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Behrouz Persian Cuisine opens in BF Paranaque

My first experience of Persian food was the Shawarma. This was during my early years of married life back in Los Banos, Laguna. At that time, my wife was pregnant with our second child and her pregnant cravings was Shawarma. It was a sensational delicacy, gaining popularity among UPLB students. I remember patiently waiting long lines just to buy one with extra garlic sauce.

Little did I know that eventually I will come to know the very family who brought Shawarma in the Philippines way back in the early 80’s. Of course he is no other than my good friend Mr. Modj Mojdeh and Mrs. Joan Mojdeh of Behrouz Persian Cuisine. The Mojdeh Family is the primary owners of Behrouz which was modestly introduced by Modj’s dad Mr. Behrouz Mojdeh himself, when he was just a struggling entrepreneurial migrant from Iran,thirty years ago. I remember Modj sharing with me the story of how his dad started it all with their first branch in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Mr. Modj Mojdeh, Joan Mojdeh with Iranian Friends...
Mr. Behrouz Mojdeh started the Persian Cuisine business with humble beginnings and with a handful of resources as capital. With little money, he cannot afford to hire staff, so he operated and managed the business on his own, from cooking, serving the food, busing the tables afterwards down to dish washing. Diligence, hard work and dedication were the prime values Mr. Mojdeh passed on to his family which they uphold until today and have imbibed it to every staff of Behrouz. 

Modj's Local buddies signaling an excellent Behrouz experience...
With four branches serving the best Persian dishes in the metro, Behrouz is now extended to the south in BF Homes Paranaque. Recently, my wife and I visited the opening of the Behrouz BF branch and on their first day, they graciously served free food tasting to everyone. The grand opening was graced by Mojdeh’s friends in multinational groups, families and of course loyal Behrouz Persian foodies.
Beef Biryani with Basmati Rice at P300 per serving
We started the afternoon with Behrouz's best sellers - the Beef Biryani. This dish is a prime grilled ground beef with special spices, coupled with grilled tomatoes and Basmati Persian long-grain rice which they import from Iran. This dish is served with dips of garlic sauce in which Modj has the hands-on of making them himself. 

Beef kebab at P90...
The next one on the list is the Chicken barbecue. It is a chopped chicken breast marinated in yogurt with special Persian spices grilled to perfection, and I really like this one. When I eat chicken, I don't normally choose the breast part because its dry and you don't get to enjoy the flavor of it, but this one is really exceptional because its juicy and flavorful. So the secret of making the chicken breast tasty is to marinate it with yogurt.   

Chicken breast barbecue at P120
 Of course, this Persian meal won't be complete without the middle-eastern signature dish Hummus. It is a pasty-like dip that can be eaten with almost everything. It can be spread to bread, or you can eat it with kebabs. Hummus is a processed Chick Peas with tons of garlic, cayenne peper, fresh lemon juice and more spices, which are all blenderized to perfection. At Behrouz, the Hummus is personally prepared by Modj himself, a sacred food tradition that was passed on to him by his dad. 

Hummus at P85...
Another version of this exotic dip, is the Mutabbal or also know as Baba Gannoush. Similar to Hummus in preparation, this dip is made out of Eggplant, Tahini, salt, pepper, olive oil all blended in to a fantastic side dish or dip best enjoyed with Pita bread.

Mutabbal or Baba Gannoush at P85
After our hefty meal, we took the opportunity to visit the interior of Behrouz kitchen and witness all the cooks and staff in action. After which, we took time to have some photo ops before we left the place. Behrouz Persian Cuisine BF is located at #226 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque. You also visit their FB page:

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