Monday, February 17, 2014

Walking Dead Season 4 on FOX Channel

Hooaw! Just finished watching Walking Dead Season 4’s second episode. It was a brain splattering episode!

Near end, I was glad to see Glenn alive. In the first place, I knew he’s alive because the producers couldn't simply cut the participation of a single Asian character in the show, it would be culturally un-friendly, right? 

After that prison out-break from the season 3, and all of them were scattered and got separated again, the season four would certainly be an exciting season because each group has its own adventure of surviving the walkers in the outdoors and at the same time the adventure of searching for each other. 

Last week, I just had the opportunity to be invited in the first screening of the first episode at the FOX Channel office at the Active Fun building in BGC, along with some members of the media. 

All of us had the coolest time to watch it on a 70-inch flat screen LED TV with hi fidelity audio speakers that captured all the details of the sound effects including the sound of blood splattering while Michonne gruesomely slices the heads of a bunch of walkers with her Katana (Samurai Sword).

There are a lot of exciting things to look forward in Season Four. In the previous season, we were able to see the strength of the group in surviving all sorts of troubles with both living and the un-dead. Their escape from the prison in the last season forced them to scattered in small groups, thereby compromising their strength as a group without some one leading them. 

In the succeeding episode, each small groups will face challenges in surviving the wild with out the security of the prison walls. Each one will its own adventure on its own. Now, that Herschel is no longer in the picture, let see who are the surviving character at the end of this season. 

The time schedule was at 11:35am, synch to the showing time in the US. The regular screening in the Philippines is at 8:55PM every Monday night.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

F21 Sugar Blocker: An Effective Partner in Blood-Sugar Management

Last September, I had a comprehensive blood chemistry test. The package cost me a little more than I expected, but it’s okay. With the price, the medical clinic managed to throw in an ECG service along with it. The blood chem schedule was kind of overdue since I was admitted for elevated blood sugar almost three years ago. 

After that revelation, I completely made an overall lifestyle change and started running and joining marathons aside from the other outdoor stuff I’ve been doing ever since. Surprisingly, it did not only improve my health bios, it also reduced my weight tremendously in a short span of time. Of course, this would not be possible without serious consideration of my daily food intake, so I made sure to control the calories that enter my body. 

However, there were some unguarded moments when I tend to get carried away with eating a little bit too much. In order to counter the effects, I will just hit the road for a 16 kilometer run. That’s my own little way of punishing myself for eating too much.

Just recently, I discovered a food supplement that blocks the sugar even before it is absorbed by my body and to my bloodstream. It’s called F21 Sugar-Blocker by LUDAX. A friend of mine gave me the opportunity to give this relatively new product a test run. I was given the instruction to take two tablets a day, 20 minutes before eating. Since it’s a food supplement, dosage can vary depending on the amount of food one eats. One tablet can actually block at least 10 grams of sugar of whatever food I eat. So, if I take two tablets, 20 grams of sugar will just go straight to my colon and out of my body as waste.

But as a runner, I normally take caution when blocking too much sugar since it’s also where I get the energy needed for the activity, most especially when running long distances. Presently, the only medication that I take for diabetes is a daily 1mg dose of Glemiperide, the clinical action of which is hypoglycemia, which means it lowers my blood sugar systemically. Oral meds are very effective for most people but the downside of this is the effect on the kidney. So, I think the F21 really complements whatever diabetic meds one is taking already because it supplements the effect of low intake of sugar minus the risk of damaging the kidney. 

I started taking F21 on the first week of November 2013. On the first two days, there weren’t any significant changes in my blood sugar level. However, in the next few weeks, I noticed a significant drop.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my endocrinologist prescribed me anti-diabetes maintenance drug, Glemiperide 1mg. The branded ones cost around 13 pesos to 15 pesos each, but the generic ones are just eight pesos to nine pesos. Some doctors say the dosage is so small, the effect is almost placebo. Nonetheless, I still take them because psychologically, I think it works for me. Unfortunately, the 1mg tabs are really hard to find, because not many are prescribed with that dose. The most common are 2mg and 4mg. 

This January 2014, for whatever reason, the medicine I’m taking became out-of-stock for weeks. So I resorted to the F21 Sugar blocker to compensate of the Glemiperide’s absence. I made it a point to take two tabs everyday and, sometimes, take another two in the evening before eating dinner. For almost a month now, F21 Sugar blocker is the only supplementary drug I’m taking while I wait for my meds to become available in the pharmacies again.

Yesterday, I decided to make a random check of my sugar level. It’s a good thing that many drug stores in our area offer free check of blood pressure and blood sugar level. You only have to pay for the test strips that cost 25 pesos each. I asked for a blood pressure check up and blood sugar level check. To my surprise, despite almost a month of not taking Glemiperide 1mg, my blood sugar level is only 115. Now that’s amazing! 

