Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ariel : Using cutting edge technology beyond laundry

Not many people know, especially house wives the chemistry behind an effective laundry detergent they use? More often than not, many Filipinos would resort to a much cheaper brand of detergent that would seemingly give a cleaning effect on the visible layer of the fabric but missed out the dirt, stains and bacteria hidden within the fibers of the clothes. Many people don’t realize that these stains and dirt often missed by some more popular cheaper laundry agents will eventually give the clothes a lasting decoloration and an early wear and tear.

Proctor and Gamble P&G’s top laundry detergent ARIEL has brought to the consumer a cutting edge technology breakthrough in the science of laundry. A three dimensional cross section of clothes shows how the dirt and stains penetrate the layers of fabric. The 3D deep penetrating cleaning action of ARIEL has a stainlift-effect that does not only remove the dirt and stains, but also repairs the loose fibers, protecting the clothes to be worn out easily.

Ariel, available in several variants...

Moreover, the “stainlift” action of ARIEL strategically loosens these dirt and stains from the clothes as it spin in the washing machine and eventually dissolve in the water. For hand washing, brute strength will no longer be an issue because you don’t have to give so much effort rubbing and beating the clothes for a cleaner wash.

 Ariel's granulated consistency...

This multi-million dollar investment in the research and development of ARIEL involves forensic-like thorough investigation of the molecular make-up of dirt and how it relates to the fiber of the clothes. P&G research team has even brought in sufisticated science equipment such as Electron Microscope and Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI to study the chemical reaction of dirt, laundry agents and the clothes. Through this careful study, they have fully understood the behavior of each element and how they have come up with the “stainlift” action only ARIEL can provide.

Mr. Clint Navales of P&G, explaining the cleaning action of Ariel...

 For all the housewives and house-keepers who have kept an honorable life of servitude to their families by providing them cleaner clothes, the science behind ARIEL may not be as interesting. But it is important to know that the stains and dirt on the surface of the clothes are just the “tip of the iceberg” where much wider and much deeper dirt can be found in layers of fabric invisible from the naked eye.

With ARIEL’s stainlift 3D deep clean action, clothes are no longer cleaned superficially but three dimensionally.
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