Monday, May 23, 2016

The Round Table…

For people who have much bigger  appetite than others, buffet dinning is a food trip that is certainly a value for money. When I was much younger, about 25 years ago, with the waist line of 27 inches, I had my share of this gastronomical eat-all-you-can food porn with friends. Back then, at 21, metabolism was high and never did bothered by the thoughts of high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Menu for the week...Please be guided accordingly...
 Now at mid 40’s, with a blood sugar that needs to be checked from time to time, the buffet table became less appealing to me, most especially if the selection is so wide and the attempt to cover them all with just even bite sizes can already put my guts in trouble. As much as I want to eat more to get the value of the buffet price, my body can only load as much. 

Super-select menu for the day...
The Round Table is a different kind of food station. With a sitting capacity of only 25 guests at a time, The Round Table is more of a “tasting room” than a full-scale restaurant. So, why is it called The Round Table? It is because they have a big round table that serves as a buffet serving station where they have themed menu for the day in small batches to keep the freshness or warmness of the food. 
Paella Roll Maki...
Our Wednesday visit covers their Japanese dishes and it is called “Ninja Wednesday”. The Ninja Wednesday is not like the typical Japanese favorites. It is a fusion of Japanese and Filipino delights bringing the best of two distinct cultures. Among the Japanese dishes they serve, the most popular in the buffet table is the Paella Rolls. This is a Maki roll but instead of Japanese rice, they put Paella. 

Tapa Maki...
The Maki Tapa is also a fusion dish of the Japanese Maki and the Pinoy style tapa in the middle of the roll. The tempura is also unique because they use fish instead of shrimp. A better alternative if good quality shrimps are hard to find during off seasons. Again, It’s not the usual Japanese but definitely exceptional and flavorful too. 

Chicken Teryaki...
The chicken Teriaki is another reason to have a second serving. The sauce is not too sweet and too salty which makes it just right. If you think you’re having too much fish and chicken, on one side of the buffet table is a slab of roast beef. The meat is so tender and the flavor is natural and raw. No need to put any marinate, so you can experience of the real taste of the beef. 

Roast Beef. (US Grain Fed cattle)
So, those are the Wednesday selection of The Round Table. On other days, guests can experience the flavor of Italian cuisine on Tuesdays and on Thursdays, they buffet table celebrates all Filipino cuisine. Mondays are set for guests who wish to reserve the whole area and can customize set of dishes good for 25 people. 

The Round Table @ East Kapitolyo Drive, Pasig City...
The Round Table is part of the Provisions Catering Services under the creative inspiration of its executive chef, Chef Mia Capay. It is located at East kapitolyo Drive, Pasig City. If you wish more of Chef Capay’s exceptional dishes, you may reach them:, Tel. 706-1668, or +63-922-894-8509. You also log on to their Face Book page: RoundTablePH Qprovisions

Thursday, May 19, 2016

NBFA: Committed to advocate a drug-free fitness community

“Many athletes are into it, but nobody wants’ to talk about it. It’s an unspoken taboo”, Reijo del Prado, a National Body Building Title holder boldly confessed about the realities of Steroid use among athletes today in a media launch of  Natural Body Building and Fitness Association - NBFA. 

NBFA Founder and Co-founder Mr. Reijo del Prado and Bonn Marjo Jestre
 In a small gathering of fitness enthusiasts and health advocates, the Natural Body Building and Fitness Association was officially launched at the Fitness Exchange Gym in Makati city, to advocate and promote body building and fitness and maintain competitive edge even without the use of illegal muscle enhancement such as steroids.

The mission of NBFA is to promote natural body building as a safe lifestyle alternative that can discourage the use of dangerous drugs for athletic and recreational pursuit. NBFA envisioned itself to be a globally recognized advocacy group that acts a conduit in preserving high integrity of sportsmanship by establishing high level of community awareness and interest. 

Officers and Directors of NBFA Inc.
In the launch, NBFA founder, Mr. Reijo del Prado gave his testimony how he was once a user of steroids to further his career in the sports of body building. He also shared the consequences of his actions where the organizers of body building competition stripped him from the title he won and was suspended to compete for two years. From his experience, that almost lead his career in a total lost, he encountered an enlightenment to clean up his action and vowed not to return to his old ways ever again.

First set of officers of NBFA Inc. taking their oath...
After a short furlough in body building, he encountered several like-minded body building enthusiasts who are immersed with the “practice” and are committed to pursue body building without any blemish of illegal drugs. The passion of these people glued them together to clean up the fitness community with steroid use which were very much alive in the lives of these athletes in the confines of fitness gyms.

