Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Race Review: Run BGC

Run BGC, on its third year, has raised its game a notch higher by introducing a twist in the usual running circuit. Apart from the traditional 3k, 5k, and 10k race categories, race organizer RunRio included a game of Flag Football for 3k and 5k distances.

Flag Football is an innovation of the real American Football where a player gets to play inside a football zone and be tackled by defenders. But instead of “full-contact” tackle, players get to wear a belt with flags on the side. Participating runners for the Flag Football categories will try their best to go to the end zone without losing any flags that can be pulled by the defenders. After which, a runner will proceed to his running route to finish the race.

Hundreds of runners ventured out in this new and exciting game last Sunday, November 27, 2011. The Flag Football category is part of BGC’s promotion of its various developments in the coming months. A part of the seven new developments now under construction is an actual Flag Football field that will serve Filipinos who may want to experience the feel of playing real American Football and might find their niche in this kind of sport.

But for serious runners like me, I stuck to doing the usual 10k run on barefoot. For me, running this distance is a great challenge as it is, because prior to this race, I already covered a 10k barefoot run at the One For TREES fun run in Binangonan, Rizal just a day before. Despite the mild fatigue I had, resulting from the previous run, I didn’t mind because I’m confident that BGC is a very barefoot runner-friendly course, at least the ones I’m used to running on.

But then again, I spoke too soon, because the course of this year’s Run BGC was quite different from what I expected. The routes, most especially the 10k, cover a different area of BGC where most of the on-going constructions are located. So, the roads were mostly wet, peppered with sand and cement, much of which were damaged by heavy equipment. For a moment, I wished I had taken my chances on the 3k Flag Football instead. But it’s too late and the path I was on was already at hand and there was no other way but to conquer the obstacles.

The stretch of the construction site was long so I proceeded with extreme caution. So far so good in the first 2k and, after the stretch, I was on a pavement I’m quite familiar with. After a quick inspection of my soles, I got back on my game. The whole race route for the 10k was a big loop around BGC. For any consolation, at least the dreaded Kalayaan flyover was not part of the route.

After the race, most runners stayed for a while to witness one of the race’s highlight which was the grand raffle draw of the trip for two to Australia. Not only that, the lucky winner gets to join a marathon in Sydney with all-expenses paid!

Prior to this, while the hosts where raffling off some minor prizes courtesy of BGC and its sponsors like RioVana and Soleus watch, the audience was treated to an unusual dance showdown entertainment at the expense of the participants themselves. It was a contest between ten female and male runners in the tune of “teach me how to douggie”. As much as most of the contestants were too reluctant to participate at first, things suddenly started to heat up when some of them almost went overboard and danced almost half naked just to win a prize. That scene surely blew our socks off :)

* Photos to be updated soon. Edit - Dec. 26: Some photos borrowed from Run BGC's Facebook album

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie Review: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secrets of the Unicorn

A classic comic book novel by the Belgian artist Herge is finally resurrected as a motion picture and has finally brought to justice the worth of its relevance to the story immortalized in a comic book novel counterpart. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secrets of the Unicorn is a long delayed project of Steven Spielberg that can be traced back to the Indiana Jones movies decades ago. Spielberg is said to have become a fan of the investigative journalist hero when a bunch of movie critics compared Indiana Jones to the adventures of Tin Tin.

The Secrets of the Unicorn is one of the three original stories about Tintin. The other two were Red Rackham’s Treasure and The Crab with the Golden Claws. However these two are not part of the next Tin Tin movies that are currently under construction. After this installment, we will be seeing more of Tintin in the coming years. If there won’t be any changes, fans can expect The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun pretty soon. Those will be alternately directed by Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg.

Personally, I think the delay of the production of this movie was timely for it to have a substantial appreciation from the fans. The cartoon version of the book in the seventies and eighties was not as good and was short lived that resulted to its cancellation. Thanks to new technological advances in cinematography, what can be created with CGI animation and 3D at present is just what this movie needs for it to be justified.

