Friday, February 26, 2016

Kundalini Yoga @ Life Yoga Center

As many couples celebrate Valentines this February, I’m quite sure that many would do their annual routine of making reservations in their favorite restaurants, perhaps spending a day or two in a cozy room of the nearest hotel, or spending a weekend getaway in an out-of-town trip. For some who are more concerned about their diet, many also are into physical activities to shed some extra pounds together.

Kundalini Yoga Expert Ms. Rosan Cruz
Last week, my wife and I decided to celebrate Valentines a little different this year. We spent a morning session of Kundalini Yoga for couples where two people perform yoga exercises together. The venue was at Life Yoga, a center in Bonifacio Global City that offers Kundalini Yoga facilitated by Yoga Expert and Life Coach Ms. Rosan Cruz.
Guru Rosan helping us balance a pose...
Ms. Cruz, a proficient yoga practitioner since 1995 and who has been teaching other forms of yoga such as Vinyasa and Bikram, feels a much closer affinity with Kundalini. According to her, Kundalini offers more access to one's spirituality as well as give benefits to a person’s relationships with other people and with the rest of his environment. Such wisdom was passed on to her by some of the great names in the yoga community, such as Guru Das, Guru Mukh and Guru Charos.  

"Carry the yoke of one another"

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Apotheca – The First FDA Licensed Compounding Pharmacy in the Philippines

I remember when I was very young, my grandmother used to boil different leaves and seeds of plants and made me drink the juices whenever I’m sick. It was a struggle just to make me drink those potions because the taste was so unforgivable. Even after several years, I never got the hang of the taste of those concoctions made by my grandmom. Thankfully, medicines today are available in easy to swallow capsules and tablets which made the lives of my children much easier whenever they got sick.

After a while, the term compounding alternative medications was usually correlated to the old oriental Chinese way of curing illnesses.  Not until the last couple of decades, even with the advent of advance medical treatment, many people are bringing back the natural way of treating disease which is more commonly known as alternative medicine.

Just last week, I was invited to attend a media event that features integrative approach supplementing conventional medication and compounding therapy that help patients treat illnesses. Apotheca, the first integrative and compounding pharmacy in the Philippines that is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), brings natural wellness and healing more accessible and affordable to those who needs it. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blog Giveaway: Win a Race Kit for Watsons – Color Manila SunWarrior Challenge

Living a healthy lifestyle has always been my lifelong goal and it is my desire is to influence as many people around me, as much as I can, to have their own fitness journey. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals I know would express their wish to have a better physique or shed a couple of pounds but never make any effort to take that first step. Somehow, these people have the most creative ways of finding reasons not to exercise. Then, at the end of the day, they keep finding themselves frustrated for being out of shape.

photo from 7 Eleven Run 1500 event
There are those who may find running as an acceptable entry towards fitness. If you are one of them, I encourage you to join fun runs which, in the Philippines, are being organized almost on a weekly basis. A very encouraging evidence of how the sport has grown in popularity are the thousands of runners who began to join fun runs just over a couple of years ago. They have exponentially grown in numbers and many of them have evolved to running great distances from half-marathons to full marathons in just a few years’ time.

upcoming SunWarrior Challenge race

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Mr. Andy Warhol, one of the most iconic figure in the realm of art and pop culture flourished his popularity in three decades from 60’s to the 80’s, is now being celebrated by an equally iconic footwear Converese. Warhol, was the epitome of cultural expression via various media, may it be in the paintings, sculptures, and fashion design and even in the films he created.

Converese, the world’s most popular sneakers is like a time capsule. Made during the early 1900’s by Marquis Mills Converse, this pair of versatile foot wear are not just made to witness some of the most iconic events and personalities in history, but also part of history itself. Worn by some of the most famous celebrities, most especially during their early years while they’re struggling to hit the fame like Elvis Presley, the band America, Punk Rock legend Sex Pistols, the gang members of Jets and Sharks (West Side Story)  and of course Andy Warhol.  

Warhol in his hey-day, was an inspiration of many visual artists who depicts non-conforming rebellious expression of their time. In commemorating his life and work, Converse came out with Andy Warhol Banana printed All Star Chucks. These groovy sneaks are available in various designs both in high-cut and low cut sneaks. 

Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987)
The Andy Warhol Banana Printed Sneakers is one of Andy’s most iconic graphics and is now immortalized in the latest models of Converse All Star Chuck Taylor. These versions are made in premium leather upper, chrome eyelets and of course, the famous Andy Warhol Banana Print. These collections are already available in Converse stores all over.

Country’s first archery challenge maze opens in the Sandbox at Alviera

Last 2012, I was invited to run in a trail running event in Subic, Zambales. Explorac was an 18 kilometer trail running race along the steep hills of Subic and sand dune formations made by the lahar flow from the last Mount Pinatubo eruption happened decades ago. 

Aqtiv Archery is the latest attraction at SandBox Alviera...
That running event was one of the kick off activities of Alviera, an Ayala land development in the Central Luzon. Alviera is a 1,100 hectare development of Ayala Land that features nature, residential and commercial landscape, much like the Nuvali of Sta. Rosa Laguna today.

Honoring the launch are the members of Council of Municipality of Porac, headed by Mayor Carling Dela Cruz and Oculus General Manager, Krizia Chu.
Sandbox, is just one of the main feature of Alviera that offers guests an exceptional adventure experience that can be enjoyed by all ages. When we first visited the place, the rides and activity facilities were on its early stages of construction. I was surprised a lot were added up in just a few years passed. 

