Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Restaurant Review: Berting’s Grill in Sct. Rallos cor. Tomas Morato, QC

A bar and grill like no other is brewing in the corner of Scout Rallos and Tomas Morato in Quezon City. Berting’s Grill is bringing the basic Pinoy food and drinking spree side dishes or pulutan to a whole new level of a gourmet dining experience.

The name Berting came from a cloud thought that the owner, Chef Andrew Wijangco, came up with. According to him, “Berting” simply represents every Filipino who loves good Pinoy foods and who take pleasure in eating them in the company of good friends. Berting’s opened its first branch in Ortigas in 2009. In just over a year, a big urge have prompted the owner to open another branch in QC.

Word of mouth from those who have already experienced Berting’s plus a couple of featured articles that came out in the daily broadsheets generated curiosity among many people. So, much to my interest, my wife and I visited the Tomas Morato branch with some friends and got firsthand experience of what others are raving about.

I was glad to be able to try several dishes in Berting’s menu. As a welcome treat, we started out with a plate of light cocktail picks of Lumpia ni Berting which contain “Jalapeno” peppers seasoned with Berting’s personal recipe. Next was a more popular beer match side dish which is Crispy Chicken Skin made special with its vinegar dip using Berting’s secret mix of spices.

One memorable dish we had was the Crispy Kare-Kareng Pata. A special feature of this food is the presentation. Served in a platter, each ingredient is partitioned from one another so that guests can venture out in mixing them all together or eat the vegetables and the pata separately while using the kare-kare sauce and fish paste as dip.

The Lechon Manok is not only special but is also Berting’s best seller. Using Chef Andrew’s secret recipe ingredients, the chicken is marinated for 72 hours before it is ready for grilling in Berting’s customized charcoal rotisserie where it is cooked fresh and hot. Chef Andrew noted that a good lechon manok can be eaten without any sauce that is why they don’t serve it with any sauce unless requested.

Sometimes though, the most special of all dishes can be found in the most simplest of ingredients and recipes. My personal choice in Berting’s menu? The Adobong Kangkong or water spinach which is sautéed with a very tasty sauce and topped with lots of browned bits of garlic. Never go to Berting’s without trying this dish out!

For the guys and ladies alike who like to cool down after a long day in the office with an ice cold beer, Berting’s Grill is one of the few restos that offer below-zero beers. The bottles are frosty chilled so you can enjoy more of the beer and not watered down with ice cubes which is what’s normally served in other restos.

Berting’s Grill is open every day from 11am to 2am. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are acoustic nights, for those who wish to stay longer and unwind with music. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Race Review: Kaspersky Lab 10k Run

Kaspersky Lab, the world’s leading and the largest privately-owned Internet Security company has finally went beyond the virtual striding of providing protection to internet users against internet threats and has extended its commitment to the general consumers by sponsoring a 10 kilometer race that coincided with the Run United 2 as part of the RunRio Trilogy marathon.

Last August 19, two days before the race, Kaspersky Lab Philippines held its carbo-loading event at Italiannis Restaurant in Bonifacio High Street. Together with members of the media and friends, the occasion became not just a food celebration but was also the venue where Kaspersky formally announced its support as a partner in the running community, not just in the Philippines, but soon to be initiated in other countries as well.

This was also the venue where Jay R, the country’s leading R & B icon was presented to the media as the company’s official product endorser. Mr. Rico Robles of Monster Radio RX 93.1 hosted the said event and gave a bit of excitement to the audiences as he challenged Jay R to belt out a few R & B songs that certainly delighted the female crowd, especially to a few ladies who were more than proud to show a display of booty dance.

After that short, exhilarating moment with Jay R, RunRio, as represented by Coach Rio Dela Cruz himself, explained how the race will go about with RunRio’s cutting edge in race mapping technology. The race course in all distances was presented in state-of-the art digital animation so that runners will have a clear, bird’s eye view of the route’s difficulty. Mr. Dela Cruz also mentioned RunRio’s celebration of its third year anniversary and he was happy to announce that Run United leg 2 has gathered the largest number of runners ever as more than 16,000 runners have registered!

