Thursday, February 21, 2013

Join the Running Revolution with adidas Energy Boost!

Just over three years and many kilos ago, I decided to run with a just the goal to regain a healthy and fit lifestyle. I never thought that starting out a lechon manok and liempo business and keeping a day job loaded me with tons of stresses from work that stretched my physical limits from sunrise to sunset. In a span of less than a year, those stresses, coupled with cholesterol and uric acid from the regular tasting of liempo from our now defunct food business, has resulted to a five-day confinement in the hospital.

First 10k barefoot...
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After a short reckoning reality, I decided to fix my health and lifestyle and began to run regularly. Apparently, running the traditional way gave me little results due to all sorts of running-related injuries I experienced from wearing my existing running shoes. So, I tried a little crazy feat by running barefoot. For the first 3 kilometer distance of barefoot running, blisters covered almost all areas of my feet. But, as I began to learn more and gain strength, the 3 kilometers were extended to 5 kilometers.

A 10k run at the foothills of Sierra Madre mountain range, Tanay Rizal
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As a ran further distances, my weight began to go down drastically as well -- from 187lbs to 139lbs. The rest of my lifestyle illnesses also followed and normalized. Since my goal to be fit was relatively achieved at 5k running, I could have stopped there. But somehow, the crazy part of me started to kicked-in again and I challenged myself to go on even further. So I ran barefoot from 5k to 10k distance.

Another 10k run under Storm signal #1 at BGC
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In just a few months, the weekend fun runs became a regular thing for me and my barefoot running has attracted attention in the running community. Soon after, I was surprised to discover that I'm not the only crazy runner who finds pleasure in running barefoot and was introduced to a small community called Barefoot Running Philippines.

21k run at Run United 2 finishing 2 hours 2min. 
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My confidence in running barefoot was boosted ten times over upon meeting kindred souls. Thus, another crazy idea jolted to me to venture running a half-marathon or 21 kilometers. Completing my first half marathon was tough but surprisingly with a much faster time than I expected and with no injuries. Somehow, my regular barefoot running on flat pavement for almost a year developed a special texture on the soles of my feet enabling them to endure the rough and small sharp pebbles on the road.

First 42k barefoot at SIM 2012
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A regular runner with shoes on would take half or even one day to recover from a 21k run. Apparently, when running barefoot, it would only take a few minutes and I was even able to accompany my wife with shopping for groceries a few hours after. So, barefoot running has become a regular thing for me and after several more 21ks and 32ks, I decided to project a running goal and that is to do the un-thinkable -- to run a full marathon 42.195km barefoot. And that's exactly what I did. Last 2012, I ran my first full marathon at the Subic International Marathon - Barefoot. 

Another 42k barefoot at QCIM 2012

A lot of people asked me if I still wear shoes when I run. Yes, I still do, most especially on trails where I use minimalist shoes. Well I guess that not all runners are built the way we barefoot runners run. If you're not ready to go crazy and run barefoot like me in order to boost your running prowess, you can still wear running shoes that fit you best and are comfortable on your feet. 

Speaking of "boost", check out the new adidas Boost! It's now available with preliminary stocks of 200 pairs ready to hit the road. This new innovation, which is centered in the proprietary cushioning material BOOST, allows the runner a continuous energy return. The revolutionary technology allows small energy capsules to store and unleash energy more efficiently with every stride.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Murray’s New Orleans Unveils the Megarita

It’s Mardi Gras festivity once again at New Orleans and there is no other way to celebrate the Fat Tuesday but to bring in all the good food and drinks in large contents. New Orleans unveils the Megarita, a 1.2 liter margarita served in a tall fruit bowl vessel in eight different fruity flavors. Be indulged with the unique touch of New Orleans with; Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate Breeze, Midori, Cadillac, Raspberry, Blueberry, Pink lady and Electric Blue. Truly, it brings the ordinary margarita to a new revitalizing twist far different from the other cocktails drinks.

New Orleans, has now become a night life iconic venue where there is a wide diversity of people that comes together in this special place to experience good food, good drinks and more. Mr. Raymond Magdaluyo, a successful award winning restaurature, and well renowned Chef Peter Ayson, and of course New Orleans original consultant Murray Hertz, re-introduced New Orleans to the public which caters people who craves for the old style cojun and creole inspired dishes with the touch of home-grown delis.

