Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beyond Yoga: Yoga and acrobatics combined

In a fast pace urban life, a lot of people resort to various stress relieving regimen that provides them a close to total wellness state, rejuvenating them for the everyday battle in the Urban jungle. Yoga, a very popular wellness routine has proven to be effective. However, in order to get in a trace state, a yogis must have a quite environment for an effective meditation, an environment which is relatively hard to find in a place as noisy and busy as Manila. 

Beyond Yoga, is a different kind of urban sanctuary where they offer a different kind of Yoga. The Anti-gravity Yoga is an aerial art form developed by Christopher Harrison, founder of the acrobatic performances company carrying the same name. Similar to the traditional yoga where one executes yoga posses, but this is done in suspended animation.

Another unique feature is the dynamic motion where one can literally swing the body hanging on a very durable silk cloth which can actually carry up to one thousand pounds. This silk cloth acts like a trapeze which lets hang from the floor not more than three feet high. From the silk cloth, one can execute various yoga positions which allow the body to stretch and apply contour poses beneficial to joints and muscle groups. One benefit is the spinal decompression that allows the vertebrates of the spine to loosen a bit for added flexibility.

Beyond Yoga houses 12 yoga experts who were trained by Mr. Christopher Harrison himself. The studio has sufficient space where they can accommodate 20 participants simultaneously. Other than yoga, the studio also offers dance classes once can incorporate with yoga and other fitness routine. 

Beyond Yoga is the country’s premier studio which offers yoga and dance classes. It is located at the Floor, Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato corner Scout Madrinian Streets, Quezon City. Learn more about Beyond Yoga and Anti Gravity Yoga by visiting or +639175BEYOND

Note: All photos courtesy of Beyond Yoga Studio 

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