Popular actors who contributed their voice talents were also spectacular. Jamie Bell (who played the eager film crew Billy Elliot in King Kong in the 2005 remake), rendered the voice of Tintin. Incidentally, he was a second choice talent who replaced Thomas Sangster, the mischievous boy in the movie Nanny Mcphee. The voice of Daniel Craig for Ivan Sakharine of course was a giveaway and can be recognized immediately. However, Andy Serkis for Captain Haddock was completely a revelation for me because very few people knew his real voice. People would always associate him having the voice of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings which have earned several citations and awards.

As to the films revenue, in the first week of showing, The Adventures of Tintin has earned a staggering box office sale of $56.2 million in 21 countries. This film is a very close contender for Harry Potter – Deathly Hollows part 2 because in the first day alone in three countries, UK, France and Belgium, the film already earned $8.5 million. At a very early state, the film has gained recognition in some of the US broadsheets dailies as the Best Animated motion Picture for 2011 and best motion picture for mix media.

The Adventures of Tintin is still storming all major cinemas all around the metro. I'd bet it would capture more fans, old new ones alike.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Event Coverage: Launching of Kaspersky EndPoint 8.0 and Kaspersky Center 9.0

Last November 17, 2011, Kaspersky Lab unveiled the newest defense and protection software in its arsenal -- the Kaspersky EndPoint 8.0 and Kaspersky Security Center 9.0. This special event was held at the function room of the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City.

Guests from the IT community and members of the quad media were invited to witness and share the celebration of this launch with a comprehensive presentation from key people including a major from the PNP Anti-Transnational and Cyber Crime Division (ATCCD); Peter Beardmore, Senior Director of Product Marketing Kaspersky Lab; and Suk-Ling Gun, APAC Director Corporate Sales also of Kaspersky Lab.

Major Felix shared that even though the country’s anti-cyber crime group is young compared to its international counterparts, this law enforcement unit has proven its capacity in digital forensic or handling of digital evidences and pursuing cyber criminals. In partnership with Kaspersky Lab, the ATCCD is loaded with the ultimate protection and defense from any malware attacks that might come their way.

Peter Beardmore presented some updates on how these malware and other viruses work and grow and how Kaspersky’s 2012 EndPoint 8.0 and Security Center 9.0’s amazing features can give the best protection and defense to a company’s valued data. At the very least, approximately 70,000 new threats are made every day or one new virus every 1.2 second. With the fast growing global IT trends in terms of mobility, consumerization , cloud virtualization, and IT infrastructure, the ever-prevailing threats are likewise on a fast track and are seemingly one step ahead.

However, Beardmore further explained that the End-point 8.0 and Security Center 9.0 is always ahead of the latest threats with its superior intelligent protection and comprehensive management thus improving business efficiency and productivity. With the latest in cloud computing technology, businesses can maximize their protection capability through Kaspersky security networks.

Ms. Suk-Ling Gun shared with everyone how Kaspersky is moving alongside the more popular key players in the IT security industry. Though its present revenue does not surpass others’, in terms of market share, it ranked #2 among the bigwigs. This means that KL products are more affordable and yet provide the high superior protection and defense that everyone needs.

Later in the afternoon, guests and partner vendors of Kaspersky Lab were treated to a fast-track adventure in the cart-circuit in Park Square where everyone got to experience cart racing and a glimpse of how Formula One race car drivers feel during races.

*The Kaspersky EndPoint 8.0 and Security Center 9.0 are server protection software that covers networks of computers for businesses that depends a lot on IT requirements.

*Photos borrowed from Orange Magazine TV's Facebook page 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Movie Review: Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 1

The long awaited final segment of the blood-sucking chick-flick movie Twilight ends with its fourth installment Breaking Dawn. This romantic love-triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob has been the source of excitement of many young moviegoers who have been avid followers of the movie since its inception a few years back.

