Friday, March 30, 2012

Product Review: Newton Shoes - Motus Motion at Be Honest Run

The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) held its second Fun Run dubbed as Be Honest Run at open grounds of SM Mall of Asia last March 17, 2012. This fun run is just among the various fitness events of BCBP where they advocate honest engagements in businesses and workplaces of their constituents. 

As for me, it will be my first time to run again with shoes on after running barefoot for almost a year now. It was my second time to run at this area which was also a good venue for me to field test the new pair of Newton Motus Motion running shoes I got from RUNNR. A week before the race, I managed to dry-run the shoes on a couple of 10ks just to break them in. 

The race course was a simple three loops around MOA covering a 15 kilometer distance. At the gun start, I managed to sprint for a few hundred meters which made the Newton shoes hugs the road effectively with its front traction pads. For a forefoot runner like me, the three indented traction on the forefoot area surely made a good performance. With a weight of seven ounces, these shoes really felt so light even with socks on. For people who are not used of having slugs on the forefoot area, balancing can be an issue at the beginning, but after a while, you’ll get the rhythm and get accustomed of their presence. 

The mesh construction on the toe box area is double-layered which is a superb way to keep the feet cooler as this prevents runners from having sweaty feet during a long-distance run. This enables the shoes to have a good drainage system also during rainy season. However, as a downside, it can also make dust and sand enter the mesh much easier, so it's advisable to wear socks.

In areas with loose pebbles around, the space in between the four slugs of the shoes can trap small stones that can cause discomfort as you'll have that uneven feeling and odd sounds when running on flat pavement. When this happens, one can just make a quick pit stop to remove the debris. 

At the last turn of the last loop, the normal fatigue I feel during runs came in but nothing that was oddly uncomfortable. So far, these shoes achieved the performance I expected them to do. My shoe size of 8.5 (US) is just right for me though in other brands it's size 8. The last stretch was a breeze and I finished with an official time of 1:22 for a 15k run.

Want to win a pair of Newton shoes worth around P7,000? Read my cover story article about the new breed of Philippine athletes who are wearing Newtons over at Orange Magazine TV and check out the mechanics there. Promo ends on April 15.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Electrolux Firande: Celebrating 10 Years in the Philippines

Even before Electrolux settled an office branch here in the Philippines, the imported brand has created an iconic signature when it comes to vacuum cleaner and of course the ever enthusiastic sales agent that knocks on the door of every house hold in the country for a product demonstration. 

Over the years, Electrolux which used to be associated only with vacuum cleaners before have grown to dominate every house-hold appliances with their cutting edge innovations, technology and slick sexy design products. I’m quite amazed how the company with a handful of employees 10 years ago has become the leading name in home appliances. 

Last March 14, 2012, Electrolux invited members of the media, friends and trade partners to celebrate the 10th years mark of the company’s unwavering success. It was held at the Shangrila Hotel, Makati, the event was indeed a grand celebration with invited celebrities such as Karylle, Kris Lawrence and Franchesca Farr and other amazing talents that brought the evening to a grander celebration. 

Electrolux featured not just their remarkable sales growth year after year but also their growth of the scope of channel distributions including retail and non-retail outlets all over the country. They also re-hush their yearly milestones in the area of corporate social responsibility as they initiated the washathon projects which helped a lot of victims of calamities by offering them a free washing of their dirty clothes using Electrolux powerful lines of washing machine.

The event also features the latest models of Electrolux products displayed in a showcase pavilion including the newest Electrolux Viva Grande inverter Air conditioner. A part of their marketing milestones was the penetration of Electrolux in the Hotel and high-rise residential community where many units for sale come with fully furnish amenities.

Ms. Malou Estaris, Electrolux Philippines General Manager inspired all the guests with her short talk as she reminisced the days where Electrolux was just starting to build its name in the market in which she and 15 other pioneer employees worked in undaunted diligence to make Electrolux a house hold brand of choice. “I feel fulfilled and Privileged to get to our 10th year this successful. We owe our firande most especially to our consumers who believe in our products. My wish for Electrolux Philippines is that we continue to be a trusted brand in the home appliance category. We promise to our Filipino market that to reach that, we will continue bringing you thoughtful products that will suite your needs. We will not stop thinking of you” Shared Ms. Estaris.

The 10th year firande of Electrolux is just the beginning of more exciting things to come. Electrolux Philippines will continue to innovate state-of-the-art home appliances suited to everyone’s needs that will make daily living more enjoyable.

