Sunday, May 25, 2014



Double up with laughter as Rex Navarrete serves a double dose of his antics on May 31 at Bar 360 in Resorts World Manila and on June 4 at Strumm’s in Makati. 

“I can’t wait for this and for the audience and I to have an intimate moment together,” says Rex who will be in town for the shows and some scuba diving. This year has been busy for the Fil-Am comedian who began his career on stage in 1990. “I’ve been doing shows all over, I just came back from some gigs in Australia and New Zealand,” he shares.

Mike Unson, who’s opened for American comedian Rob Schneider back in November 2013, will open both shows for Rex. Unson has been in this coveted spot since 2004. 

Sponsors include Resorts World Manila, Strumm’s Makati and

Tickets are at Php 1,500 and are only available through Ticketworld.  Call 891-9999 or log on to for inquiries.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meatless Mondays @ Harina

Healthy living is no longer a lifestyle of the “new age”eccentric few, but many are now becoming converts because of the adverse effects of process foods readily available to the fast-pace urban yuppies. On top of the chemicals and un-natural preservatives these food contain, most of these fast-foods dishes are beefed up with animal meat which contains cholesterol, animal fats, high contents of uric acid, etc. 

Come to think of it, man to begin with, is not a meat eater. According to history, the early man only started to eat meat when he discovered fire. They normally hunt the animals for self- preservation. Because if they don’t hunt the animal it will hunt them, and the only use for the animals are their hind and fur to protect man from the cold weather.  So, originally, we are all created vegetarians. So why do I know this? I accidentally stumbled upon this trivia when I was doing a research on barefoot running  years ago. Okay, so now you know. 

On another side. What other benefit we can get from eating meat aside from protein, where we  can also get it from non-meat food? Barely little, actually. Many medical experts even agree that man can get more illnesses in eating meat than drinking (regulated) alcoholic drinks.

So, I guess we need to give our-selves a break from the animal meat consumption and try to enjoy eating vegetables and fruits for a change.  

One can start by doing it on slow winning pace, say…Mondays? Since Monday is the start of the week, we can start it with a good and healthy food consumption. For some of you who are familiar with Monsee’s Restaurant along White Plains, you will come see Harina Café and during Mondays, the restaurant offers 100% NO MEAT menu for those who are vegetarians, vegans, newby vegetarians or those who want to simply dedicate a day to go meat-less. 

Last week, Hariana Café invited me and some of my blogger friends to experience 100% meatless dishes. The unique food tasting event was graced by the members of the food-blogging community and of course by our host the owners, Atty. Marina Demetrio and Ms. Sally Yunez, who are vegetarians themselves.

The hosts, served us some of their must-try dishes which at first one might think that it contains meat but not, actually.

Some of the dishes that made a mark to my taste palette is the “Dinuguan”. It is a rich black stew teeming with black mushrooms, banana blossoms, and soybean curd (it provides the black consistency) best served with rice or puto. This dish is so recommended to my INC friends out there who wish to have a taste of Dinuguan without sinning. 

Another memorable dish is the Kimchi Fried Rice with BBQ. Best for people who love eating Korean food without meat. The pseudo meat in this dish is the barbecued beancurd skin. This one taste like real meat but again, it’s not. The flavorful mix really made the difference that made you think its meat. 

And for the drinks, the server offered and allowed us to taste two types of fruit juices. One is the cumber juice and the other one is the watermelon juice. Both are really good. 

But the most memorable of all is the Red Planet, because it’s my first time to eat such dish in my life. It is a thick slice of watermelon, topped with cheese, arugula and crushed walnuts and peanuts drizzled with balsamic glazed. For those who wish to try the meatless Mondays of Harina, never leave the restaurant without trying this dish. 

So if you’re thinking of considering to go vegetarian, you might want to visit HARINA at MONSEE’S. these are vegetarian dishes with a twist without compromising the taste.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Clear Dream Match: The Final Challenge

On its third year, Philippines’ football Icon siblings James and Phil Younghusbands will come head to head on its final challenge for the Clear Dream Match. Three years ago, teams James and Phil drafted some of the best football players in the land and held its first dream match in University of Makati’s football field. The game was concluded by a victorious win of the Team Phil. The Second year, tables were turned and the victory was grabbed by Team James. 

