Saturday, January 24, 2015

Issues on Premature Ejaculation (PE) and What Sufferers Can Do About It

When I started this blog five years ago, I made it a point to write about things that revolve around my own personal journeys in the realm of health and physical fitness. Since I’m into a lot of outdoor activities such as running, biking, climbing, and water sports among other things, my adventures were no longer limited to sports and I decided to blog about food and other stuff, too. I never thought though that I would come to the point of blogging about a particular and delicate topic such as Premature Ejaculation. Although I don’t belong in the statistics (one in three men suffer from this condition), I felt it important to share this information because a lot of people are experiencing it but no one talks about it. Among men, it is something that is “taboo” to talk about even with other men for the fear of embarrassment as this topic crosses the “machismo” side of the male ego. 

Recently, I attended a rare event about PE, which was sponsored by MENARINI, the world’s largest Italian Biopharmaceutical Company with a heritage of over 128 years covering more than 100 countries around the world. The event was well received by members of the media and surprisingly, female guests outnumbered the males. This medical symposium was hosted by Mr. RJ Ledesma, a prolific host that covered the topic with maturity while making the open forum very light and comfortable for everyone. 

So what is Premature Ejaculation or PE? In the medical context, it is when a man reaches orgasm or expels semen soon after a sexual activity and with minimal penile simulation. It is also called a premature climax. It is the incapability of a man to control ejaculation thereby losing penile erection prematurely that subsequently dissatisfies his partner. 

The program’s tagline “Happy Life, Happy Wife” made me think, “Since when did PE became a woman’s problem when the ‘ejaculation’ part is a male thing?”

The first resource speaker, well-noted urologist Dr. Dennis Serrano, presented a very comprehensive exposition of PE, showing how it can also affect women. During the discussion, RJ asked guests a series of questions with multiple choices of answers. We were given automated voting controllers that allowed us to answer discretely. The survey questions aimed to explore statistics on sexual issues and the results showed interesting revelations about sexual intimacy. 

Dr. Serrano further expounded on the clinical causes of PE and how it can be treated. It very surprising to know that PE is one of the many causes of marriage problems in many couples today simply because such problems remain untreated.  For women, the problem continues because they keep it to themselves. Few perhaps know that for women, not reaching orgasm could entail a deep sexual dissatisfaction that eventually results to emotional and psychological effects. For men, the inability to satisfy their partner will eventually lead to self-resentment.   

Although it was not highlighted, Dr. Serrano mentioned a medicine called PRILIGY (Depoxetine) that treats PE. Finally, people who suffer from PE will now have a safe treatment and eventually achieve more meaningful sexual intimacy. However, he reminds PE sufferers to consult a doctor first instead of buying the drug over-the-counter so they could be briefed first about everything there is to know about the medication such as dosage, proper administration, and side-effects.

The next resource speaker was Dr. Margie Holmes who is a distinguished and iconic resource speaker when it comes to the topic of sexuality and sex therapy. She talked about issues where couples can have a meaningful relationship by adapting through other means of sexual stimulations other than penile penetration. For men, desire comes first before arousal, but for women, it is the other way around. They need to be “romanced” first before they achieve the desire towards sex. These dynamics should be on top of mind for both men and women in order for them to learn how to satisfy their partner more effectively. 

Over all, love should be in the center in order to have a better relationship as a married couple and as a family. This can only be realized if both parties are honest to one another without any reservations.  


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