Photos: courtesy of Orange MagazineTV

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food Review: Uncle Cheffy - Brick Oven Global Cuisine

The first time I’ve been to an Uncle Cheffy resto was when I was invited to an apparel event, a boutique which carries the 1980’s iconic shoes, Sperry Top-siders. The dinner was held at Uncle Cheffy Eastwood Mall and the event was so memorable for two things; one, the social conversations on the table was reminiscing the eighties which a few of fellow bloggers was able to relate to and two, the food that was served to us was so gastronomically fantabulous!

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to do a food tasting event in one of Uncle Cheffy resto’s branch in Wynsum Building in Ortigas Center. Me and five other food bloggers got to have the chance to indulge once again the great tasting food of Uncle Cheffy.

The first on the menu among Uncle Cheffy’s best tasting dishes is his favorites, the UNCLE CHEFFY FAVORITES PANIZZA. Made from oven dried tomatoes with mushroom garlic, chili flakes basil and three types of special cheeses. 

The EAST MEETS WEST PANIZZA is actually two types of flavors served in one wood-slab platter. One-half is filled with tomatoes, salami with kesong puti and the other half is topped with mango, parmaham and salted eggs also on three types of cheeses. 

And for the sea food lovers, the SEA FOOD LOVERS PANIZZA is a certain delight to try. The thin crusts layered with three types of cheeses were topped with salmon, shrimp, clams, squid, sprinkled with special herbs and onions. 

For the veggie lovers but like to have a taste of meat on the side, the UNCLE CHEFFY SALAD is one good tasting salad in uncle Cheffy’s menu. The composition is a neatly chopped crispy pork belly with asparagus, potato and mesclun in dijonaise dressing and alfalfa herbs on top.

After that filling series of panizzas and salad, we were served with BOILED CORNED BEEF with potato and cabbage to neutralize our taste bud for another set of dishes. 

The next series started with MEMPHIES US BEEF BACK RIB FINGERS. This tender-to-the bone was barbequed to perfection and served with marble-baked potato with two different types of sauces.

After which, was followed by GRILLED CREAM DORY IN MEUNERIE SAUCE, a dish which was memorably delicious with or without the sauce.  It was served with fresh lettuce and a sprinkle of alfalfa herbs.

The ROASTED CHICKEN MAURINO is more like a lechon manok in adobo-like sauce which for me is a perfect twist.

The SPECIAL RICE is actually fried rice with anchovies with lots of caramelized garlic. Best partner with Grilled Cream Dory.

And finally, came the disserts. There were three types that were served, SUGAR FREE CHEESE CAKE, great for those who are watching their sugar intake and weight. And for me, this was my personal favorite…

The CHOCOLATE ROULADE is like a chiffon roll stuffed with mango yogurt with mango slices on the side served in a very nice presentation...

And last but not certainly the least is the CHOCOLATE PARFAIT IN PANDAN CREPE. This piece is Uncle Cheffy’s best seller in the dessert line.

While enjoying your delicious meal, you can also check out some of the art-work on display because they are all for sale as well.

These mouth watering dishes are just a few of Uncle Cheffy’s best. Much more await for those who wishes to try the Uncle Cheffy experience in nine branches all over the metro. This particular branch is located at the 2nd floor of the Wynsum Building along Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Food Review: Clawdaddy Has Gone Italian

In the next coming months, ClawDaddy Restaurant, popularly known serving one of the best American grilled dishes and best tasting crabs will bring a new spice in their menu. Pasta dishes with authentic Italian sauce sprinkled with herbs and spices, pizzas with a special type of dough will be among the additional best treats one will now find in ClawDaddy.

Last week, I had the opportunity to be invited to attend a food tasting event in one of ClawDaddy's branch in Shangri-la Mall in Mandaluyong City. Last year, I already had a taste of ClawDaddy’s best tasting crabs dishes in another branch which made them famous for. This time, the treat was of a different kind – an Italian kind. 

This “twist” of the crustacean resto is another innovation of Chef Peter Ayson to bring a fresh appetite to the usual followers of the resto. It is an extension of the wide choices Clawdaddy where people can have a wider variety of food to eat not just crabs and grill dishes. According to Chef Peter, “not many people would eat crabs every day. Not only they are quite pricy for some, but also considered as a dish which can be best served with another ant re and the best alternative for rice is the pasta. “ chef explained. 

Not only that pasta are more affordable compared to crabs or steak, it also very filling that will give customers a sense of fullness after eating. As a culture of many Filipinos, Pinoys would judge a meal to be satisfactory not only by taste but also the element of “filling” or the “busog” factor that would define it if the experience is worth the price.