On August 21, 4:00 am, my wife and I went to Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, where the Run United 2 will take place. I registered in the 10k category and this will be my second time to run barefoot. The first one was just a week before at the Run Your Blues Away race in Ayala Alabang where I clocked-in at 49mins 24secs. As much as I would like to target beating my previous time, I had doubts if I can really do it. Two days before the race, I felt a slight pain and discomfort on my left foot from a short run I did but I was still hoping it will be okay for the Run United 2 event.

The gun fired at exactly 5:30am for the 10k runners. According to the organizers, there were about 4,800 10k runners that day. This was why it took me, and the rest of the crowd positioned at the rear end, a long time to cross the starting line. After a while, I started to pick up my pace but felt the discomfort in my left foot although it was constant but manageable. I tried several landing forms to find what’s the best way to lessen the feeling of discomfort and felt the pain slowly subsiding. I picked up some pace after the eighth kilometer mark but I guessed, by this time, beating my last time would already be futile. So I just glided leisurely just to finish the race. It’s a good thing that the streets of BGC is “barefoot-friendly” and the sharp, small pebbles which I feared the most were much less than I expected.

I crossed the finish line at exactly 1hr. 00min and 08sec. I did not beat my previous time. Nonetheless, I had a wonderful time running in this event and I can’t wait to register for the next RunRio leg whenever it may be.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie Review: Cars 2

Disney-Pixar Entertainment has come up with another twist to a sequel movie where, most of the time, the principal character always gets the spotlight in saving the day. Cars 2 is the follow up story of the animated film bearing the same title that revved up kid and adult viewers alike a few years back.

Cars 2 will surely bring all the Disney followers to another level of car racing adventure that crosses familiar famous tourist destinations in four countries. In this movie, the popular racing car Lightning McQueen has certainly matured in character while winning car races and collecting piston cups trophies in every state. Radiator Springs likewise has finally emerged from the map and acquired fame for being the home town headquarters of the Piston Cup champion.

Movie viewers will certainly be dazzled by the new “car” characters like the classic Austin Martin named Finn McMissile who gave an entirely new touch to the story by its “James Bond” adventure side of the movie. In this sequel, Disney highlighted the character – Mater, who was the comical side-kick of McQueen in the previous movie. He has certainly proven to be loyal friend and emerged to be more than a pit-stop crew.

Another interesting character in the film is Francesco Bernoulli, a cocky Italian Formula One race car who challenged McQueen for the Race of the Century that spans four countries. Sir Miles Axlerod, the Land Rover adventurer turned-environmentalist, initiated the whole race spectacle but turned out to be more than just a nature advocate in the end.

The film highlighted the lessons of friendship and loyalty. It teaches also the value of humility and how the “dents and scratches” that an individual acquires through life are the very elements needed to build one’s character and help him become a better person in the end.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Event Coverage: Cortal SQR Pledges More Support for Philippine Football

The Homeless World Cup is an international street soccer competition that aims to address the causes of homelessness in countries where poverty still prevails. Its proponent country, Austria, initiated this endeavor nine years ago. This yearly competition attracts participants from various countries around the world including the Philippines where soccer football is slowly gaining popularity. In fact, our country has been represented at the Homeless World Cup for the past four years.

The JEEPNEY STREET SOCCER Team Philippines is the official country representative that will compete against different teams from all over the globe this coming Aug. 21-28 in Paris, France. Presently, the Jeepney team is being managed by Urban Opportunities for Change Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit NGO that advocates and executes programs for urban poverty transformation. Among their principal thrusts is the empowerment of the youth by exposing and training them to various sports activities particularly street soccer/football.

Pharma-Rex, Inc., the official marketer and distributor of newly formulated Cortal SQR, is one the most devoted partners of the country’s formidable football team, the Philippine Azkals. As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility through the pain reliever brand, Pharma-Rex Inc. has expressed support for the Jeepney street soccer team as well.

Last August 17, 2011, Pharma-Rex, along with its partners and friends from the media, formally announced their continued support to the two football teams, Azkals and Jeepney by handing over checks worth P500,000 and P200,000 respectively. This was held at a function room of the Manila Polo Club in Forbes Park, Makati City.

