media are the images and visuals that you see everyday when you go out. OOH maybe in the form of billboards, LED screens and some times in metro media like buses or taxi’s. In the length of EDSA alone, the billboards that covers practically all sides of the highway are so tightly packed, such ads have become distractions rather than attracting attentions. 

So how come a lot of brands still invest in these channels of media which are more costly rather than riding along the limitless exposure of the social media which are more cost effective? 

Well, according to Kinetic Worldwide Philippines, a pioneer in brand market research, have proven that among the channels of media, the Television still holds as the number one channel medium in brand awareness and second to TV is the OOH. Yes, not the internet as many would assume. 

As many brands would spend so much in advertising and marketing, it pays to really have a hard facts information about the dynamics of the specific market segment the brand is aiming for. The Kinetic advantage will give a brand clear pictures that will focus its visibility specifically matched to the right target market. The playing field is not just about the right location and right message, it is important also to know the right timing. 

The kinetic advantage can give the brand owner these valuable data so that such ad campaign will no longer be a hit and miss marketing program.

According to Mr. Rowell Santiago, Insights Director of Kinetic Worldwide Philippines, The results were mapped out in all zones identified by Kinetic enhancing its set of proprietary tools of planning and buying. The study is customized for the unique landscape of the country as it also examines other touch points and compares them to OOH-Media effectiveness in adding to the business in the medium. Meanwhile, the OOH media can be based.

With the Kinetic advantage, business can customize their own OOH media campaigns to fit the interest of the audience profiled in the study. It also allows the business to correctly place their OOH media where they can reach the most of their customers.  


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