The new menu is not only the additional element in ClawDaddy but also the look of the resto. The branch in Shang was made-over into a more rustic-Italian look with some European accent on the design. However, this new look of ClawDaddy will be applied in some branches and others will retain the original theme.

For the avid guests of Claw Daddy, New Orleans and Crustacia restaurants the new Italian dishes is something one may look forward of trying .

Photos courtesy of

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FLORING'S: Pinoy grilled dishes at its finest!

As the Bonifacio Global City continue to flourish with developments of high rise building offices, so does the food business and restaurants that are now bustling with all kinds of dishes ready to serve the growing market and appetite of BGC. For the corporate and condo residents nothing is more familiar than the usual posh hubs and fine dining restos that serve international cuisine along the Bonifacio High street area that comes with a pricy tags. For students and young professional newbies, their livable lunch-budget suites them well in the fast-food belt in Market-Market. 

However, little that many people know, a “fine-dining” quality dishes can be available in a more affordable rates right in the heart of BGC. To be more specific, it is actually located at the corner of 34th Avenue and 4th street. This new food-cradle is no other than FLORING’S barbeque and grill. Associated among the familiar names in the food industry business such as Crisostomo, Market on the 5th, Sweet Pea and Johnny Cow, Floring’s is just one of the 12 master pieces of Chef Florabel Co-Yatco.

A couple of weeks ago, I was so fortunate to be invited as one of the food-bloggers to get a taste of Floring’s lunch time best sellers. The first on the list is the 2Pc. Pork BBQ served with Java rice and achara. At P120, this combo-meal suites the budget of the young professionals who wish to have a filling lunch break. The serving of two sticks BBQ can also serve two people with an order of extra rice.

The Pork Sisig is one talk-of-the town experience. Served on a hot plate, it comes also with a fresh egg on top with a DIY dip with hot chili and Kalamansi. I’m not much of a fan of Sisig but this one is one of the best I’ve tasted.

Another best seller is the Lechon Manok. A very special Lechon Manok I’ve tasted. According to Chef, the chicken were marinated in special spices and injected with pineapple juice and let it cured for several days. This makes the Lechon Manok extra delicious. 

To balance off the meat, the Tortang Talong definitely did the trick. Served with chopped onions and tomatoes and with spicy toppings of fish paste (bagoong) sauted in garlic. 

And the grand finale, is a glass of Halo-Halo with lecheflan and ube toppings.

Visit Floring’s BBQ grill and try their delicious Pinoy delis in a very affordable prices. The restaurant is already open as early as 10am where one can order breakfast pinoy specials like Beef Tapa, Pork Longganisa, Chicken Tocino and much more.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Canon - OCE: Merging of two printing giants

Canon, a famous brand known for its top quality imaging and printing products have become even better with the merging with an equally top-notch printing company – OCE, Inc. OCE, a Netherland based printing company has been in the business since 1877, producing blue printing solutions and documentations.

Last March 30, 2012, Canon Philippines held a media conference to publicly announce the merging of the two printing giants at the Shangri-la Makati. It was attended by people in online and traditional media and also some of its loyal trade partners. Key people from Canon and OCE shared informative speeches that talk about the many advantages of the merging.

Canon, a USD 45.7 billion global company with one of the most extensive product lines of input and output digital imaging devices holds the third spot in the Top Corporate US Patent Holder last 2011 and continue to enrich the lives through technological innovation. Canon continues to provide total imaging solution to improve personal lives. It is currently among the top 25 companies according to the Brand Corporate Reputation index with reputation on performance and good corporate citizenship. 

OCE on the other hand has equally made a mark with its decades of integrity and quality products in both small and large format printing industry. It has received numerous award from distinguished award giving bodies with their VarioPrint 6250 duplex-cut sheet printer as the world fastest and most productive, operating at 250 images per minute.

At the media launch, organizers have graciously given away 10 units of special type of calculators in which I was one of the lucky individuals who won.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

P&G: Behind every Olympian is a proud mother

Procter &Gamble, P&G- Philippines, maker of world’s leading house hold consumer brands expressed its unwavering support to the Filipino athletes and delegates to the next 2012 London Olympics through a memorable and special evening recognize mothers as a source of inspiration to our Filipino athletes. This gesture was witnessed by friends in the media, its trade partners, the International Olympic Committee and of course the short list of boxing delegates represented by Mark Barriga and her mom, Mrs. Melita Barriga of Davao.