Mr. Lito Tadena, President of Pharma-Rex, reiterated the company’s commitment to support the football community in the country and to continue to develop more football talents who will gain the capacity to compete with the best athletes and who will imbibe national integrity and pride.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Movie Review: Final Destination 5

In many thriller movies I’ve watched in the past, the gruesome displays and graphical descriptions of death scenes would normally be edited and just leave the viewers imagining how the gory scenes would look like. The movie, Final Destination 5, will surely spare viewers the effort of visualization because the horrid scenes in the film will bring the viewing experience much closer and beyond one’s imagination.

I never had the chance to watch in full the last four FD installments. I only got to see some snapshots of their re-runs in cable channels. But somehow, I figured out the story of these films because they use the same plot formulas in the last four installments – gory death scenes. One thing that surprises me though is that many people still line up at the cinemas to expose themselves to the stressful stimulation and, yet, still find the film very entertaining.

When we were invited to watch the FD5 premier showing the other night, my wife, who is my constant movie companion, chickened out and declined to watch outright. Admittedly, after seeing the preview several times, I was also having second thoughts. It’s a good thing I was able to tag along one of my teenage sons to watch it. Unlike the past FDs this one moves to a higher level of gruesomeness because the film is now in 3D! How masochistic can audiences get! :) So yes, this movie is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Before you continue reading, be warned that there are spoilers to follow …

Most of the actors in the film were quite new to me. However, I commend them for their acting skills on how they portrayed their roles as someone having a horrid painful death that certainly added to the agony of everyone watching. As to the story, the FD5 is quite different from the recent installments where death came about in more obvious supernatural ways like electric cords moving by themselves. In FD5, it was more like coincidental circumstances which made the story more natural and, unfortunately, closer to reality.

Among the gruesome death scenes, there were two types I liked the most. One was the pervert inside the spa where he fell from a massage table while acupuncture pins were stuck all over his body. At the moment where he seemed about to escape that initial torture, a one-hundred pound jade Buddha fell from a shelf and crushed his head to finish him off. Then there was the gymnast in the unparallel bar exercise where her death came from a chain of unfortunate events. In the end, her finale came when a bolt in one of the bars she’s on broke loose giving her dismount the worst landing ever and dismembering her in three pieces with the bones and the spine sticking out of her body.

Other twists in the movie were the small clues that may have not been too obvious for many but somehow revealed that FD5 is actually a prequel of the last four. Initially, it was noticeable that the cars were a little bit outdated; the gift certificate that was stolen from the office desk of the deceased colleague expires in 2001; the date in the plane ticket of the last two characters of the eight survivors who apparently “escaped” death was May 2000; the same year where the story of Final Destination started eleven years ago.

Near the ending of the movie, the last two characters to escape death boarded a plane bound to Paris to start a new life together only to find out that the flight they were on was the one in the first FD movie. So that concluded the fate of the last two characters and allowed death to come full circle.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tickets Giveaway for Rex Navarrete's Show in Manila this August 24

“A Pinoy humor-generator people from any culture would find funny.” That is how I can best describe Rex Navarrete, a popular figure in the stand-up comedy scene in the US for Filipinos and Americans alike.

The other day, I had a hilarious time with friends in the online media industry during the press con of Rex’s one-night-only show at Resorts World Manila this month. Be amused by his gut-spilling comedic acts on how Filipinos behave and blend wherever we are. If you haven’t encountered his brand of humor yet, check out videos found in YouTube so you’ll see what you have been missing.

Joining Rex in the show are two other stand-up comedians, Mike Unson and Noel Gascon, who will also share their talents to local audiences. It looks to be a very fun night so make sure you’re there to have a marvelous time.

Watch out for “Rex@Resorts World Manila” this coming August 24, 2011, 8:00pm at the Newport Performing Arts Theater (NPAT). The event is presented by Catalyst Revolution, with media partners Star World, Star Movies, Fox Channel, and National Geographic Channel.

Tickets are at P750 (Balcony), P1,750 (Deluxe), P2,500 (Premier Center), P3,500 (Premier) and P5,000 (VIP). They will be available only at Ticketworld locations and at

Resort World Manila Gold and Platinum members can enjoy 20% discounts while Emerald and Silver members can enjoy 10% discounts on VIP, Premier, and Premier Center tickets. Sponsors and block buying of tickets are also welcome please email,, or, for more details.