In two separate occasions, I was invited by renowned food PR consultant , Ms. Exchosa, to try the news stuff New Orleans are now offering to their loyal guests. Along with other food and life style bloggers, we visited New Orleans Resort World at Pasay City. As we settled ourselves, we were served by some of the restos best sellers like, Kansas Ribs, Chicken steaks and Baked Salmon which are also my personal favorites when I visit New Orleans.

 After we ate, all of were served the highlight of the evening, the Megarita. Each one of us ordered a chalice of our own choice of flavor. The one I got is the Pomegranate Breeze. I already thought that it will be in large serving, but when they served it, I never consider that it was really that huge and I thought it will be a very long night consuming this. As we were having fun with Megarita, another new element surprised us and the other guests that evening.

That night, New Orleans introduced to the public, their very own, Mardigrets. Mardigrets are group of young, beautiful and hot dancers the management of New Orleans had put up to give their guests a complete entertainment as they celebrate Mardi Gras. Later on, another surprised were revealed to us when we found out that these fine dancers were the cashier, waitress, bar tender and receptionist of New Orleans. 

After that sizzling hot number of the Mardigrets, the boys on the bars likewise showed their own pieces of talents in bar tossing and juggling presentation with matching firey foreground. These leaves the audiences in awe as they twirl and toss liquor bottles in the air. These are just among the new elements one will witness when they visit New Orleans with branches at Bonifocio Global City, Resort Manila, SM Mall Of Asia, Robinsons Magnolia, Harbor point Subic and SM Lanang, Davao City.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lady Grace: Every Woman Deserves To Be Sexy

For more than five decades the Lady Grace Intimate Apparels has shaped the bodies of Filipina with utmost quality and exquisite comfort which Mrs. Amelia Exconde, started with a passion of bringing undergarments fit the shape of the Pinay beauties. With her own personal innovative designs, the small scale undergarment shop in the 50’s became one of the leaders in quality underwear noted for its affordable price tag.

Soon after, her husband Mr. Fidel Exconde boarded in and acted as the finance manager of the company that made the it grew even bigger. As Lady Grace brand became more popular, they started to consign their stocks to department stores that allowed them to capture a much wider market share locally. Right now, the company has exported the brand to more than 10 countries around the world.

Today, as they celebrate 55 years in the underwear industry, they finally moved up to a notch higher by inviting no other than Ms. Dianna Meneses as the new brand ambassador of Lady Grace Intimate Apparels. 

Last January 25, 2013, together with business partners and friends from the media, Lady Grace launched the official partnership with Dianna Meneses as the new brand ambassador and the launching of their new line of undergarments through a series of fashion show that showcases the evolution of the Lady Grace’s underwear designs from the fifties up to present by some of the most sought after underwear models in the land. And of course, the grand finale is a sensual parade of the ambassador herself showing off the latest selection of Lady Grace Intimate Apparels.

Shortly after, Ms. Dianna Meneses rendered a sensual sing and dance number that captured the media’s and men's undivided attention as their eyes feast on the almost perfect body of Ms. Dinana. After the dinner were served, it was media turn to throw some steamy questions including the rumored news being her engaged to be wed to a congress man. Apparently, the rumor was erased by factual revelation of the said relationship by showing off to everyone a very nice engagement ring.

Mrs. Exconde on the other hand revealed to the media some of the future plans of Lady Grace on how it can further improve the quality of the product and how it will stay at par or even surpass other international brands in a more affordable price range. Presently, Lady Grace Intimate apparels can be found in most of SM department stores CSI Stores and Gaisano Malls in Cagayan, Davao and Tacloban. 

To appreciate the complete lines of Lady Grace intimate Apparels, visit:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Subic International Marathon 2013: A full marathon course that separates men from the boys

Many would say that a full marathon is a full marathon however and where ever you want to run it. Well, for me, with several full marathons on my back, what makes a full marathon different from others is the quality of the course. Not all marathon courses are created equal.

A runner who prepares for a full marathon prepares himself, both body and mind in all kinds of obstacle that may come in the way, may it be man-made or natural. A runner is set to the challenge and is prepared to face even the unexpected.