My wife and I had the opportunity to finally be immersed in the Twilight phenomena for the very first time last week in a press screening courtesy of friends from Jollibee. Understanding the details of a sequel from a four-part story was a bit tough for us since it’s our first Twilight experience. So, this review would only be confined in the context of the series’ fourth chapter: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

I’ve read several movie reviews of this film from other movie critics and majority was not as satisfactory. I assumed that their reviews were based from past Twilights movies which I’m not very familiar with and which is why my version would be a little different.

I realized inside the movie house that there are two factions. One group belongs to the Bella-Edward team and the other one for the Bella-Jacob team. I also discovered that since the beginning, it has been a battle of “fangs vs. abs”. After all, Bella is one fickle-minded damsel who can’t make up her mind whether she would settle owning a “dog” or loving the centuries-old “undead” boyfriend.

As expected by many, she ended up marrying Edward, the cutie vamp. After the wedding, the real story began when Edward brought Bella to a luxurious villa in an uninhabited island near the coast of Brazil for the traditional honeymoon getaway. Prior to this, a “taboo” was mentioned in the first part of the movie where Edward and Bella made Jacob freak out which I didn’t get at first. Soon after, I realized that it meant Bella would die if the couple does the sex part while she is still human. Later, Jacob’s premonition took form in a graphical, out-of-this world conception that cut the honeymoon short.

Back in Edward’s house, Bella tried to adapt to her fast-tracked conception as the baby inside her grew every minute. What I like in this part was the CGI and cinematography of Bella’s transformation into a deteriorating state as the fetus-vamp drains her from inside which forced her to drink plasma to feed her baby.

Meanwhile, the werewolf pack alpha male Sam went against the standing truce between vamps and werewolf and planned to kill all the vamps while Jacob, along with his disloyal cohorts, watch the perimeter of Edward’s house as self-declared watchdogs/security guards ever ready to stop him. In the midst of all this chaos between the vamps and werewolves, and keeping Bella alive on the side, the story was not that bad because the CGI effects were really good. For me, the film can stand alone even in the absence of the three previous parts.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Who Won the Sponge Cola Album Giveaway?

Last November 7, I decided to share my signed album of Sponge Cola's Araw, Oras, Tagpuan to a fan of the band because my son also received his own copy which we can both listen to at home. You can read my son's music review and blog post about meeting Yael, Gosh, Ted, and Armo here.

Thank you to the 21 people who joined this giveaway. The winner's name was chosen digitally via

Congratulations Joven Marasigan! I will send you a PM via Facebook so you can claim your prize. I'd appreciate it if you could take a photo of yourself with the album once you receive it and post it on your FB wall and on Trails Unlimited's FB wall so we'd all know you got it.

Thanks again, everyone! Please stay tuned to this blog and to my FB page for more giveaways coming up soon :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Event Coverage: Microsoft Family Day

Microsoft Philippines, the country’s subsidiary partner of Microsoft US and popular brand maker of computer software, recently held a Microsoft Family Day in the Microsoft office at the 6750 Building, Makati City last November 12, 2011.

This special event was where it was also announced the beginning of this year’s holiday campaign showcasing the various range of retail products using Microsoft licensed software including Windows 7, Microsoft Office, and Windows Phone 7. With the theme, “It’s a great time to be a family”, Microsoft exhibits how the advent of mobile and internet technology connects families closer together.

In the confines of the Microsoft office, the employees and guests of Microsoft Philippines were treated to a wide array of fun and excitement that both parents and their children went on to enjoy in a whole day of games and surprises. The event featured the latest in interactive video games for the Xbox 360 which both kids and adults had a wonderful time playing with. In other rooms, attendees got to try good-old fashioned parlor games where one can actually win prizes.

In a separate area, dads and moms got to enjoy trying out, and buying at discounted prices, the latest tech gadgets like laptops and desktops from Microsoft partners: Neo, Sony Vaio, HP, Lenovo and Dell. HTC also featured the Radar, their latest smart phone model which brings a energy-packed processing power and apps that would definitely compete with, or might even surpass, the most popular brands of smart phones in the market today.

