Monday, February 17, 2014

Walking Dead Season 4 on FOX Channel

Hooaw! Just finished watching Walking Dead Season 4’s second episode. It was a brain splattering episode!

Near end, I was glad to see Glenn alive. In the first place, I knew he’s alive because the producers couldn't simply cut the participation of a single Asian character in the show, it would be culturally un-friendly, right? 

After that prison out-break from the season 3, and all of them were scattered and got separated again, the season four would certainly be an exciting season because each group has its own adventure of surviving the walkers in the outdoors and at the same time the adventure of searching for each other. 

Last week, I just had the opportunity to be invited in the first screening of the first episode at the FOX Channel office at the Active Fun building in BGC, along with some members of the media. 

All of us had the coolest time to watch it on a 70-inch flat screen LED TV with hi fidelity audio speakers that captured all the details of the sound effects including the sound of blood splattering while Michonne gruesomely slices the heads of a bunch of walkers with her Katana (Samurai Sword).

There are a lot of exciting things to look forward in Season Four. In the previous season, we were able to see the strength of the group in surviving all sorts of troubles with both living and the un-dead. Their escape from the prison in the last season forced them to scattered in small groups, thereby compromising their strength as a group without some one leading them. 

In the succeeding episode, each small groups will face challenges in surviving the wild with out the security of the prison walls. Each one will its own adventure on its own. Now, that Herschel is no longer in the picture, let see who are the surviving character at the end of this season. 

The time schedule was at 11:35am, synch to the showing time in the US. The regular screening in the Philippines is at 8:55PM every Monday night.

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