Saturday, November 8, 2014

Magic Flakes takes the Spotlight with new look, new commercials, and more Magic moments

Jack’n Jill’s Magic Flakes have gone beyond just making great tasting soda crackers to literally bringing “Magic Moments” to ordinary people who needs a little magic in their lives once in a while. 

Last October 29, 2014, Magic Flakes launch several new stuff that will make you love Magic all the more. For starters, Magic is introducing a new sub-brand logos and distinctive packaging. The new colors that were added to the wrappers make the soda crackers more attractive to all ages. The vibrant glossy packages add to the lively personality of the brand. 

In the coming days, you will see new commercials that feature Mr. John Lloyd Cruz in surprising scene. The ads were given a mix of “realty” show type where real Magic consumers will surprised by the appearance of the matinee celebrity idol which are un edited and unscripted. The reactions of the consumers are captured on camera making the ad expresses un- adulterated sincere emotions. 

The Magic Moment project covers Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, invading schools, homes and supermarkets, anywhere where there is someone who will be captured with Magic Flakes along with them. These lucky Magic customers will be given with gifts that will be delivered by no less than JLC himself. Among these costumers, were target special individuals who will be given special Magic bundles and exciting prizes. 

A part from the all the “new” packaging and commercials, Magic moments would not be complete without the new flavors. So make sure to grab a bit of new flavors of Cheese, Chocolate, and Onion Chives. Delight in the reach creamy fillings of Magic Creams Chocolate Cream, Butter Flavored Cream, Peanut Butter Cream, Peanut Butter Cream with Choco Crackers.

At the launch held at the Crown Plaza in Robinson’s Galleria, members of the media and guests were treated to get a first hand taste of these awesome flavors of Magic and even challenge some to re-enact one of Magic’s latest commercial. The host, Ms. Geli Victor invited a few volunteers from the audience and each one took a role to be played including the role of JLC. As the group was about to finish their version of the commercial, to everyone’s surprise, JLC came out and to the role of himself in the scene. That is one Magic moment that everyone didn’t expect. In the raffle, I had a taste of a Magic moment when my name was called and won a very nice prize from Holiday Inn Manila. 

Big flavors come in small sizes with Magic Junior Butter and Berry, Chocolate Cream, and Premium Crackers. The Magic never ends with Magic Choco Coated Crackers Sandwich, and Magic Chip Cheese and Barbeque. 

Check out all the latest goodies of Magic Flakes in the nearest convenient stores and supermarket nationwide. You can the latest adventure of the Magic Man himself, JLC in Magic Cracker You Tube Channel and the Magic FaceBook page at 

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