The event was held at Blue Leaf, McKinley Heights, Taguig city last March 7, 2012. The event was graced by Hon. Peping Cojuangco, Philippine Olympic Committee president which he addressed the guests with a short speech conveying the athletes and their mothers with the support our government is putting for the Filipino athletes who will vie for gold medals in the 2012 London Olympics. Mr. Chad Sotelo, P&G Marketing Manager also expressed its programs in supporting such endeavor as part of their social corporate responsibility initiatives in the Philippine Sports. 

Mark Anthony Barriga, the country’s first qualified athlete competing in the light flyweight boxing, was also introduced in the launch. The 18-year old delegate is among the youngest against more experienced boxers in the division. But he chooses to look at his age as an advantage and as a positive drive that he will deliver in the Olympic games.

In this event, the organizers highlighted the essence of every mother in the life of every athlete and how their love becomes the overwhelming inspiration in every aspect of their training and most especially in competing in an event as prestigious as the Olympics.

Mark was also given the opportunity to thank P&G and for their continued assistance in his journey towards the Olympic Games, but more importantly, his mom for her unwavering love and sacrifices for him and their family. Mrs. Melita Barriga, Mark’s mom, was flown in from Davao to Manila just to witnessed first-hand how she was revered by her son in a very dramatic speech. 

The emotional drama even escalated when Ms. Kriss Aquino, P&G momambasador brought the two together on stage and for them to expressed their love for one another. As a token of gesture, P&G decided to offer the Barriga Family a surprise home make-over of their house in Davao. The make-over was a simple refurbishing of their humble home with some appliances, decorations and house-hold supplies of P&G products. This gesture was video-taped and was shown by P&G while she was in her way to Manila that made her emotionally surprised even more.

And finally, at the height of the drama, Ms. Aquino announced to everybody that P&G will sponsor Mrs. Barriga’s trip to London to watch Mark compete in the Olympics. This made her cried because she never had the opportunity to watch her son in any of his fights. As a segue, Ms. Kris also conveyed her gratefulness to her own mother, the Late President Corazon Aquino how she has been there for Kris as she climbed the ladder of her success in her chosen career. 

As a culmination, P&G as assisted by Ms. Kris Aquino offered medals to all mothers present in the event as a symbol of their love and support to their own children’s success.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Race Review: Love A Tree Half-Marathon Trail Run at Tanay Rizal

My first experience of trail running was last year’s Merrell Adventure Run, held at Timberland Heights Binangonan, Rizal. It was a 5k trail run but it felt like it was 21k for me. But after a year of running and finishing dozens of races, I felt I'm ready to do another trail run, so I registered for a 21k at the Love A Tree Run in Tanay, Rizal.

I was attracted to run in this race because the race route was located at the foot-hills of the Sierra Madre mountain range. I had the experience of running in this area a few months ago which I considered to be one of my best runs because of the scenic view, the raw nature and fresh air while I cruise the smooth pavement road barefoot.

Together with about 70 runners from Manila, we were shuttled by two busses at 4:30 in the morning bound to Tanay, Rizal. We arrived at the race venue at 5:30am and as soon as we got our race kits, we proceeded at once to the starting line. Much thanks to Chris Sports and Ms. Arleen Lindo who has been sponsoring some my races for almost a year now. At this point, I managed to bring my minimalist shoes (Merell Barefoot Trail-glove) with me and just tucked it at the back of my shorts just in case things would be a little rough for me to run barefoot along the way.

By 6:00am we were set-off. The first few hundred meters was a 30 degrees decent followed by a short dirt and a steep stair climbing. The next path was a long asphalt road downhill with a much rougher texture. At this point, though I can still with stand the punishment of the quality of the terrain, I didn’t want to wear-out myself too soon in the beginning of the race. Fortunately, the grasses along side of the road are thick, so ran the next 10k of the race off-road.

Everything was a comfortable cruise until we turned at the corner where the trail running adventure began. At this point, I was glad that I brought my minimalist shoes because the terrain was terrible as hell. Jagged rocks, rough dirt roads were prominent. So, I took a pit stop to check my feet and wear my Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove which is design to this kind of terrain.

The trails are mostly steep downhill. In a few minutes I noticed that a group of Kenyan runners was already going back so I thought that the U-turn was just a near, but apparently, it took me a while to reach it. After the U-turn the race marshals guided us to a path that led us to a river bed where we traversed along through it until I reached a bridge where we went to the main path again. Before the race the announcer briefed us about the things we will be up against, including the river which I thought would be just a few crossings. I never expected that it will be a long traverse along the river and against the flow of the current. But I managed to navigate myself along the boulders soaked and exhausted.