So now, the odds are even for both teams, one-to-one. This year’s Clear Dream Match will be the final challenge and a decision maker whose team will ultimately come out to be the best. Last April 30, 2014, Unilever, the makers of Clear Anti-Dandruff shampoo and sports celebrity brothers Phil and James Younghusband held a the final draft of the third and final leg of the Clear Dream Match. The event was held at the Hive music and bar with some friends, football players of various teams, fans and members of the media.

Phil and James took turns in picking up tiny soccer balls that contained the names of the players who were drafted. In the end, these are the line ups for the both teams.  

Team James                    
Co-captain: Nate Burkey

1.  Daniel Gadia Amateur
2.  Joaquin Canas UFL
3.  Simon Greatwich Meralco
4.  OJ Porteria Kaya FC
5. Anton Del Rosario Kaya FC
6.  Misagh Bahadoran Global FC
7. Steve Yambou Pachanga FC
8. Jeffrey Christaens
9. Andrew Liauw Kaya FC
10.Dae Han Kang Phil. Army FC
11.Marvin Angeles Global FC
12. Joo Yeoung Lee Meralco
13.Chieffy Caligdong Green Archers
14.Emmanuel Mbata Kaya FC
15.Roland Sadia Global FC
16. Francisco Jose Primo Santos Amateur
17. Eduard Sacapano Phil. Army FC
18. Izzo Elhabbib
19.Daisuke Sato Global FC

Team Phil
Co- captain: Carlie De Murga

1.  Mikko Mabanag Amateur
2. Chris Greatwich Kaya FC
3. Samuel Bonney Meralco
4. Mark Hartmann Global FC
5. Anto Gonzalez Pachanga FC
6. Baba Sampana Meralco
7. Ruben Doctora Stallion FC
8. John Cain Philippine Army FC
9. Matthew Hartmann Meralco
10. PJ Fadrigalan Meralco
11.  Nicholas O’Donnel Kaya FC
12. Roxy Dorlas Meralco
13. Kenshiro Daniels Kaya FC
14.Floriano Pasilan Green Archers
15.Yoshiharu Koizumi Amateur
16. Javier Gayoso Amateur
17. Darius Joseph Diamante Amateur
18. Patrick Deyto Green Archers
19. Simone Rota Stallion FC

This coming May 26, 2014, the two teams will have the opportunity to pick another two football legends. These are Paul Scholes and Andy Cole of Manchester United. Each Younghusbands will pick an import players to join them. 

On June 7, 2014, Team James and Team Phil will take on a final battle in the world of football. With them are the country’s top players and of course two football icon legends Paul Scholes and Andy Cole of Manchester United. The final game will be held at the football field of University of Makati. Tickets to this epic game is available at all SM Ticket Net

Swiss Deli: Best tasting European Sausages and Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue! That’s one dish you don’t hear every day. But in Swiss Deli, three different kind of special cheeses melted and mixed into a bowl of fondue is being served daily. These special cheeses are, Swiss Appenzeller, Emmenthal and Gruyer. Getting the correct pronunciation can be a challenge but not the taste because once you tried it, you’ll certainly going to love it. 

This restaurant in BF Paranaque is surely starting to be a talk of town not only from the people in the south but coming from as far as Quezon City and Binan, Laguna. People literally flocked to the place just to get a taste of their most popular Swiss sausages prepared by an authentic Swiss Butcher Chef all the way from Davao.  

Swiss Deli is a branch of three, two of which are located in Davao City. The Husband and wife chefs Rachel and Jeffry Lua opened the third branch in Metro Manila just over a year ago with the goal of offering quality Swiss dishes to the residents of the south. 

I was so fortunate to be invited to try these dishes with my wife who happened to love cheese. The dinner is quite intimate because there were just the two of us there to try the Swiss Deli’s specials. These mouth-watering dishes were evenly paced one by one so that we can have quality time to talk about it, take good photo shots and savor the taste of each one. 

As starters, we were served with an exceptionally special kind of Seafood chowder that was served in a bread bowl. It was very fun eating it because you get to consume the soup and eating the bowl as well. 

Right after, we were served with a different kind of Tuna Salad. The Mediterranean Pasta Salad is a mix of pasta, lettuce with tuna chunks all in one smothered with great tasting Italian dressing. My wife and I shared a single serving, but as it is, this dish is so filling. 

