Friday, April 20, 2012

My Immuvit-Metafit 30 day Challenge

I’m officially embarking a new summer endeavor this 2012. It’s called my personal IMMUVIT -METAFIT 30 DAY CHALLENGE.

Yesterday, I was fortunate to be invited to visit Coach Jim Saret of Better Bodies Gym to witness a demonstration and had a firsthand experience of the Metafit, Bodyweight Training System that aims to boost the metabolism and actually burn fat. It is a four-minute exercise routine that enables one to burn up to 600 calories in just a few minutes of exercise. Doing this form of exercise promotes higher metabolism and energy, stronger bones, lower blood sugar and increase growth hormones. It consists of 10 reps of fast, short and intense bursts of anaerobic exercises such as JUMPING JACKS, SQUATS, PUSH-UPS and LEG LUNGES.

In order for the body to sustain the workout, Metafit system is partnered with Immuvit, a special type of food supplement which harnesses the power of two types of ginseng (Korean and Siberian) and CoQ10 that helps boost the surge of energy while doing the workout. 

I’ve been into running for several years now and personally I can safely say that in three years of running, I have accomplished the strength, energy and a body physique I needed to be called as “Fit”. Coming from a body weight of 187 pounds a few years back to 140 pounds, the state I am now is pretty much acceptable to many.

However, at 41, even with a rigorous running regimen coupled with controlled diet, the body tone and definition I always wanted is not showing off, most especially on the upper portion of my body. It seems that running alone would take a longer time to achieve it. The 15 years of carrying a belly-bulge that turned into a much thiner grit, left an awful flabby skin around it. With shirt on, it looks like I’m wearing the “six-pack” but without it, it’s an awful seen. My mid-section is one stubborn part I’m battling for years now and I’m hoping that after 1 month of Immuvit-Metafit system will give this obstacle a much greater improvement. 

In my 30 day journey, I would hope to achieve a more toned upper torso and a much leaner mid-section. Coupled with my weekly running regimen, I will do my best to consistently complete weekly running distances I set. This time, I will apply a more rigid discipline to veer away from sodas and to have a more controlled food intake.

Right now, I’m keeping a personal journal in order to document my daily progress. On the first day, my pre-workout weigh-in is 142.3lbs. Together with other Metafit-challengers, all of us were prompted to do as many rounds as we can in order to reach the acceptable intensity that will increase metabolism thus burning as much as 600 calories in just four minutes.

With Immuvit-Metafit System, working out with instant results have never been so easy. That's why I'm encouraging all my readers to try it and see the result for yourself. No need to go to the gym, or suiting up yourself with fancy workout apparels. One can do the workout even in your Pjs or in your most comfortable "pam-bahay" get-up.

Jumping jacks 10 reps... 

Squats (finger tips touching the floor) 10 reps...

Push-ups 10 reps...

Lunges per leg 10 reps...

 To know more about the IMMUVIT-METAFIT SYSTEM, you can check out Coach Jim Saret's comprehensive presentation by simply clicking this link:

Immuvit MetaFit Challenge
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