Saturday, April 26, 2014

Who are the Pharmaton Life Chargers?

Working in an NGO requires a lot of time visiting the communities in remote areas in the country. These communities are sometimes situated in areas where transportation can be difficult. As an NGO worker, I visit those remote communities by long rides in a motorcycle along with several others trekking mountains of rough and uneven terrain. In many cases, I also go there by foot, requiring me to walk long hours just to reach my destination. 

As a long distance marathon runner and trail-blazer, this type of work is always an adventure for me. As enjoyable as it may seem, physical fatigue can eventually slow me down in this type of work. That is why I never fail to prepare all the necessities I need so that I will stay fit and effective in the work I do. One item I always bring are meds and multi-vitamins, Pharmaton. In a place where pharmacy or even a convenient stores are far from the communities I visit, acquiring basic commodities can be a challenge. 

Pharmaton definitely recharges me in my every day activity. May it be in the nature of my NGO work, or on a scheduled marathon, Pharmaton multi-vitamins extends my energy further so that I can withstand physical fatigue.

Of course one may not be an athlete or a on-the-ground NGO field worker to enjoy all the benefits of Pharmaton. Hindy Weber Tantoco, on the other hand grinds a different kind of physical fatigue. She has been an icon in the fashion industry, a mother of four, and acknowledged for promoting a holistic way of life through Holy Carabao Farms and Balik Bukid in Sta. Elena, Laguna where she is in-charge of Creative Direction and Marketing.

She has been a member of the Fashion Design Council of the Philippines (FDCP) since 2003 and is currently a board member of the country’s preeminent fashion group. Over the years, she has been featured on daily publications, magazines and TV programs for her work in and out of fashion. She has also given fashion lectures at various schools and professional organizations, as well as collaborated with other designers for various projects. With all these responsibilities, Pharmaton is what’s keeping her always grounded and stay sharp in all her undertakings. 

So who are the Pharmaton Life Chargers?

They are men and women who are committed to a vision. They are driven by the desire for a quality of life for themselves and for others. More importantly, they have the sustained energy to live out their passions and thereby, create positive change.

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