Okay, I think I need to put some disclaimer here. This blog post does not, in any way, insinuates that F21 Sugar blocker should be a substitute to any diabetes maintenance drug. I just want to make that clear. I would like to believe that the significant drop of my sugar level was a combination of a well balanced diet, F21 Sugar Blocker, and running.  

The fact remains that in one month, my sugar level was reduced significantly. I’m not sure if this would apply to all diabetic people who may not be as active as I am though. Another significant change I noticed is the weight I lost over the past four weeks. I started at 145 lbs and now weigh 139 lbs. I believe that F21 Sugar Blocker is also a good weight loss supplement because those extra sugars that were being blocked were no longer stored as fat inside the body. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Oishi O’Wow!! Experience…

Last Saturday, I, my son Gene and my wife Ruth had the opportunity to be invited in an extraordinary event organized by the iconic brand Oishi. The event was held at the penthouse area of the sky lounge of W-Building at BGC.

This especial event was celebrity studded coming from all spectrum of the entertainment industry. Of course, if you bring in celebrities, members of the media will also come along side with it. The sky lounge was filled with good looking people all over and as it is, the whole environment was simply an O’Wow experience.

The event was sort of a culmination of the O’Wow activities three celebrities made in public. The comic-debonair Ramon Bautista had a small stint, his personal version of Oblation Run inside the campus of Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Red leotards. In broad day light in front of all the thousands of students in PUP, he and his Oishi Cohorts ran along the hall ways and out-field of the school in their bright red leotards, that made all the people in a hilarious O’Wow experience.

The heart-throb jaw gawking Slater Young, on the other hand visited Philippines Women’s University to disguise as a Photographer for a group of students getting a group shot. As soon as they pose, Young expose himself to them thereby capturing in film their O’Wow reaction.

Another Teen heart-throb sensation Daniel Padilla also visited a densely populated high school along with twenty other people wearing the same outfit. The pack, along  with Padilla rendered a hip-hop dance number. The high school audience in the crowd were task to “tag” a sticker badge to the person they would guess to be as Daniel Padilla. Somehow, the organizers of the event were able to gather dancers who share similar looks and built as Daniel Padilla, that is why the students had a difficult time choosing whom to tag. As soon as the dance number was over, Daniel Padilla finally revealed himself to the crownd thereby capturing the O’Wow experience of all the High school students in side the Gym.

Finally, kapuso Chanel matinee idol Elmo Magalona also had his share of an O’Wow experience in the public. Acoompanied by two other stars, Ramon Bautista and Slater Young, The three guys, rode a Jeepney on its way to its usual route. As soon as students boarded in the three started to sing the song “Kaleidoscope World” and slowly revealing themselves to all the passenger inside getting their O’Wow experience.

In the event, media had also a small stint of fun with the celebrities as we all joined in an Amazing Race type of game. Four Groups were formed and led by some sports celebrities such as the YoungHusband brothers. The group  were given task in each stations, and the group with the fastest time to complete it, wins.

At the end of the game, it turned out our group won first place. Each of us won tons of Oishi snack and drinks.

Thursday, February 6, 2014



The only running shoe with innovative blade technology designed to help propel you forward

Manila, February 2014 – Today adidas launches Springblade in the Philippines, the first running shoe with individually tuned blades engineered to help propel runners forward with one of the most effective energy returns in the industry. 

Unlike standard EVA midsoles that deliver energy return in a vertical direction, Springblade features 16 forward angled blades made out of a high-tech polymer.  The highly elastic blades instantaneously react to any environment, compressing and releasing energy to create an efficient push-off that feels like you have springs under your feet.

Springblade’s progressive look and blade technology are radically different than any running shoe ever created,” said James Carnes, global creative director of performance at adidas.  “At the same time, adidas’ goal is to create a beautiful performance shoe designed to be simple and intuitive.”

Carnes continued, “Every aspect of Springblade is engineered to reflect extensive athlete insights to help make them better.  For design inspiration, we drew upon everyday objects that deliver explosive energy return – everything from springboards to pole vaults and motorcycle suspensions.”

Each blade is precisely tuned in geometry, thickness and position for each phase of a runner’s stride to provide support and a full range of movement. Additionally, Springblade’s flexible construction was designed to hug the top of a runner’s foot, locking it in to harness the energy returned from the springs on the outsole. 

“adidas is continuing to develop new innovations based on what athletes not only need but demand,” said Mikal Peveto, director of running at adidas America.  “We know we have something special with BOOST cushioning introduced earlier this year and we’re confident Springblade will set us apart from the competition once again.”

Peveto continued, “Six years in the making, Springblade provides one of the highest energy returns in the industry.”

aIT (adidas Innovation Team) tested hundreds of materials to ensure each spring produced maximum energy efficiency with every step and conducted rigorous ballistics tests to maintain long-lasting durability.  For top performance in all environments, Springblade is seven times more temperature resistant than shoes with adidas’ standard EVA cushioning.