The Sausage platter is Swiss Deli’s bestseller. One serving is a composition of four different types of Swiss Sausages prepared by Rachel’s dad. This dish is best served as “pulutan” with ice-cold beer.

Pork knuckles is another Swiss Deli’s specialty because it is served with Sauerkraut. For people who loves crispy pata, then I’m sure you’re going to love this dish. The Sauerkraut makes the ordinary crispy pata or bagnet a lot better to eat. 

Our drinks were something exceptional too. We had the best tasting cocktail drinks minus the alcohol. The Basil lemonade and Pomegranate Mojito are just two of Swiss Deli’s collection of non-alcoholic drinks. Very safe for kids and very healthy. 

The Beef Ribs is something everyone should try. The meat is so tender that it really slide off from the bones when you pick them up. Cooked with savory sauce, this dish is best eaten with rice, fries or mashed potato.

Whatever dish you ordered here at Swiss Deli are highly recommended, but make sure you leave some space for desserts and never leave the restaurant without tasting three of the most satisfying sweets and desserts. So, note this two desserts. Apple Strudel and Caramel Cake. Got it?

So, if you’re planning to visit the south, drop by Swiss Deli, located at #321 Aguirre Street, BF Homes Paranaque City. They’re open seven days a week, from 10am to 10pm on weekdays and 8am to 10pm on weekends. Just drive along Aguirre street and look for “spatzle” the Cow


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Maxie Abad: A life Charger’s Journey

My life as a multi-disciplined athlete requires sufficient time to keep up with the training schedule I set my self to do. In the midst of work in an NGO that often requires me to go to other remote places in the country, keeping up to my daily regimen becomes a little difficult. Often times, I ended up doing my 10k run at 11:00pm just to attune myself physically.

For most of us who are not paid to be an athlete and needs to juggle work, family and some other stuff can be very draining and challenging. This is exactly how Maxie Abad juggles his in the midst of his work as mild-manner legal and finance Director of the Association of Marine Officers and Seafarers Union of the Philippines - AMOSUP, a husband, a father of three sons, managing Manila Soccer Academy plus a weekend triathlon warrior.


I had the opportunity pay Maxie a visit in his office in the Intramuros Area and it was a delight  to hear on how he expounded the gravity of responsibility of his work. The AMOSUP is a seafarers Union and one of the most successful Seafarers union in the world holding a net value of 32 million dollars invested by more than 80,000 members. And this are all placed in the care of Maxie Abad. The gravity of the job is not just in the amount of funds that he needs to take care of but to think that these funds are invested by thousands of Filipino Seamen who sacrificed to be away from their family to work for a long period of time is the thought makes him do his work with utmost diligence. “I give high regards to these Filipino seafarers because they are our country’s un-spoken heroes” he shares. 

Managing MSA:

Maxie shares how he balances all the trainings, work and advocacy of teaching children the basics of football. For Maxie, an effective time management is a key to keep all things together and most importantly the passion in what you do. When he was little, Maxie mentioned that he never had a formal training in football but he liked the sports so much that he excelled in it. After which, he became member of National Football Team and represent the country in different football competition across the globe.

As a country where the popularity of football is just starting, learning the sport the right way is very important for those who are passionate in the sports. Teaching them early would at least give them the basic foundation that would make them love the sports.


 A seven-time iron man finisher and a finisher of a full Iron-Man where he joined in Australia several years ago, the discipline behind it require 15 hours of continues training doing all three discipline- swim, bike and run on a weekly basis. Anything less would be critical to the outcome of the competition. Months before the actual race, he needs to train 35 hours a week. “Triathlon competition is always an adventure for me. My goal is to finish strong without any injuries.” He shares.


For Maxie, the best sport is a team sport, because you relay on the capacity of each member of the team. In boxing, when you are knocked down by your opponent because of lack of preparation, you only let yourself down. In a team sport, like football, your preparation is crucial to the rest of the team, because when you’re not fit to play because you lack training, you will drag the whole team down not just yourself.

For Maxie, it is the principle he always teaches his children, that you don’t just live your life just for yourself but there are others who depends on you as well and vice versa. So it is important that whatever you do, you need to be at your best, always recharge and on top of the game, whether in work, in sports or with family because these people would not want anything less of you. Keep yourself fit by eating good food and boosting it with supplements like PHARMATON to keep your head always in the game.



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