One gadget that captured my attention is the latest computer mouse from Microsoft. This is no other than the Microsoft Touch Mouse that’s exclusive for Windows 7 users. As a highlight of its amazing features, this cool accessory revolutionizes the curser navigation by allowing the power of the fingertips to do the usual click, scroll or even pan functions of an ordinary mouse in a convenient wireless gadget.

One special element of the holiday campaign I mentioned earlier is that lucky winners can bag any of the fabulous prizes such as: a brand new Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2012; a trip for four to Singapore; and a family bundle of four HTC Radar Phones. In order to qualify, one must buy a genuine Window 7 from participating Microsoft partner vendors.

After a whole day of fun and games, Microsoft also prepared a wide range of food buffet for everyone’s enjoyment. The Microsoft Family Day is part of a campaign that shows all these technologies have become an intrinsic part of every family’s daily lives. After all, Filipinos are big believers that technology can help us to communicate better and do almost everything much easier. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Race Review: Rain4Africa Fun Run

Lifeline Foundation, a non-stock non-profit NGO, organizes volunteerism efforts through various activities such as feeding programs, medical missions, fundraising activities, and other volunteer efforts in various parts of our country where help is most needed. These activities are mobilized by ordinary but highly committed and dedicated individuals who are willing to go out and leave their own comfort zones to do volunteer work and help alleviate poverty in marginalized areas in our country.

As much as there are many poor Filipinos who are in dire need of help, it cannot be denied that there are people in other parts of the world who are experiencing far worst living conditions because of hunger. The horn of Africa is comprised of several countries that are considered hotspots for lack of food. Countries like Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Uganda are experiencing drought in the most terrible conditions.

That is why Lifeline Foundation forged a partnership with the World Food Program (WFP) to organize a year-long fundraising drive to support WFP’s efforts for Africa. As its first salvo, Lifeline Foundation initiated the Rain4Africa Fun Run 2011 which was held at West Gate Center in Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City last November 13. All proceeds of this running event will be donated to WFP’s efforts in Africa.

As a media partner for this campaign, an invitation to run was also extended to me. Being a barefoot runner, I knew that this run will be a challenging one because the running areas in Filinvest are not as barefoot-friendly compared to other popular running circuits like the BGC. Nonetheless, I decided to run barefoot as a gesture of my support to the people who are living in the poorest conditions where shoes, or even slippers, would already be something luxurious for them to own.

For a year now, the Filinvest Corporate City has been my ‘home” when it comes to practice running. On many occasions, this is where I conduct my barefoot running training that is why I’m quite familiar with areas where sharp asphalt are more concentrated. At the turn of the last kilometer leg, I was cheered on by a long-lost friend of mine, Ms. Jill Nagtalon, who happens to be one of the founding members of Lifeline Foundation and organizers of the race.

In the last few hundred meters of the race, soreness in my forefoot became difficult to ignore and I began to imagine torn skin being exposed. But with a few minutes to spare, I didn’t bother to check it out and sprinted away to the finish line. After crossing the finish line at 57 minutes and 20 seconds, I immediately made some thorough inspection of my feet under running water. To my surprise, there were no blisters and the soreness I felt was something that was sub-epidermal. The outer skin of my soles was becoming thicker and has protected me from the blisters that I used to get.

The advice of a fellow barefoot runner Mike logico surely paid-off when running on sharp loose asphalt like in Filinvest. That is to lift the toes and forefoot to lessen the friction. But, personally, I would probably take a break from running barefoot in the Filinvest area for now.

* Photos borrowed from Lifeline Support Team Foundation Inc.'s Facebook page

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One for TREES Fun Run

Thunderbird Resorts Efforts on Environment Sustainability - TREES will once again host the One for TREES Thunderbird Resorts Run for a Cause, as part of its month-long program celebrating their second year anniversary. TREES is Thunderbird Resorts Program for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a partner entity of local foundations such as SERANY Foundation and the Binagnonan Local Government in addressing the issues of environment that covers the scope of Binangonan, Rizal. 

