Saturday, March 1, 2014

Harness The Kinetic Advantage for Your Business

Just over a few years ago, the phenomenal rise of popularity of the social media made a lot of brands re-think their way of reaching their target markets. While many have gone exploring on how will their brands click to the world of the “netizens”, many experts chose to held on to other mediums which they believe still works best – the OOH media or the Out-of-Home media. 

Out-of-home media are the images and visuals that you see everyday when you go out. OOH maybe in the form of billboards, LED screens and some times in metro media like buses or taxi’s. In the length of EDSA alone, the billboards that covers practically all sides of the highway are so tightly packed, such ads have become distractions rather than attracting attentions. 

So how come a lot of brands still invest in these channels of media which are more costly rather than riding along the limitless exposure of the social media which are more cost effective? 

Well, according to Kinetic Worldwide Philippines, a pioneer in brand market research, have proven that among the channels of media, the Television still holds as the number one channel medium in brand awareness and second to TV is the OOH. Yes, not the internet as many would assume. 

As many brands would spend so much in advertising and marketing, it pays to really have a hard facts information about the dynamics of the specific market segment the brand is aiming for. The Kinetic advantage will give a brand clear pictures that will focus its visibility specifically matched to the right target market. The playing field is not just about the right location and right message, it is important also to know the right timing. 

The kinetic advantage can give the brand owner these valuable data so that such ad campaign will no longer be a hit and miss marketing program.

According to Mr. Rowell Santiago, Insights Director of Kinetic Worldwide Philippines, The results were mapped out in all zones identified by Kinetic enhancing its set of proprietary tools of planning and buying. The study is customized for the unique landscape of the country as it also examines other touch points and compares them to OOH-Media effectiveness in adding to the business in the medium. Meanwhile, the OOH media can be based.

With the Kinetic advantage, business can customize their own OOH media campaigns to fit the interest of the audience profiled in the study. It also allows the business to correctly place their OOH media where they can reach the most of their customers.  

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