Friday, November 23, 2012

Jollibee University Floats

One of the best things in life of a student is the daily allowance "baon" everyday they get from parents. From the meager allowances they get, fast food companies have never run out of things to accommodate their limited budget just to experience all the exciting perks of fast food and in order to compete with the student meal prices of the adjacent "turo-turo". 

Jollibee, the number one fast food chain in the country have come up with another cool way kids can celebrate their student life. Announcing the arrival of four new amazing flavors of drink floats. Tagged as University Jollibee Floats, Jollibee captured the flavors of like Blue berries, Green Honeydew, Red Apple, and Yellow Pine-orange. These floats even matches the color themes of their own schools. Simply a great way to watch UAAP and NCAA gulping these cool drinks while cheering the teams for victory. 

These fantastic floats is a mix of ice-cold sprite, the fruit flavors of choice (Blue berries, apple, honeydew and orange) with a topping of vanila soft-serve ice cream. priced at P28 for the regular size and P38 for the giant size, you can upgrade a regular value meal to go-float just by adding P21. 

So bring along the whole barkada to the nearest Jollibee to experience the new University Floats. It's another fun and exciting way to get those cheering mood while watching your favorite school team champions.

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