Springblade is available for Php 8995 on February at adidas Bonifacio High Street, Mall of Asia and Planet Sports Power Plant (Rockwell).

adidas running innovates high performance footwear and apparel with easy to understand benefits to help athletes of every level get faster and better for their sport.  For more information visit

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

All is Lost

All Is Lost…including the casts.

What’s happening with the movies these days? Last December, I watched the movie Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney…only. The role of Clooney was even shortened because he died in the middle of the story. In short, the movie is about a lone-survivor (Bullock) and her near to death adventure in the outer space. 

But hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the movie sucks. As a matter of fact it was really good and I bet the producers made a lot of money out of it in the end. Much so, because they cut the production cost to the bare minimum, including talent fees. Okay, so much for the Gravity. 

The movie All Is Lost starring Robert Redford, for me have broken the record to be the most minimalist film ever. Few years back, the movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks was something like an Out of the box concept already, having Hanks as the leading role and a Volley Ball Wilson as the supporting actor. In this Redford movie, the producers even cut the cast to just one. 

The script were also reduced to the barest minimum. Actually, I memorized them already. These are: “May-day, may-day this is marine vessel Virginia Jean, HELP and FUCK” that’s it. The rest are all heart pumping action scenes. I think an all action with less talk production was a challenge for Redford because he is best known to deliver iconic lines in many movies. How he delivers those words or scripts makes him what he is to be an awesome actor.  

In recognition to his acting prowess, I guess he played the part fantastically, most especially how he endured the storm that destroyed his boat, makes you think how he would feel experiencing the recent super typhoon that hit the Philippines. The direction of Academy Award nominee JC Chandor was also good. Well, I can’t say it superb because he only directed one actor in the whole film, so where’s the challenge in that? I don’t know so much about directing but I would assume that directing multiple talents in a film is much difficult than directing just one actor…Just saying. 

Generally the film is worth watching, especially to those who are Redford followers out there.

Since the film is action packed that will leave you at the edge of your seats, it is best watch at the Director’s Club at the newly built east wing of SM Mega Mall. For those who haven’t visited SM Mega Mall lately, that area is something you may want to explore. 

On the fifth level, SM reconstructed the Ice skating Rink dozens of new high-end shops and of course the Directors Club and the New IMAX cinema. The Directors Club in particular is a very posh and exclusive movie venue for those discriminating film enthusiasts and critics. It has a capacity of 30 seats. Actually, more like comfortable sofas / lazy boys with automatic recliner, foot rest and side table to accommodate your food and other personal belongings. The space in between seats were like two meters apart, so you don’t get bothered by the next person in front of you if he fully reclines the seats. Another added feature is the silent buzzer if you want to get the attention of a staff. You can also order additional food and drinks through them by just pressing a button on the table, so you don’t have to leave your seat and miss some part of the movie. Awesome, right?! 

The Directors Club and the new IMAX cinema at SM Mega Mall will have an inauguration tomorrow February 6, 2014. It will be graced by the Sy Family, friends, celebs and members of the media. The movie All Is Lost is now showing exclusively in all SM Cinemas. The film is distributed by Solar UIP

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ultra-marathoner Cesar Guarin completes Middle East Global Run with Cebu Pacific


Ultra-marathoner Cesar Guarin has his sights on setting a record as the first Filipino, and first Asian, to complete a global run. More than his passion for the sport, his goal to circumnavigate the globe is his way of bringing pride and showing his unyielding support for his countrymen, especially those working hard abroad. Guarin’s latest feat was conquering the Middle East, passing through Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The seventh of his 18-stage global run, the Middle East stage of his quest allowed him to establish a deeper connection with overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) there.

The first run early last year covered majority of the Middle East, a total of 932 kilometers in 32 days. Guarin completed the second run in December 2013, covering another 611 kilometers in the UAE in 21 days. “I’ve always wanted to do a Middle East Run,” he said. “We have several millions of kababayans out there working to provide a better future for their families and in turn they are able to help support our country’s economy. For me, they are our modern-day heroes, my inspiration for undertaking a tribute run for the global Filipino.”

Known as the Father of Ultra-marathon in the Philippines, Cesar Guarin is setting out to complete a global run to show his support for his countrymen, especially those working hard abroad.

During the run, Guarin took time off to share his message of thanks to OFWs during weekends. He also encouraged them and locals to get into sports. They team up with Filipino sports communities and the Ministry of Sports to promote running and other sports through "fun runs" as a way to encourage health and fitness, teamwork, competitiveness and friendship among the communities.

Cesar Guarin was accompanied by Alex Reyes, Cebu Pacific General Manager for Long-haul Division, in his run from Jebel Ali to Al Barsha in the UAE.

