Monday, June 11, 2012

HP launches its two latest computers : The Envy14 Spectre and HPE H9 Phoenix

Hewlett Packard HP, the world’s largest technology company and world’s leader in innovation technology have set another milestone in home and business digital industry. HP have widened its range of mobile notebooks and desktop computers with the latest HP Envy14 Spectre HPE H9 Phoenix that level up to continues demand of its today’s clientele in both business and home gaming entertainment.

Yesterday, I was invited to witness the media launch of these two top of the line products of HP along with its sub model brands which equally posses cutting-edge HP technology. The launch was held at Function Hall at Alpha land Mall. The event was graced by people from the media, business partners and distributors.


The launch of these two new HP models were dramatized by amazing dance performances that depicts HP Spectre and HP phoenix’s top-of-the line technology, un paralleled power and speed that will surely served the most demanding users of today. As a brief description, the new HP Envy 14 Spectre emanate elegance and class that exceeds its other popular Laptop brands. It features a durable Gorilla glass screen and on the palm rest and even on the outer cover. The 14-inch display maximizes the screen with almost no borders. It also shows a high definition display that brings the user a better viewing angle and vibrant colors. It also comes with a Beats Audio by Dr. Dre and it has a manual volume control on the side of the unit for easy and quick controls. 

The HP Envy 14 Spectre also highlights a back-lit keyboard which not many laptops have that kind of feature, very helpful for those who prefer to work in a room with lights turned off. The keyboard design is also ergonomic with very responsive key-stroke feel. The track pad is also very sensitive and very responsive. And of course, on feature that is never absent in an HP laptop is the clear and sharp web cam. 


HP HPE h9 Phoenix is designed for the highly increasing market of today - the online gamers. This new powerful desktop is designed to the most demanding game users. It can run any of the latest games in the market that will not compromise the speed and responsiveness. The outer shell is a high durable metal casing with a slick cool design. It runs in a third-generation Intel Core i5 3570k “unlocked” processor that is battle tested for users who are overclocking. Even under this condition, the machine can barely show of increase in temperature. This is because of another cool feature HP which is the water-cool system. Just like an auto mobile, the mechanism inside is protected by a radiator-like water chamber where a special liquid coolant circulates in the metal structures of the internal mechanism, that gives optimum cooling system. Other features is the 16GB DDR3-1600 memory. It also features the highly acclaimed ATI Radeon HD 770 graphic card, that gives you a optimum graphic display even for the most intricate games available in the market today.


Available in : all HP business partners nationwide

HP Envy14 Spectre: Php 116,990

HPE h9 Phoenix: Php74,990

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