For an added challenge, this year's fun run includes 21k distance, that would certainly appeal to many seasoned runners who wishes to push their running endurance to another level. This fun run will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to all runners wanting to have a change of running environment, away from the usual metropolitan racing routes because the circuit is practically set on the foot-hills of the Siera Madre Mountain range. Surely a breath taking site every runner would wish to experience.

For transportation assistance, Thunderbird Resorts will provide free bus rides for the first 200 registrants. Pick up stations will be at ROX Bonifacio High Streets and SM Mega Mall. The bus will depart at 4:00am. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Race Review: Race For Life

Last Saturday, November 12, I ran at the Race For Life fun run organized by Real Life Foundation, a non-profit organization instituted to provide scholarships to underprivileged high school and college students living in some of the depressed areas in our country. 

As a barefoot runner, I’m always glad to come back to the BGC running routes because it’s by far the most barefoot runner-friendly circuit in Metro Manila I know. To date, it was my 6th 10k barefoot run since I started this new running form which, I guess, is “a path few people dare to tread” as Col. Mike Logico of BRP says. I arrived a little excited and, at the same time, a bit nervous because I knew that the 10k route will cover the “dreaded” Kalayaan Flyover, known by many barefoot runners as a “barefoot-killer” road for its sharp asphalt texture. In a previous post where I recounted my experience at Earth Run 2011, I described in my writeup my excruciating first time encounter with Kalayaan. And knowing that I would pass through it again in this run brought a tingling sensation down my spine. 

The assembly area was held at the front grounds of Every Nation Building. As soon as I claimed my race kit from the organizer, I hurriedly positioned myself among the 10k runners. One thing I noticed there was the absence of Kenyan runners which was quite unusual because they normally participate in every running event and normally bag the first, second and third rankings in most of the races. I heard other runners grumbling before that getting all the prizes and medals has become a kind of lucrative livelihood for them already. Nonetheless, I felt relieved because at least many Pinoy seasoned runners will now have higher chances of winning with the Kenyans’ absence. 

The 10k runners set-off at 6:00am. The starting line area was a bit muddy but it was ok. I started slow at the beginning just to keep pace with the majority. As expected, I got a lot of questions and comments from others about why I run barefoot, if it hurts, etc. For me, it’s always a pleasure to share about barefoot running and the benefits I get from doing it. As soon as I got my core heated up, I began to increase my pace but with extra care knowing that the Kalayaan Flyover is not far ahead. 

The ascent on the flyover was a breeze; something I didn’t expect to feel what with all the sharp pebbles of asphalt scattered all over. Before I knew it, I was down on Gil Puyat Avenue already. As I increased my speed, I was assessing my feet for the soreness that usually comes after passing through the flyover and, surprisingly, I didn’t feel any. That certainly brought a bit of confidence that made me push a little further. After the U-turn, passing Kalayaan for the second time going back was not as discomforting compared to my last race. 

I kept my speed at a constant rhythm as I glided into the last few kilometers of the race. The second wind was certainly getting into me and running never felt so good. In the part where 10ks were merging with other categories, I met some Real Life Foundation scholars wearing special dry fit shirts that made me feel even better knowing that this running event would help the foundation’s scholarship program. 

The Race For Life is just part of a much bigger fundraising campaign to help poor, but deserving, high school and college students so they can have good quality education that would eventually help their families and community rise above poverty. 

 *Photos borrowed from Real Life Foundation's Facebook page


Monday, November 7, 2011

Wideout Reanimation

APPS is a four letter word which is becoming very popular among techies and non-techie alike or simply people who uses web-enabled gadgets and hardware. These have become a necessity in being connected anywhere in the world, wherever you are. And with the fast paced innovations of information technology, software applications, or simply apps, are now covering almost every segment of social and commercial realms.

