Saturday, March 29, 2014

Glucerna: Not just for the Diabetics…

Glucerna, a dietary food supplement or meal replacement specially designed for people with diabetes. It has formulation that extends its absorbing features to a long period of time, thus glucose are burned by the body before it can be absorbed by your internal organs. 

People with diabetes are into active lifestyle are advised to take Glucerna along with daily meals. Well, it depends on how active a person can be, but the idea is, taking it as it is, might lead to a very low blood sugar after a very strenuous work out, most especially to those who are taking insulin.

For a long time, Glucerna has been the brand of choice, an ideal dietary companion of people with diabetes. But many people doesn’t know, Glucerna, can also be effective for ordinary folks who would want to just to loose weight or simply wants to maintain the ideal physic they have already. 

People who are glued to an office chair in front of a computer for a long period of time, coupled with the heavy lunch at the nearest fast food hub are prone to gaining weight easily. My recommendation for the corporate rats like me who endure the daily grind of office work, is to replace the fast food lunch with a 53.3 grams of Glucerna in a 200ml of cold water.

A mug size would more likely the content of the meal. Make sure to steer it thoroughly until all are dissolved. Taking a mug size of Glucerna will make you feel heavy in the belly. It has a density sensation making you feel really full. Very ideal if you are in a middle of an idea and you don’t want your momentum to be interrupted by lunch break. You can continue working while taking a gulp of Glucerna every few minutes or so. 

My weekly GLUCERNA Program:

Days: Breakfast:   Lunch:   Dinner:        After Dinner:

Monday        Coffee & Bread   Glucerna   Rice meal 12km run

Tuesday        Coffee & Bread   Glucerna   Light meal Rest

Wednesday     Coffee & Bread   Glucerna   Rice Meal 12km run

Thursday        Coffee & Bread   Glucerna   Light Meal Rest

Friday        Coffee & Bread   Glucerna   Rice Meal 16km run

Saturday        Coffee / Cerials   Rice meal  Rice meal Rest

Sunday        Coffee / Oats   Rice meal  Rice meal 4 min metafit

My weight when I started was 142lbs. After the three-week Glucerna Program, my weight went down to 138lbs. With a height of 5’5” , my ideal weight should be 135lbs. 

Glucerna is available in a powdered form on a sachet variant, good for one cup. Although in the super markets the ready to drink can are also available but a little pricy. I’ve tried both and the taste are the same. Glucerna is available in two flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Glucerna, an adult nutritional drink effective for people with diabetes and also to people without the illness but simply wants to live in a well balanced diet and keeping a healthy lifestyle. 

Note: This Three-Week Glucerna Program is a sponsored post courtesy of  Abbot laboratories

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