Wednesday, February 5, 2014

All is Lost

All Is Lost…including the casts.

What’s happening with the movies these days? Last December, I watched the movie Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney…only. The role of Clooney was even shortened because he died in the middle of the story. In short, the movie is about a lone-survivor (Bullock) and her near to death adventure in the outer space. 

But hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the movie sucks. As a matter of fact it was really good and I bet the producers made a lot of money out of it in the end. Much so, because they cut the production cost to the bare minimum, including talent fees. Okay, so much for the Gravity. 

The movie All Is Lost starring Robert Redford, for me have broken the record to be the most minimalist film ever. Few years back, the movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks was something like an Out of the box concept already, having Hanks as the leading role and a Volley Ball Wilson as the supporting actor. In this Redford movie, the producers even cut the cast to just one. 

The script were also reduced to the barest minimum. Actually, I memorized them already. These are: “May-day, may-day this is marine vessel Virginia Jean, HELP and FUCK” that’s it. The rest are all heart pumping action scenes. I think an all action with less talk production was a challenge for Redford because he is best known to deliver iconic lines in many movies. How he delivers those words or scripts makes him what he is to be an awesome actor.  

In recognition to his acting prowess, I guess he played the part fantastically, most especially how he endured the storm that destroyed his boat, makes you think how he would feel experiencing the recent super typhoon that hit the Philippines. The direction of Academy Award nominee JC Chandor was also good. Well, I can’t say it superb because he only directed one actor in the whole film, so where’s the challenge in that? I don’t know so much about directing but I would assume that directing multiple talents in a film is much difficult than directing just one actor…Just saying. 

Generally the film is worth watching, especially to those who are Redford followers out there.

Since the film is action packed that will leave you at the edge of your seats, it is best watch at the Director’s Club at the newly built east wing of SM Mega Mall. For those who haven’t visited SM Mega Mall lately, that area is something you may want to explore. 

On the fifth level, SM reconstructed the Ice skating Rink dozens of new high-end shops and of course the Directors Club and the New IMAX cinema. The Directors Club in particular is a very posh and exclusive movie venue for those discriminating film enthusiasts and critics. It has a capacity of 30 seats. Actually, more like comfortable sofas / lazy boys with automatic recliner, foot rest and side table to accommodate your food and other personal belongings. The space in between seats were like two meters apart, so you don’t get bothered by the next person in front of you if he fully reclines the seats. Another added feature is the silent buzzer if you want to get the attention of a staff. You can also order additional food and drinks through them by just pressing a button on the table, so you don’t have to leave your seat and miss some part of the movie. Awesome, right?! 

The Directors Club and the new IMAX cinema at SM Mega Mall will have an inauguration tomorrow February 6, 2014. It will be graced by the Sy Family, friends, celebs and members of the media. The movie All Is Lost is now showing exclusively in all SM Cinemas. The film is distributed by Solar UIP

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