Monday, June 18, 2012

Jolibee’s Treat to the “Champ” of the Family

At three o’clock early this morning, I headed to BGC to run in the second leg of Run United where I joined the 21 kilometer category – barefoot. I was excited because it will be my 4th 21k run but was also a bit sad to leave home that early since it’s Father’s Day and I’ll be missing my kids’ greetings when they wake up later.

Rain poured on BGC but the crowd’s excitement was still intense. I was a bit anxious because I know that running on barefoot will be much harder on wet pavement. The gun start fired at exactly 4:30am and I was at the back of the third wave of three batches. There were more than 5,000 21k runners who filled the stretch of Gil Puyat Avenue and the scene was simply awesome!

Surprisingly, despite the wet road, I was able to finish my run in less than 2 hours, but it was certainly very exhausting and made me very hungry. So I got my gym bag and went home hoping to get a decent lunch after a very tiring run.

At home, there was no greater treat than a big fresh Joliibee Champ waiting for me to devour. The Father’s Day greetings came a little late in the afternoon but it’s ok. One of my sons asked me if I won the race and I said no, but coming home to eat a CHAMP I’ve wanted to have already make me feel like a winner. 

In every run, winning or ranking is usually the least of my concerns. My kids and I also don’t mind because, to me, they are my champs and I am theirs. I hope all the dads out there also had a great Father’s Day celebration like I did.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Champs of the family!

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