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Camp N: The Newest Recreational Facility at NUVALI

NUVALI perhaps is one of the few developments I know that bundles nature, health and fitness living rolled into one amazing place. This exceptional development by Ayala Land have attracted thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts from runners, bikers, birdwatchers and others who want to explore the outdoors or for some who simply feels the need to detach themselves from the urban city grind of Manila. 

Annually, Nuvali is the choice of venue of numerous running events and mounting bike races that are being participated by people from different parts of the regions. Presently, this 2,290 hectare nature park houses several commercial developments including some well-known educational and health institutions. It also the hub of several BPO and call center companies that gave thousands of employment opportunities not just with thin Sta. Rosa, Laguna but from all over.

Eco-friendly modern architectural designed buildings...
Most importantly, this development buffers a huge area of natural habitat of wild life and some exotic birds. The trail alone covers a scenic 35 kilometer jungle trails, more than enough for both novice and pros to explore and test their biking skills to the limits. Yearly, more and more are being added to the development which makes the place even more exciting. Last week, Nuvali made another attraction that sets the bar higher in outdoor recreation. This place is called CAMP N. 

CAMP N is the newest recreational venue which gives more people another reason to explore Nuvali. It is a structured adventure camp that comprises of different team-building facilities which stimulate incubation and self-discovery, good health and environmentally sustainable living. Camp N is a six hectare area that allows people to engage in physical activities that tests not just their stamina but also their character through experiential learning.

John Estacio, NUVALI General Manager...
Last Saturday, CAMP N, was launched for the very first time to the media where we got to have the first-hand experiencing the facilities. The structures are designed by Green Strat Inc., the same group that built the facilities at SandBox which is also an Ayala Land development. The operation and management of the Camp is sourced out to Lakbay kalikasan – Outbound Education, an outfit that offers team building facilitation via structured facilities.

Mon Hocson of LakbayKalikasan - Outbound Education
One highlight of the camp is the AREAL WALK. It is a multi-directional structure that connects high poles with high tension cables and ropes. Each participant or team member is challenge to complete the course by crossing from one pole to another via intricate rope works and cables. A participant is equipped with full body harness, safety helmets and an Eldrid smart belay device which is a full-proof safety feature of the camp.  At the end of the course, one gets to descend via short zip-line to the finish line.

One of the highlights of Camp N, the AREAL WALK...
Another cool feature of the Camp is the Extreme Tower which is more than 40 feet high and It holds five activities. The first one I tried was the FREE FALL, a very challenging activity for those who are afraid of heights. Here, a person is hooked into a safety cable that is connected to an auto-descender, thereby giving the fall a controlled but still gives an adrenalin rush descent.

45 feet climbing wall...

On the other side of the wall is the WALL CLIMBING and RAPELLING facility. Now this was something I really looked forward of doing because of my experience in climbing when I was still with Power Up back in the 90’s. The inclination of the wall was not as difficult but the orientation of the holds were a bit sketchy. Nonetheless I was able to top it out, thanks to my years of training with Power Up.

Me on the Cargo Net...
Other facilities of the Extreme Tower are the ROLLER COASTER ZIP LINES. They have two, actually. The shorter one is 160 meters and the longer one is 280 meters, much longer than the one in SandBox. I was not able to try this out because time constraint but I will surely come back for this next time.

Runner blogger, Franc Ramon. (Photo courtesy of
CAMP N also offer provisions for people who wish to set up tents to get the feel of a real camping experience. The facilities are designed also for corporate team building workshops and also for families who wish to bond via obstacle courses. One area in the camp that is yet to be developed is the lagoon where teams can experience water challenges in the course.

Camp N has provisions for Tents for over night camping experience...
For reservations on the Team Building exercises, you may contact CAMP N, through mobile: 0917-84CAMPN. Or you may email

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