1. Like the Write, Breathe, Live and Trails Unlimited pages on Facebook.

2. Attach the link of this blog post ( on your status message then write, “I’d like to win two tickets to Rex@ResortsWorld Manila via Write, Breathe, Live (tagged) and Trails Unlimited (tagged)!” [To tag the pages, just type "@" before each page name].

3. Make sure that your status message is set to be viewed by “Everyone” and not just “Friends Only” or “Friends of Friends”. Your post must appear in WBL’s and TU’s walls to qualify.

4. Deadline for posting of status messages will be at 12nn on Tuesday (Aug. 23). Two winners of two tickets each will be announced that night. Winners will be chosen via digital drawing using I will PM you my mobile number so we can meet at Resorts World on Aug. 24 at least an hour before the show starts.

For more details about the show and to watch a clip of Rex’s hilariously famous Maritess vs. the Superfriends, please click here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Race Review: Run Your Blues Away

Officially, it has been 6 months since I started training on barefoot running. The direct contact of the soles of my feet on the hard concrete pavement is an experience that is totally liberating in many ways. After half a year of trying to perfect this type of running form, I knew there should be a validation if all of the hard work really paid off.

For several months, I have successfully unlearned the heel-strike landing and have fully converted my strides to mid-foot and it was not easy. During those times, there were instances where I was tempted to heel-strike just to lengthen my stride, especially during races. I guess wearing minimalist shoes with zero-heel differential in the race helped me a lot to consistently focus on the correct barefoot running form. Because doing heel-strike with shoes that have no heel support can be very painful and make a runner prone to more injuries. So, I continually educate myself from seasoned barefoot runners on YouTube and compared their “training pains” to mine. From this, I can confirm if the soreness and pains I’m experiencing are already far from the ordinary. Thankfully, I’m glad I am still on the right track.

August 13, 2011 is one ordinary day for many runners. For me, this one is extra special because it was the first race where I will literally run barefoot. Run Your Blues Away is a yearly race event organized by God’s Wind Events. The race course stretches from Alabang Town Center to the wide streets of Ayala Alabang Village then back to ATC. A week before the race, I tested the path inside Ayala Alabang to see if my feet can endure the roughness of the concrete pavement. After 30 minutes of leisure running in my bare feet, I felt I can do the race likewise. The day after, feeling a little bit confident, I comfortably registered in the 10-kilometer distance category.

On race day, I arrived at the assembly area where most of the runners were already doing their customary stretches and warm-ups. The crowd was small but everybody was very excited as some had their family members running with them. In races, many runners would show-off their new top of the line running shoes to friends during warm-ups. In my case, I felt a little embarrassed that morning, so I just stood on the side of the street gutter so it would not be too obvious that I was not wearing any shoes at all. Before gun start, I applied some chalk on my soles to dampen the sudden impact and at least absorb sweat for a little while.

As we crossed the starting line, I noticed that the path is a bit descending, so I started slow to give more time for my joints, like my ankles and knees, to warm up. As the runners entered Madrigal Avenue, I increased my pace a little but still too cautious on the sharp pains that might occur anytime. The 1st kilometer became the weaning stage where I acclimatized myself to the rough texture of the road. The 2km stretch was where I felt a little numbness on the soles and I didn’t seem to feel the roughness anymore. I kept myself on a constant pace for a while and after the 5 kilometer mark, my feet became in tune with the road and it felt fantastic!

I was so happy running that time; I almost bypassed all the water stations. I just focused on my form and maintained a constant rhythm. At the last kilometer stretch, I decided to increase my pace a little to lift my game one notch higher. I crossed the finish line at exactly 49minutes 31sec.

Admittedly, I considered the RUN YOUR BLUES AWAY race to be my best run on barefoot. And the only “blues” I kept that day were the road stains and a little soreness on the soles of my feet.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Review: Crazy Stupid Love

*Warning! This review contains spoilers.

CRAZY STUPID LOVE, the latest romantic movie from Columbia Pictures, has a dash of the comedic antics of Steve Carell which is currently delighting moviegoers everywhere in the metro. For the past weeks where a series of action hero movies dominated the big screen by storm, this movie provides the needed break from the adrenalin rush brought about by those several action-packed films. Unlike other chick flick films where only the ladies get the treats, the comedic exploits of Steve Carell will surely make movie-watching worth the guys’ time as well.

