Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blog Giveaway: Win a Race Kit for Watsons – Color Manila SunWarrior Challenge

Living a healthy lifestyle has always been my lifelong goal and it is my desire is to influence as many people around me, as much as I can, to have their own fitness journey. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals I know would express their wish to have a better physique or shed a couple of pounds but never make any effort to take that first step. Somehow, these people have the most creative ways of finding reasons not to exercise. Then, at the end of the day, they keep finding themselves frustrated for being out of shape.

photo from 7 Eleven Run 1500 event
There are those who may find running as an acceptable entry towards fitness. If you are one of them, I encourage you to join fun runs which, in the Philippines, are being organized almost on a weekly basis. A very encouraging evidence of how the sport has grown in popularity are the thousands of runners who began to join fun runs just over a couple of years ago. They have exponentially grown in numbers and many of them have evolved to running great distances from half-marathons to full marathons in just a few years’ time.

upcoming SunWarrior Challenge race

Now that summer is fast approaching, the races I mentioned will surely double in numbers and registration sites will soon be swarmed with people who wish to register for upcoming running events. If you are making a checklist on the important things to do prior to the runs, do include practice runs, proper diet, and the right running shoes. You’d also want to include one item that is equally important in protecting your skin from the scorching heat of the sun. Head on to Watsons and choose from the best selections of sun protection products for your everyday running regimen!

sun protection products available at Watsons
This March 6, Watsons Philippines and Color Manila are starting summer early with the SunWarrior Challenge. It's a color run with a twist. Watch this video to see why. Exciting, right? Now, who wants to win a race kit so you can join the fun for free? Please follow the mechanics found in the Rafflecopter widget below. Each race kit entitles you to a singlet, sunglasses, headware, finisher's medal, and more!

Deadline of entries will be on 11:59PM of February 24. Stay tuned for the winner's name in this page. I will email him/her the redemption code to be used at Good luck! It would be a pleasure to meet one of my readers during the race.

Edit - February 26: Congratulations Grace Gercio (IG: fab_macy) for winning a race kit to the SunWarrior Challenge! Please check your email inbox within the day.

Thank you guys for joining! I hope to be able to host more fitness-related giveaways again, soon :)

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