The running continues after the river experience but the feel was a lot different. The wet sensation and made a lot of difference. Even with a shoe with good drainage system, I can still feel the density of wet shoes and running on the same pace was a bit difficult. More so that going back now is all up hill. After a while, fatigue came in, so I just walked and so did most of the runners behind me.

After that gruesome trail experience, I was back at the main high way again, but the battle was not yet over because the rest of that road is all up-hill till the finish line. After few kilometers I decided to take off my shoes again and run barefoot. The terrain was manageable but at this point the ITB of my right leg gave me a lot of pressure and after a while, it became unbearable. It took a quick stop to do some ITB stretching until it became manageable again to run. As soon as cross the finish line, I immediately made a full stretching to rest my muscles because the week after will be another 21k run at Run United. 

Photos: courtesy of Chris Sports and 

RUNNR: Now serving running afficionados in the south

Running has been my personal health regimen for almost three years now. For many people running injuries are commonly attributed to many factors such as incorrect running form, bad posture, insufficient training the most common of all is the wrong type of foot wear.

During my early days of running, I used to wear shoes that were hand me downs by my sister who is also a runner herself in the US which were relatively a bit smaller to my shoe size. At first, I never really mind at all and I’m grateful for her benevolent. In short, I never had the opportunity to really choose the shoes appropriate for me then, and this has resulted to some less than nice running experiences in the past. It’s only recently that I got the chance to buy my own shoes where I had the privilege to be assisted professionally by a shoe expert and fit the correct shoes for me.

Just recently, another rare opportunity came in when I was invited to witness the official launching of RUNNR Store in Ayala Town Center in Alabang. Part of the event was an Amazing Race type of game where I and members of the media have participated. It was a team effort of two people, whose task is to visit several sponsored store out lets and the first team to complete the tasks will win prizes. A blogger friend Jeman Villanueva of Orange magazine TV was my partner and since both of us are form Alabang, we got the home court advantage and we are very familiar with all of the stores in ATC. In the end, we came in to be the first team to finish the race.

At first, we were not aware of the prizes in-stored for us, but as soon as the MC announced the winner, I was awe struck by package awarded to us. Among the RUNNR ‘s cool products are a new pair of NEWTON Running shoes! The brand of choice of the best tri-athletes in the world and every runners’ dream of having including me. For a running enthusiasts like me who have survived races for years with hand-me-down shoes, a pair of new Newton shoes is actually more than a dream come true because I could never afford to buy a superb shoes like this one.

NEWTON Shoes is just one of the brands RUNNR Store is offering. Noted to be the country’s first world-class running specialty store, RUNNR offers state of the art FOOTWORX System. It is a combination of footprint analysis where a runner is made to step on a plate that reads the feet if it’s over-pronating, under-pronating, flat footed or neutral and a sophisticated Gait Analysis where a runner is made to run on a treadmill for a few minutes and a high speed camera will record the running activity. A computer will then analyze the running form therefore knowing the specific type of running shoes specifically designed to the type of feet a person has.

So fitting the shoes is no longer enough to get the right one, RUNNR makes sure that once a person buy a running shoes, he or she would enjoy the sport for a long time free from discomfort and injuries brought about by incorrect foot wear.

Among the best brands of running shoes available in the market today, RUNNR also offers wide range of running gears such as Polar, Smith optics, Fuelbelt, Nathan, GU, CEP, Spenco and Equip, accessories that will certainly make the running more enjoyable.

Another highlight of the launch was a very helpful running clinic form the country’s two most sought after running coaches namely, Jineo Gavan of and US certified running coach Jay Valencia. The two resource speakers demonstrated valuable insights on running, beneficial for those who are new or even considering engaging for the first time in this type of sport. After which, the event was also graced by the owner of RUNNR, Mr. Toby Claudio himself. A running enthusiasts for many years, Mr. Claudio have enlighten the media and guests with his inspiring story how he was able to overcome health obstacles through running with much determination.

The new RUNNR Store is located at the second level of The Garden at Alabang Town Center. To know more a lot of world-class running gear, visit, facebookcom/RUNNRPhils or or follow

As a benevolent  gesture, RUNNR store and Orange MagazineTV is giving away a pair of NEWTON MV2 Running shoes to anyone who wish to try the Newton experience. Go to the link and get to know more on how to join.


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