Movies with love story themes are normally preferred by my wife and I am simply the ever loyal tag-along partner to watch it with her. But this time around, since she was suddenly assigned by one of her editors to cover an event in Cebu, I was left to watch the press screening of Crazy Stupid Love without her by my side.

The story is about an average middle-aged couple. Steve Carell stars as Cal Weaver while Julianne Moore plays his wife, Emily. Their lives were at a typical mid-life crisis point where the routine daily grind of their careers have taken away the romance of their 20-year relationship. This resulted to Emily’s confession of a one-time affair with an office colleague named David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon). Facing a looming divorce, Cal moved out of the house and contemplated on improving his life with the help of a seasoned club-hopping gigolo – Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who, with his machismo and hot charisma, seem able to entice every hot woman in town.

Undergoing some lifestyle makeovers, Cal finally learned the trick of luring women and successfully hooked a naïve school teacher. Kate, played by Academy Award-winner Marisa Tomei, happened to be his son’s fifth grade teacher. Thus, several coincidental circumstances brought all the characters together to all sorts of crazy conflicts. This included Cal’s daughter, Hanna, played by the ever-alluring Emma Stone, who became the  Jacob's love interest.

Cal’s son, Robbie (Jonah Bobo), on the other hand, relentlessly did his best in bringing his parents back together while nurturing his affection towards their day helper Jessica (Analeigh Tipton) who, in turn, happened to have a huge crush on Cal. The revelations of each character’s desire towards one another caused pandemonium and added to the story's hilarious scenes.

In the end, as they say, love prevails. This romantic film, as crazy as it is, still brought lessons of acceptance and the grace of second chances. It also touched on the value of forgiveness and fighting for the things that are right and important. Cal eventually won his wife back; Jacob got Cal’s approval to pursue Hanna; while Robbie finally got a kiss from Jessica plus an extra special photo memorabilia that will drive him crazy for the rest of his life.

Crazy Stupid Love is rated PG 13 and is best recommended to be watched by couples. Director Glenn Ficarra made superb casting choices because the chemistry between Carell and Moore worked perfectly well in the movie. It’s a wonderful film thanks to the quality acting prowess of Hollywood’s best talents minus the special effects of CGIs. So it's true, the abs of Ryan Gosling was definitely NOT Photoshopped :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Movie Review: Cowboys and Aliens

The film Cowboys and Aliens is an adaptation of a comic book novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Fred Valente and Adrew Foley. It’s a story about a small western town in the 1800s that was invaded by aliens. There, a small group of local vigilantes took arms such as bows and arrows along with Remington 22 caliber pistols so they can beat the crap out of the aliens even with their super high-tech and advanced technology. It is an out-of-this-world Dr. Seuss-type of fantasy where anything is possible. The story is that simple, front and back, and you don’t get any deeper than that. 

With 10 years in his directing career, I’m not quite sure what got into Jon Favreau’s mind in making this film adaptation. If it worked with Iron Man and other Marvel comic book stories that gave them box office hit records, it will not always work with others and certainly not for Cowboys and Aliens which, to begin with, has a low comic book fan-base. Still, for the general movie-goers, this film is entertaining enough what with all that gun-slinging action. But for the overly critical sci-fi geeks, this film will certainly disappoint their anticipations because the plot itself is so improbable and off from a realistic tangent. 

What I mean is, how would it be possible for a bunch of 1800s cowboys and Indians to destroy highly advanced alien monsters by just using guns, bows, and arrows? Stories like these are just simply unconventional. In any case, critics must just simply have an open mind and accept the story’s face value. For the Cowboy and Aliens comic book fans, this will certainly give them the thrill although some details in the graphic novel were changed in the movie. 

It’s a good thing that they brought in two of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood to play the lead roles. Veteran actor, Harrison Ford, played the role of Col. Dolarhyde whose character, other than the Stetson hat, is quite far from the usual “Indiana Jones” type we’re used to seeing. And of course, James Bond himself, Daniel Craig as Jake Lonergan, is there and whom I commend for doing a great job in adapting a western American accent. Not bad for a Brit. These two surely provided redemption for the movie thanks to their acting prowess. The beautiful Olivia Wilde played the role of Ella, a different kind of alien changeling who helped Lonergan and their Indian allies beat the extra terrestrial goons with their own laser weapons. 