When I first ran in Subic International Marathon last year, my preparation period is 6 months. All of my running gigs, May it be on fun-run races or LSD, is geared towards SIM full marathon. As I trained my body for a long distance race, I made some beta-gathering about the course. I know that a big fraction of it is rolling hills inside the Subic Jungle; visibility would be poor on some areas in the half of the course and there is a 600 meter rough road on 10k mark. Even with all this information already stored in my head, in the actual run, it was a whole different picture.

Last week, I had the opportunity again to run a full marathon in the Subic International Marathon 2013 for the second time. Some minor changes were made from last year’s SIM where the start / finish line were at Remy Filed. This time it was at the new Harbor Point Ayala Mall, a few hundred meters from Remy. As usual, my arrival was a bit too early so I decided to get a massage in the nearest spa available where I can get a few hours of shot-eye afterwards.

When I got the assembly area, I was welcomed by one of Extribe’s staff, Ms, Reena Lebanan, just in time to hand me my race kit. After a while, as many runners proceeded at the starting line, I was able to meet some runner friends from manila all set to take on the 42k distance that stretches from Harbor Point to Ocean Park and back. Last year, even with all the trainings and preparation I set in the run, what I felt was more scared than excited. The 422 marathoners who ran by my side that time were the only elements that somehow boosted my confidence. But this year, I started the run with much less anxiety. The gun started was a bit late, 4:30am compared to last year which was 3:00am so I’m expecting a hot and sweaty finish this time.

The runners started at Manila Street then Dewey Street, passing by Remy field after that it was all the same from then on. In the first 10k I ran along with some of the runners I was acquainted with form last year’s SIM, it’s kind of a reunion for us seeing each other on the same run. A few minutes later, I caught up with a fellow barefoot runner Emman Revero running his first SIM.

When we got near to the Airport, I knew that the 600 meter rough road was not far, so when we got there, I noticed that the road condition didn’t improved at all. It was still rough and I think it got even worst. So before proceeding, I went to the side and put on my trusty “forefooter”from Mojo Sandals transition footwear just pass that 600 meter “barefoot destroyer” road. Shortly after, I proceeded barefoot again. The road was a steep ascend so for a runner who didn’t trained for it, will be challenged by a hard climb up-hill. After a few more climbs, finally, there came the u-turn slot going back.

Now normally, a downhill would be a relief for many runners, but 15 kilometers of it would be too much and a toe-nail killer for many because of the constant pressure the toes receive against the front walls of the shoes. It’s a good thing I’m not wearing any that day so I just sprinted away down the hill.

When we arrived at the Subic Auction area at 7:00am the sun slowly started drain the life out of the runners. Hydration stations became bathing station because runners practically drench themselves with water available just to cool down. The down side of drenching in too much water is the shoes being soaked by it, adding weight and added burden to the runner. That is why many runners take off their shoes near the end of the race. At the last 1 kilometer mark, the finish line was in sight. I took a deep breath and finish the last few meters of the run with a time of 4 hours and 58min. 


The SIM 2013 was a new full marathon record for me despite the road condition, the difficulty of the rout, rolling –hills, road visibility and heat exposure. All these elements were present last year and there were hardly any changes from this year. So when training for a long distance run, all these should be taken into consideration and factored into the training, because the road is an immovable object and the race course will not get easier and it will only get tougher. A marathon runner can only level up depending on his/her performance on the integrity and difficulty of the course he was exposed to, because not all marathons are set in a flat highway.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lamoiyan Corporation: Celebrating 25 years of God’s faithfulness…

From a defunct and almost gone-out-of business toll-manufacturer of aluminum container tubes for a multinational toothpaste brand to a leading all Filipino toothpaste maker Happee Toothpaste, Lamoiyan Corporation is now reaping the good harvest that started in one man’s vision and hope.

Lamoiyan Corporation, noted for its excellence in human resource development and have received numerous citations and awards, is not showing any signs of slowing down in giving its growing market the best quality personal hygiene products in the most affordable rate. After 25 years, Mr. Cecilio K. Pedro, CEO and President of Lamoiyan Corporation, beholds and shares the precious lessons of life and business and how God made Lamoiyan to be one of the top Filipino Company that only hold 2.5% margin of profit. 

Last January 24, 2013, Lamoiyan Corporation formally launched the company’s thrust in line with their 25th Year Anniversary Celebration. Together friends, business partners and members of the media, Lamoiyan Corporation presented a showcase of what that company have achieved over the past 25 years and how it will continue to grow through its sound business practices with new line of products that will serve Filipino consumers here and abroad.

Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro, CEO and President of Lamoiyan Corporation

As part of their program for this year, Lamoiyan Corporation will continue its support and partnership with the Philippine Dental Association by sponsoring country-wide medical and dental missions in far flung communities where most people don’t have access to proper medical and dental attention when they needed one. The company also sponsors several study grants for training and medical symposia that will benefit our young talented yet deserving dental practitioners and students.

With the Philippine Dental Association 

 Lamoiyan Corporation also presented on their other advocacies that goes beyond dental care. The adapt a barangay program is a priority initiative of the company to provide community development projects that are participated by their trade partners in a specific area. It focuses on health, education and livelihood for people who desire to rise up from poverty and be sustainable in their own context. 

With Lamoiyan business parnters

Looking back, many people thought that charging head on against the other toothpaste giants was not a wise decision, but Mr. Pedro have held on to God’s promise and the 25 fruitful years of Lamoiyan have proven those people otherwise. “It has been a good 25 years, and we are looking forward to more years together with our trade partners in order to make a difference – all for the glory of God,” Dr. Pedro continues.

Friday, February 1, 2013

HEALTHY OPTIONS : Good food grown the good way…

In order to feed the planet's growing population of about seven billion today, technology has prompted man to mass produce everything we can consume. With the aid of science, we can now fast track the growth of almost all living things as compared to their natural course that would take a much longer time to reach their prime. For instance, chickens that normally take 90 to 120 days (or more) to reach the right weight before they can be slaughtered and eaten, with the help of boosters and chemically charged supplements available in the market today, you can get the right weight in just a matter of 45 days. For the vegetables and fruits, technology has likewise extended their life span for several days before they start to rot. But, as we tweak the course of growth intended by nature, even with good intentions, these short cuts have somehow caused rebound effects to the quality of life we live.

Fortunately, in recent years, man has started to realize his mistakes and is now trying to revert to the natural way of reaping the bounty of nature through natural farming. In the same way, a rapid growing market of consumers who have been enlightened by the adverse effects of food chemicals to physical health, have decided to choose buying organically grown food. Before, this band of few, who have been branded as the 21st century modern day hippie, belongs to the up-scale socioclast and who chose to be non-conformist have radiated their influence to the majority. However, organically grown food tends to be more costly than the mass produced kind, that is why penetrating the wider market continues to be an uphill challenge.

HEALTHY OPTIONS is one of the very few companies that have stood their ground in bringing Filipinos healthier choices. Currently the country’s leading natural product store chain, the company is now expanding its mission by offering organically grown livestock like poultry, eggs, and pork.

Healthy Options is now partnering with local farmers who share the same advocacy of producing nothing but organic. This means, the chickens and pigs they grow are not exposed to chemically-charged supplements and antibiotics that alter their growth. Their habitat are designed with sawdust  and rice hull flooring and they are free to roam around in a much wider corral, unlike other typical farms with concrete walls and florrings that constrict the movements of the animals.

One unique thing about this way of farming is that the foul smells of the animal by-products are almost absent. They are fed with organic vegetable trimmings, wild bugs and insects which are naturally rich in protein and wholesome grains. Practically, these animals are naturally clean and are considered to be living in a five star condition. Healthy Options guarantees that these animals are free from steroids and growth hormones and are raised in their natural growth pace. When they reach their prime, they are slaughtered humanely.

Healthy Options have chosen farms located at the scenic foot hills of mount Banahaw, particularly in Majayjay, Laguna. Untouched by pollution and industrial progress, this place offers one of the best environments for organic farming. The plants and animals are grounded in organic compost and nurtured by natural spring water from Majayjay falls itself thus, the harvests are guaranteed to contain optimum nutrients.

Healthy Options' Managing Director - Mr. Romy Sia

If we look back, before all the synthetic growth supplements were available, this was how farming was done. It was practiced naturally.  No wonder most of the people in the olden days have longer and healthier lives; because the food they eat were organic. Now, if some would say that organic food are more costly, they may be right but the few pesos added to these products would mean a much lesser chance of getting sick and paying all those medications and hospital bills by living a much healthier and longer life. Well, I guess it's worth the cost and it's definitely the better and healthier option. 


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