WIDEOUT Technology Services is an application service provider for online advertising, specializing in Google and DoubleClick platforms. Aside from Asia, its clients can be found all the way from North America and Europe. As one of the pioneers in process outsourcing in 2000 as a multi-media and flash development outfit, Wideout has expanded its services to include web design and development, creative design, web-analytics, and mobile application development.

Wideout is the only country partner of Google for analytics in the Philippines and a DoubleClick Preferred Partner. With the integrity that Wideout holds, the company has earned the trust of the world’s biggest brands in creating cutting-edge advertising solutions using the latest online technologies. At the moment, Wideout is eager to offer its world-class quality services with one of the most rapidly growing technologies at present -- the Android Mobile Platform

Last October 29, 2011, like many companies holding their traditional Halloween parties, Wideout held its Reanimation Beer Bash where a very interesting twist to Apps was featured and which revolutionizes how parties and events are being held. With the emerging popularity of smartphones these days, event organizers can now use Android Apps to update guests or participants almost everything about the event’s peculiarities such as raffles, constant notifications on supplies of drinks, and even how much drinks an individual consumes during the event. This technology can also revolutionize how organizers can send invitations, conduct games, and give away freebies. At least, this is just one example of what Wideout services can do to a business.

At present, such services can only serve quite a few people because not too many yet own a personal handheld android hardware. But pretty soon, with the rapid changes in how technology evolves in a very short period of time, it won’t be too long before such apps become a normal standard just as cellular phones have emerged to be a common necessity that everyone now seemingly posseses. It’s just a matter of time on how Apps will soon change the very life that we know now.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Race for Life 2011: Putting the Fun Back in Run

Real Life Foundation, an advocacy instituted less than four years ago by the Victory Christian Fellowship, aims to transform the lives of poor families and communities through hope, education, and community service. Aside from providing basic programs like financial support to marginalized, but deserving, high school students, the foundation also trains them in practical skills and character development which is the main thrust of this organization. Real Life Foundation covers 180 beneficiaries in various areas in different regions of the Philippines.

One of the foundation’s standing principles is that they don’t believe in dole out giving of just paying the tuition fees of students. Instead, they give more importance to investing in young peoples’ character development by mentoring them in leadership, Integrity, faith and excellence.

According to Mr. Vince Bitana, Program Director of Real Life Foundation, everybody can be part of Real Life by engaging themselves in the Adopt-a-Scholar Program. This offers potential donors, whether individual or group, to help a Real Life scholar by pledging P20,000 annually for a student’s high school education and P50,000 for college scholars. The sponsorship pledge will cover tuition fees, uniforms, books and other school supplies. Through donors’ financial support, the help can even extend to cover other necessities like decent meals and travel allowances.

For those who have the heart to help but don’t have the capacity to support a scholar, there are other ways. Chris Sports, one of the leading sporting goods hubs, also expressed its support by inviting members of the quad media in an intimate gathering early tonight at the SM Mega Mall. Attendees were encouraged to join Real Life Foundation’s first fundraising fun run that will be held at Every Nations Building Grounds at the Bonifacio Global City this coming November 12, 2011, Saturday. The run will cover three major categories with distances in 3k, 5k and 10k runs.

The proceeds of the fun run will go to the Adopt-a-scholar Program where more underprivileged high school and college students can have the chance to finish school and fulfill their own individual dreams. The run will also be a suitable venue to let the public be aware of the plight of many Filipino children who are not in school because of poverty. The foundation wishes to encourage everyone to do their share in supporting the cause through participation in this running event.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Event Coverage: C2 Awards New of Breed of Video Makers

C2, the country’s leading tea drink, in partnership with MYX, the premier music cable channel that brings the hottest music and artists here and abroad, have finally concluded the much awaited results of the two month long C2 Sarap ng Bukas Music Video Making Contest which was launched last August. Among hundreds of entries gathered and judged, 10 were tagged as the most creative and qualified as finalists.