The special effects were not that spectacular except for the part where extra limbs came out from the alien’s belly which was a unique feature from other aliens I saw before. However, I find it kind of weird to see smoke belching from an advanced alien spaceship’s exhaust, giving it an impression that they still use fossil fuel. How human :)

However, in the midst of all the contrast and intangibilities of the film, lessons of bravery, courage and acceptance were presented that subsequently resulted to the transformation of the characters in the movie. And as my overall impression of the movie, let’s just say that Director Jon Favreau may have not succeeded making this film into a blockbuster item but it was not as mediocre as some critics say either. 

For the overly-critical audience, Cowboys and Aliens may not be a good tandem for movie-making but for the fans of the comic books, I’d guess for them, the two elements still blend perfectly well.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sen. Gringo Honasan: On Edsa, Coup de etat, Politics and Beyond

“During the 1986 Edsa People Power Revolution, all of us were ready and willing to die…but were not willing to kill.” That was one of the most profound words I heard from the statesman who have withstood dozens of battles of military combat and politics alike, for more than 30 years of his life.

I was very fortunate to be invited to a small group gathering where online media met with Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan, a prominent Edsa icon who has been serving the country as a member of the Senate for 12 years now.

The gathering was held at Cravings, Katipunan and while food was being served, so did the roll of questions start being thrown on the table. The topics for discussion were anything under the sun. We discussed Sen. Honasan’s views about politics and coup de etat as well as his love life and family to the most mundane subject matters such as the local entertainment scene and show business chismis.

It was my first time to meet him up close and spend quality time in a pep talk where the questions were not the usual ones we hear from the usual TV interviews. One quality I noticed about the senator was how he answered questions. He is not a “man of few words” because he never failed to expound his thoughts on any subject matter. Oftentimes, I’d find myself seeing his wisdom behind the things he talked about, even when it comes to the seemingly “dull” topics.

On a lighter note, I was surprised to discover that he finds fulfillment in simple pleasures such as reading and spending time watching movies. Once in a while, in the midst of his busy schedules, he even finds time to relax and interact with friends in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. A funny side of the senator was revealed when he shared to us one of his special abilities when relieving work stress which is how he isolates his mind from his body. He explained that, like in a trance, his mind leaves his body in an autopilot mode and the rest of his being will retreat in a virtual quiet place where he regains strength from all the bureaucratic monotone of parliamentary rules and procedures and from boring law makers with their fanciful empty speeches. 

Sen. Honasan further shared with us his legislative priorities for the 12th Congress which include: The Land Use Act – an Act providing for the national land use policy and planning network and the implementing mechanism. Clean Water Act - an Act providing for a comprehensive water resource policy and water sector development, creating the water resources management commission and for other purposes; and An Act Declaring a National Peace Policy - creating the Commission on Peace and for other purposes falls under the Committee on Peace, Unification and Reconciliation.

One word I can clearly describe him with is that he’s a patriot. Even in the early years of his career in the military, all of his achievements were attributed to his principle of serving one’s country and its people. Now, at age 63, with two grandchildren giving him delight, he said retiring, for him, doesn’t mean leaving everything behind. Instead, he wants to mentor young leaders who share the same passion to transform this country to a certain degree of greatness. I sincerely wish him well in that area and all the other endeavors he’d still want to pursue in the future.

*Thank you Jeman of for the invite and the pics :) More photos of the event can be found here

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Restaurant Review: Wing Hub in Metrowalk, Ortigas

“One more bite and I would probably grow chicken wings on my back.” That was my funny afterthought when my wife and I visited Wing Hub restaurant at Metrowalk, Ortigas in Pasig City last week. Nowadays, specialty restaurants are becoming more popular; flourishing one by one in and around the metro. One of these is the Wing Hub which food hunters ought not to miss checking. It specializes in chicken wings that come in eight different savory recipes.

Unlike other restaurants that serve chicken wings, Wing Hub prepares the dishes uniquely different from their rivals. While many chicken wing restos get their flavors only on the breading level, giving it a skin-deep taste, Wing Hub marinates its wings in 12 flavorful ingredients so guests can even get to enjoy eating them inside-out even without the breading or the sauces.

