Sunday, April 6, 2014

MANHUNT: Discovery Channel’s newest reality TV adventure series

When television became popular during the early 50’s, many thought that radio broadcasting will disappear in the public preference. But some how, radio was able to find its niche amongst distinct audiences. Same goes to the TV industry. After the arrival of the internet technology and the phenomenal growth of people in the social media platforms, many thought that it will overshadow TV. But that was not the case. TV still holds the most number of viewership compared to internet. 

Somehow, TV was able to consistently re-invent itself so that it will conform to the ever changing preferences of its loyal viewership. From the news, sports to entertainment, TV remains to be the most informative and got most ‘life-like” experience. Speaking of “life-like”, another innovation in TV programming is capturing the public’s attention, and that is Reality TV. And every network channels in the world today has one or two reality programs tucked in their weekly line ups. Since everyone are in the reality TV band wagon, the competition now is how real Reality TV can get. 

Discovery Channel, one of the few networks that offers shows which I consider relevant, has created another reality TV show that defies the physical limitations of man under severe rugged conditions. I’m talking about Discovery Channel’s new reality-adventure TV series MANHUNT, starring Joel Lambert. 

The concept is a real life test of the world’s toughest, meanest, hardcore military tracking units if they can hunt down and capture Joel Lambert. Lambert on the other hand is no average-Joe. He is an ex-NAVY SEAL, with expertise in special weapons, covert intel-operation, Expert in survival, evasion, resistance and escape tactics, and who has been in 20 combat missions all over the world. So this reality TV series is high-level “hide and seek” show that will feature some of the best intel and tracking units from across the globe. 

This will also highlights various difficulties of topographic terrain and extreme climate conditions from freezing cold weather in Europe to the heat in Africa and the thick jungle and humidity of South East Asia. 

Last week I had the opportunity to watch an episode where our very own tough thugs, the Scout Ranger of the Philippine Army was put to the test on how well they can track and hunt down Lambert in the thick jungle of Santa Rita, Zambales.

Discovery Channel MANHUNT with JOEL LAMBERT will kick-off tomorrow April 7, 2014.

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