One the attraction of SandBox that will test your limits...
And another additional highlight of Sandbox is the Aqtiv Archery by Oculus Archery. The archery range was inaugurated last year to encourage thrill seekers a new kind of sport adventure. But recently, Oculus placed the challenge a notch higher by allowing archers move along a maze and try to hit placed targets along the route as fast as they can. In just a two-minute time, an archer will have to hit five targets with a distance of just over five meters. It may look simple but these target are placed with moving obstacles and that is where the challenge comes in. 

Did some few sets at the Archery Range before heading on to the Aqtive Archery
“The launch of Aqtiv Archery is only the beginning as SandBox continues to expand in size and attractions in 2016, “ Said John Estacio, General Manager of Alviera. “Other attractions to be launched this year include a three hectare Urban Karting, Airsoft, and paintball facilities, together with the opening of restaurants.”

I think my son Gab, is a better archer than me...
 My son and I were invited to check out the place and witness the launching of the newest feature of Oculus Archery at Sandbox. Together with some member of the media, all of us were allowed try archery and I never thought I have a good hand in this type sport. It was quite challenging at first but as soon as I got the proper pose and grip, my shots got closer and closer to the target. And my son did pretty good as well.

Krizia showing us how to the course will flow...
After a few sets in the archery range, we moved to the Aqtiv-Archery and tried for the first time to hit moving targets within two minutes within the obstacle course. To add to the fun, each archer can wear medieval costumes. It will not guarantee a much accurate shots, but it will definitely look good in the pictures. As to my performance, the two-minute time was beyond to a novice like me, missing the last target. However, that first time experience with the Activ-Archery will not dampened my spirit because I will definitely go back at Sandbox and pursue another shot at the course.   

Ms. Jennifer Chua, Ayala Land Marketing Manager and Jomi de Guzman, Alviera General Manager
For more information on SandBox at Alviera, visit and For inquiries, email or contact 09178033099 / (045) 432-0014.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Coca-Cola launches the newest global campaign “Taste the Feeling™”

Coca-Cola, one the world’s most iconic brands in beverages launches its newest marketing tagline / campaign “Taste the Feeling”. This world-wide launch was a result of multi-creative minds from various agencies and institutions commissioned to come up with this catchy phrase that will carry the brands for another five years or so.

For me, as far as I can remember, the oldest tagline that I can still recall was the “It’s the Real Thing” tag line with its very iconic TV ad single. After that, another memorable campaign was the “Coke is It” ad featuring Michael Jackson. Truly, these campaign tag lines makes the coke brand even more enticing for consumers. No wonder that this soft drink has reach over 1.9 billion serving every single day.

Last January, Coca-Cola Philippines also made an explosive celebration of the launch that was graced by top executives of Coca-Cola company and members of the media. The Philippine launch was held at the Rigodon Ball Room of Peninsula Manila in Makati City.

Part of the celebration was a presentation of the past successful taglines that made coke the household brand name when it comes refreshing beverage of choice. It was recollection of historical events that happen all over the world and how coke was a part of it all. In the Philippines, everyone were caught by a big surprise when “Mr. Pure Energy”, Garry Valenciano rendered some of his original hits in the 80’s with his funky dance moves.

The newest campaign theme song is a product of collaboration of the best in the music and production industry. The MTV ad is fusion of snap-shot images of real people in their everyday lives, featuring their passion, values and real circumstantial events. The shots were made from the creative photography skills of Guy Aroch and Nacho Vicci. The theme song was rendered by a London-born Australian raised singer Conrad Sewell. 

“We are introducing a new approach to continue the brand’s long legacy of great visual storytelling,” said James Sommerville, VP Global Design. “The photography features human moments that blur the boundaries between who people are and what they love to do. In all the creative, Coca-Cola plays a lead role in the scene, enhancing the color, texture and emotion of the images. Every interaction is unique and made more special through the enjoyment of a Coca-Cola, any Coca-Cola.” 

The “Taste the Feeling” campaign will replace the old phrase “Open Happiness” that ran for more than seven years. Somehow, the campaign have survived some “counter-campaigns” that were wide spread in the social media. Strong ads can certainly bring strong recall for the brand. It didn’t matter how many videos showing how bad coke for the health, people is consistently buying the soft drink in relentless frequency. 

These new images and videos will be on out-of-home billboards, TV ads and Radios and also in Social Media.  “Taste the Feeling makes Coca-Cola the hero of our advertising again. The new campaign is all about capturing both the functional and emotional traits of Coca-Cola – the uplifting refreshment of drinking our product and how having a Coke makes any moment more memorable and more special,” says Stephan Czypionka, Vice President for Marketing, CocaCola Philippines. 

The campaign also marks the consolidation of all Coca-Cola trademark products like CocaCola, Coca-Cola Light, Diet Coca-Cola, and Coca-Cola Zero under a ‘One Brand’ campaign approach. “Taste the Feeling™” replaces “Open Happiness™” which has been used by Coca-Cola for the past seven years. Since 1886, there have been 45 taglines before “Taste the Feeling™”.  

For more information about the new campaign of Coca-Cola, visit or the Facebook page of Coca-Cola Philippines. 


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