Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Immuvit-Metafit 30 day challenge: All pumped up for another set of Challenges

Last week was the end of my Immuvit-Metafit 30 Day Challenge but certainly not the end of my fitness pursuit to have a holistic sound physical state. After one month, I would safely say that I have achieved my fitness goals to the extent it has brought me a relatively stronger core when I do long distance runs.

I’m now at 140lbs, and my girt measurement on the mid-section is 31 inches, at least one inch shy of my girt target which is 30 inches. My abs is really one stubborn body part that is hard to fix but I know I’m getting there. Here is the picture of my before and after Immuvit-Metafit System.

 Before Immuvit-Metafit System

After Immuvit-Metafit 30 day Challenge

As to my experience, the best combination of metafit is the week one and week three exercises. Week one focuses on the legs and arms while the week three focuses on the abdominal areas. If one needs to concentrate on the abs area, the week three is the best.

For those who are into running, you might want to include the Immuvit-Metafit System in your training. Below is a sample my training schedule where I incorporate the Immuvit-Metafit System.


Monday     (AM) Jumping Jacks         10reps
                           Squats                    10reps
                           Push-ups                10reps
                           Lunges                   10reps per leg
                  (PM) 10k run

Tuesday     (AM) Mountain Climbers 10reps per leg
                           Half-burpees          10reps
                           Ski jumps               10reps per leg

                  (PM – After dinner or before sleeping)

                          Alternating Leg kick   10reps per leg
                          Jump squats               10reps Alternating lunges 10reps per leg

Wednesday (AM) Jumping jacks          10reps
                             Squats                     10reps
                             Push ups                  10reps Lunges 10reps

                   (PM) 10k run

Thursday     (AM) Mountain climbers    10reps per leg
                             Half-burpees            10reps
                             Ski jumps                 10reps per leg

                   (PM – After dinner or before sleeping)
                            Alternating Leg kick   10reps per leg
                            Jump squats               10reps
                            Alternating lunges       10reps per leg

Friday        (AM) Jumping jacks            10reps
                            Squats                      10reps
                            Push ups                   10reps
                            Lunges                      10reps

                  (PM) 10k run   
                           Mountain climbers      10reps per leg
                           Half-burpees              10reps
                           Ski jumps                  10reps per leg

Note: Skip the Friday PM Metafit routine if you have a scheduled race on Sunday

Saturday                           - REST-

Sunday                              - REST-

Last Saturday I finished my 21k trail running at the Merrell Adventure Race 2012. The fatigue I experienced was intense that it felt like I ran 42 kilometers. It was a grueling four hours run in the jungles of Timberland Heights, San Mateo Rizal. I was surprised that I was able withstand such physical punishment with several slides and crashes along the trails for four hours with very minimal food intake early that morning. Good thing I was able to take some Immuvit food supplement before the race because there was no more time to eat anything. After the run, a very noticeable difference compared to my previous half-marathons was the shorter recovery time. Before, an intense run like this would take me two to three days to recover. But after the one month Immuvit-Metafit system, I was already up-and-about after a few hours of rest. 

 Finishing my 21k trail run at the Merrell Adventure Run 2012

This June, I’m scheduled to run another two half-marathons in preparation to another full marathon in August. I plan to continue my fitness routine until August and after that I will cool down for just a bit and will undergo another set of intense workout to target new sets of fitness goals…triathlon perhaps? 

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