Part of the highlights of the event was a mini concert by four very promising artists/bands that have made their mark in MYX’s daily playlists. The music acts featured were Gracenote, Somedaydream, Tanya Markova, and Callalily. Each of them rendered a few selections of their hits which drew a large crowd to gather around the events area of the SM Mall of Asia. Adding to everyone’s excitement were hosts Nikki Gil and Mike Advincula, two of the most popular MYX Video Jocks who did excellent work in making the event very entertaining.

As the ten C2 video finalists were shown one by one, friends and teams of each filmmaker cheered as each of their entries were viewed by the public. Finally, the winners were announced.

First place was awarded to Karl Victoriano who bagged P150,000 cash plus P20,000 worth of C2 products. Second place was given to Toby Conception with the cash prize of P100,000 plus P10,000 worth of C2 products. And bagging third place was Harold Alvea of Laguna who received P50,000 and P5,000 worth of C2 products. The rest of the finalists went home with consolation prizes of P10,000 each and C2 products as well.

This contest is part of C2’s commitment in promoting a cool and clean lifestyle among the youth and the Sarap ng Bukas Video making contest is just one of the many ways to engage the young generations with the campaign. Mr. Edwin Tatones, Vice-President and General Manager URC Beverage Division, expressed his delight in the turnout of entries which only shows that many young Filipinos are now stepping out into healthier lifestyles. He also thanked all who participated and showed their hard work and creativity to help C2 spread the message of a better and healthier tomorrow with C2 Green Tea as part of everyone’s daily lifestyle.

All the finalists have shown not just creativity but also ingenuity and resourcefulness which only prove that Filipinos have a lot of potential to compete with the world’s standards. The C2 Video making contest is just the start of more exciting surprises and opportunities for those who enjoy drinking and reaping the healthy benefits of the cool and clean C2 Green Tea.

C2 encourages everyone to experience the delicious and refreshing advantages of green tea. Made from 100% natural green leaves, C2 comes in classic, apple, lemon, peach, orange, pandan, forest fruits, strawberry, and sugar-free apple flavors. All are available in leading supermarkets and sari-sari stores nationwide.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Event Coverage: Cream Halloween Ball 2011

BIGFISH, the premier dance party organizing outfit in the country, held the most talked-about and much-awaited posh Halloween party last October 29 at the World Trade Center Manila: the Cream Halloween Ball 2011.

This was my very first Cream Halloween party experience among the very few parties I’ve been in my life. Much of the fun and intoxicating feel of it was more of discovery and amazement. I guess it’s just a normal reaction for somebody like me who did not grow up in the type of culture that party and dance-loving Pinoys had. 

The freakiest party experience I had to-date, which I already considered extreme, was the Yahoo! OMG Awards event that happened a few months back which, until now, I seem to feel the hangover from just by remembering it.  I never thought just a few months later, I would have the chance to experience a much freakier one that definitely measured way beyond my scale of parties.

Cream Halloween Ball is, by far, the longest running Halloween party that ever stormed the Philippines’ dance party community. BIGFISH has been nurturing the club brand in the country for several years now. As the party becomes bigger and better every year, so does its party-goers that come in their most creative and grandest costumes which blew me away.

My friends and I were invited by AXE Body Spray cologne, one of the major sponsors of this year’s Cream Ball party. Together with friends from Stratworks and the quad media, I had the rare opportunity to be in this event and mingle, share drinks, and dance a bit among the hippest crowd that stormed the venue. By 12mn, the party was just starting to heat up as hundreds of party animals crowded the halls of WTC in their creative Halloween outfits as everyone danced to the ingenious house music-mixing of Ashley Wallbridge of UK and legendary DJs W&W.

By one o’clock in the morning, everything was just starting to get wild as the crowd and music rose to full intensity. The atmosphere was in high gear as everyone in the house seemed to be fantastically having the craziest time.  By 2am, our group made our exit and called it night. Cream Halloween Ball 2011 was a wild and fun experience for many but, for me, it’s more of a revelation about how far some people would go just to have fun celebrating Halloween.



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