Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meatless Mondays @ Harina

Healthy living is no longer a lifestyle of the “new age”eccentric few, but many are now becoming converts because of the adverse effects of process foods readily available to the fast-pace urban yuppies. On top of the chemicals and un-natural preservatives these food contain, most of these fast-foods dishes are beefed up with animal meat which contains cholesterol, animal fats, high contents of uric acid, etc. 

Come to think of it, man to begin with, is not a meat eater. According to history, the early man only started to eat meat when he discovered fire. They normally hunt the animals for self- preservation. Because if they don’t hunt the animal it will hunt them, and the only use for the animals are their hind and fur to protect man from the cold weather.  So, originally, we are all created vegetarians. So why do I know this? I accidentally stumbled upon this trivia when I was doing a research on barefoot running  years ago. Okay, so now you know. 

On another side. What other benefit we can get from eating meat aside from protein, where we  can also get it from non-meat food? Barely little, actually. Many medical experts even agree that man can get more illnesses in eating meat than drinking (regulated) alcoholic drinks.

So, I guess we need to give our-selves a break from the animal meat consumption and try to enjoy eating vegetables and fruits for a change.  

One can start by doing it on slow winning pace, say…Mondays? Since Monday is the start of the week, we can start it with a good and healthy food consumption. For some of you who are familiar with Monsee’s Restaurant along White Plains, you will come see Harina Café and during Mondays, the restaurant offers 100% NO MEAT menu for those who are vegetarians, vegans, newby vegetarians or those who want to simply dedicate a day to go meat-less. 

Last week, Hariana Café invited me and some of my blogger friends to experience 100% meatless dishes. The unique food tasting event was graced by the members of the food-blogging community and of course by our host the owners, Atty. Marina Demetrio and Ms. Sally Yunez, who are vegetarians themselves.

The hosts, served us some of their must-try dishes which at first one might think that it contains meat but not, actually.

Some of the dishes that made a mark to my taste palette is the “Dinuguan”. It is a rich black stew teeming with black mushrooms, banana blossoms, and soybean curd (it provides the black consistency) best served with rice or puto. This dish is so recommended to my INC friends out there who wish to have a taste of Dinuguan without sinning. 

Another memorable dish is the Kimchi Fried Rice with BBQ. Best for people who love eating Korean food without meat. The pseudo meat in this dish is the barbecued beancurd skin. This one taste like real meat but again, it’s not. The flavorful mix really made the difference that made you think its meat. 

And for the drinks, the server offered and allowed us to taste two types of fruit juices. One is the cumber juice and the other one is the watermelon juice. Both are really good. 

But the most memorable of all is the Red Planet, because it’s my first time to eat such dish in my life. It is a thick slice of watermelon, topped with cheese, arugula and crushed walnuts and peanuts drizzled with balsamic glazed. For those who wish to try the meatless Mondays of Harina, never leave the restaurant without trying this dish. 

So if you’re thinking of considering to go vegetarian, you might want to visit HARINA at MONSEE’S. these are vegetarian dishes with a twist without compromising the taste.

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