Among the line-up of favorites, we got to taste the most common flavor of chicken wings. Marinated in special ingredients, the Buffalo Wings come in two level of spiciness. We got to try the hotter kind and it was fantastic. The taste of the marinated ingredients penetrated the chicken meat even if it’s hot. I decided to eat just a piece because the cut of the wings were extra huge and I needed to set a pace, as well as tummy space, for the other dishes on our table.

Another signature chicken wing recipe of the Wing Hub is the Chicken Wing Garlic Parmesan. Among the other wings, I can say that this one is my personal favorites. It has the spicy ingredients minus the glazed breaded sauce that coats much of the chicken taste. Plus, the sprinkled parmesan on top suits the tangy taste of garlic making it a great tasting chicken wing for me.

Other tasty chicken wing treats come in Taiwanese, Hawaiian, and Thai flavors as well as Pinoy Barbeque for those who love the good old fashioned BBQ. taste 

Now, for those who feel they might have too much chicken to eat in one day, you can try other special treats such as the Fish and Chips, 747 Indonesian Spareribs, and Crispy Baby Squid.

For individuals and groups who crave for burgers, the Black Box Trio covers the extraordinary. These are three mini burgers in three different kinds of patties. In one serving, you’ll get to enjoy chicken, burger and lamb patties both kids and grownups would enjoy savoring.

Aside from the great food, what really makes Wing Hub extra special are the renowned chefs who are behind every delicious food they serve. We were lucky enough to meet the faces behind the names on their logo: Chef Drew, Chef Humphrey, and Chef Manoj. Each of them have years of culinary experience that make them very much able to create a wide variety of good food and good taste that every member of the family will love to experience.

In short, Wing Hub is where you can find the best tasting chicken wings prepared by great chefs!

If you don’t have time to visit the place yet but would like to sample Wing Hub’s yummy dishes, just call City Delivery at 87-878 to order.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Movie Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I’m always fascinated by the profound intelligence apes, chimps, and monkeys possess. In the animal kingdom, they’re the only animals that have the ability to use tools for eating or hunting for food and, sometimes, as weapons to display male dominance or just simply protecting a young. As creepy as it may seem, I’m always intrigued to imagine that someday, these animals might finally learn to acquire human higher functions and intellect and live among us.

In 2001, Tim Burton resurrected the 1968 film Planet of the Apes, based from a book of the same title authored by French novelist Pierre Bullies. It’s about an astronaut (played by Mark Wahlberg) who landed on a strange planet inhabited by intelligent apes that treat humans as slaves. The movie ended with Wahlberg’s character eventually finding his way to Earth only to find out that the Earth’s present inhabitants were all apes.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is more of a prequel to Tim Burton’s version although several reviews indicated this particular film as an original story. But somehow, it seems interconnected to the 2001 remake. After more than 10 years since the 2001 film, the CGI technology brought this new film to far greater heights without the usual realistic synthetic rubber costumes and make ups which, back then, were already a cutting-edge thing. Andy Serkis, the guy who played Golum in LOTR, was also the one who played the character role of Caesar, the experimental subject chimp who became the leader of the primate revolt.

James Franco, the hiker who cut off his hand with a dull knife in the movie 127 Hours, has once again proven his superb acting talents this time as Dr. Will Rodman. In this film, Franco played the scientist who, although with good intentions, dared to monkey around with nature and science that eventually resulted into a catastrophe of genetic proportions. In the movie, a short scene revealed a clue when NASA launched a Mars expedition that was later reported to be “lost in space”. For those who watched the 2001 Tim Burton film, one can easily find the connection to the Wyatt’s version, and somehow get to appreciate more of the previous movie.

In general, this sci-fi movie is not the usual remake of the bullying apes novel where the setting is totally out of this world. It is set on Earth so the story becomes not that far from reality. Somehow, viewers will have an afterthought, that stories as fictional as this have the possibility to come true in the near future. It is a mind-blowing experience that viewers will certainly enjoy. In fact, I did so, very much, because the particular press screening I attended was extra special. You see, I had the opportunity to try one of SM Cinemas’ newly-installed reclining chairs with their leather-covered cushions which definitely made watching movies a fantastic experience :)


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