A spiritual journey. Apart from boosting the morale of OFWs there, Guarin was able to enjoy the most stunning sights of the Middle East. “When you run for hours the whole day and you see breathtaking landscapes, you honestly don't get tired, but rather you feel refreshed, blessed and at peace with nature,” he said. Among Guarin’s best memories was being on the road with Saudi Arabia-born marathon runner Dunya Elias in Bahrain. “Dunya guided me through the day and revised my route so that we could pass the Tree of Life, a 400-year old tree in the middle of the desert and a popular site for the most daring tourists,” he shared. “Later, she hosted our team for the night in their grand villa.” Guarin added that he loved running across the desert mountains of Oman, crossing the border to the UAE. “The Jebel Hafeet Mountain is the highest point in the Emirates. It stretches for 7.3 miles and the climb was nearly 4,000 feet. The run to the top was like a spiritual journey,” he shared. 

A great mission. As he continues to reach out to OFWs abroad, Guarin counts Cebu Pacific, the country’s leading low-cost carrier, as one of his biggest champions. The airline’s general manager for long-haul division Alex Reyes, also a triathlete, even joined Guarin in his run from Jebel Ali to Al Barsha in the UAE. “I’m very grateful and proud to have Cebu Pacific’s support for our Global Run Project,” he said. “The year-round low airfare they offer is really a big help for OFWs and allow them to travel more frequently to be with their loved ones back home.”

“Para sa Pilipino, tatakbuhin ko ang buong mundo!” Cesar Guarin  conquered the Middle East, covering Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates—a total of 932 kilometers—in 32 days.

Now that the Middle East run is completed, he will set out for the 2,500-km North America Run (Stage 8 of the Global Run), where another three to four million Filipino migrants and OFWs are based. “Yes, the Filipino is worth running for,” he said. “Para sa Pilipino, tatakbuhin ko ang buong mundo (For the Filipino, I will run around the world)!”

Saturday, February 1, 2014

LBC-Ronda Pilipinas Goes International

For three years in a row, LBC-Ronda Pilipinas has been one of the most coveted road cycling race that are participated by country’s best cyclist. This road cycling event is definitely gaining popularity not just among Filipino cycling enthusiasts but also from top cyclist of different parts of the world.

On its third year, LBC-Ronda Pilipinas have leveled one notch higher by organizing it as an international cycling event. Being the its first international race, organizers have limit the international participants, so they invited only the some of the best in the world. 

The International contingent is composed of teams representing Japan, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Malaysia and South Korea plus two other teams which consist of international roaster. These international cycling groups will be matched with Philippines top cyclists, some of which holds international championship awards and veteran of past Ronda Pilipinas races. 

Yesterday, January 31, 2014, LBC  together with its partners, launched this years LBC-Ronda Pilipinas at Rembrandt Hotel, Quezon City. It was graced by friends from the media, key representatives of its sponsors and of course, the cycling athletes themselves together with their coaches and support crew. 

The event was hosted by LBC President Mr. Dino Araneta and LBC Sports Development Chairman Mr. Moe Chulani. The banquet area was all occupied by each cycling team. Among the very first to arrived in the venue are the team from Netherlands and a local team coming from the PLDT, headed by their trainer and coach, Mr. Christopher Allison.

According to the organizers, the race will by a 14 day bike race that will cover all major parts of the whole Luzon stretching from up north Vigan to the southern tip of the Bicol Region which is Sorsogon, covering 1,700 kilometers. The 14 teams will cruise 14 legs of the course with 90 to 200 kilometers each leg. The start of this 14 day race will be on February 1, 2014 at the Quezon City Memorial circle

For the cycling enthusiasts who wish to be kept up dated on the race, you can log on to their Facebook page at www.facebook/rondapilipinas. You can also get to know the teams in their current standing in course of the race. 

International Teams: Matrix Powertag Continental Team (Japan), Dutch Global Cyclng Team (Netherlands), Gusto Continental Team (Taiwan), Malaysia National Team (Malaysia), CCN Continental Cycling Team (Multinational), UijeongBu City Cycling Team (South Korea), and Infinite- Singha Cycling Team (Multinational).

Local Teams: Team Philippine Army, PLDT-Maynilad Pro-Cycling Team, Team Philippine Navy standard insurance, Team Cycleline Butuan Mindanao, 7 Eleven Continental Cycling Team, Team Road Bike Philippines, and Team Cebu – kalit Philippine Air Force. 

For this year’s LBC-Ronda Pilipinas Cyclng race was made possible by its major partners and sponsors such as the MVP Sports, PLDT, and Mitsubishi Motors Philippines. The minor sponsors are Mynilad, Versa 2 Radio, NLEX, Standard Insurance, Canondale and Air Asia. The media partners are TV5, DZSR Radio 918. 


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