PHILOSPHY: Drug free, Guilt free

NBFA Core Values:

HUMILITY: We are eager to learn from others, accept criticism and acknowledge everyone’s importance
INTEGRITY: We have a very strong moral principle that can never be tempted, bribed or paid
PRIDE: We have a satisfied sense of accomplishment towards our choice of this advocacy with arrogance
INSPIRATION: We inspire and influence people based on our advocacy
NON-JUDGMENTAL: We avoid judging someone’s personal and moral standard
CONVICTION: We have a firm belief, free from doubt in our advocacy

Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (NBFA) Inc.

President: William C. Go
Vice-President: Connie N. Fortich
Secretary: Love D. Reyes
Treasurer: Jun T. Bueno
Athletic Director: Camelo Panopio
Spokesperson: Manu A. Reyes
Iloilo Chapter Head: Sar Dadison
Middle East Chapter Head: Rei del Rosario
Public Relations Officer: Sidney Schneider / Liza Schneider
Conduct And Ethics Adviser: Joseph L. Velasco
External Affairs Adviser: Manu A. Reyes
Organizational Adviser: George Jalandoni
Marketing Adviser: Walter B. Estrera
Founding Chairperson: Reijo M. del Prado
Co-Founding Chairperson: Bonn Marjo B. Jestre

Sunday, May 15, 2016

COLOR MANILA: The Blacklight Run 2016

Change is coming! The famous slogan of the president-elect Rodrigo Duterte which was pretty much imbibed in millions of Filipinos who voted for him in the recently concluded National Election. So, you want change in the society? How about starting it within yourself – A life style change!

CM Blacklight Run is on May 28, 2016, at the running circuit of Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa City...
With a thriving and growing running community here in the country, many are now living into the healthier side of social life. But as far as runners are indeed increasing in numbers, many are still busy finding excuses not to exercise. Either their too busy at work, too fat or can’t wake up early in the morning, these people will never run out of reasons not to run. 

@ P1,500, The Rock Star Race kit has more accessories for a more in the running event...
Color Run Manila, is a different kind of running event that have successfully re-invented running rules. For one, at the finish line, there are no podium winners but everyone will be given medals just by finishing the course. Everyone are encourage to stop, do selfies and throw color powder along the race routes. These running event will encourage newbie or going to be runners to engage in running minus the “competitive” factor of the race.  

Categories are 3k, 5k, and 10k...
For almost four years, the Color Manila running events never fails to come up with new concepts that continues to bring more fun in fun runs. It started out as a regular fun run event where variety of colored powder are scattered to all participants. And last 2012, I had the opportunity to be part of their first ever running event that was held at BGC. 

Mr. Jay Em and his Girl Friend Cindy started CMR in 2012...
 After the successful Color Manila Run, they introduced the Color Manila Run Challenge where my wife and son joined in to a 5 kilometer “careless” running with some cool obstacles along the course that made the event extra crazy. And of course, for the second time, Color Manila Black Light Run which is going to be held again at the Filinvest Complex, Alabang, Muntinlupa City this coming May 28, 2016. 

Everyone will get to wear this cool luminous glow in the dark shirt...
I remember when I was just starting to join running events almost six years ago, short distances such as 3k and 5k have the most number of registrants and only few in the 10k and 21k categories. Only after a few years, the numbers is quite the opposite. The most number of runners in any running event are the long distance categories. It only shows the how many runners are maturing fast over the short number of years or months of running. 

Jonathan Lizarondo of Color Manila Foundation...
But as much as this scenarios are very encouraging, running advocates and running events need to bring up new set of runners as newbies and Color Run Manila is just one of the few organizers who are promoting the fun runs. It is also one of the very few organizers that is making a difference in the lives of the marginalized  of some indigenous people in Mindoro and Tanay Rizal. That is why a big part of the proceed of the event will go to Colo Manila Foundation. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mango Tree presents an explosion of flavors at Thai Street Food Festival

One “food-culture” that is very common in most South East Asian countries are the Street food culture. The Philippines, a country that is rich in culture is no exception when it comes to street food that is quite embedded in all Filipino palate. 

Thailand, the Philippines’ South East Asian neighbor cradles a similar food culture that captivates not only Asians but many people across the globe. From April 20 to May 15, Mango Tree and Mango Tree Bistro are holding a street food festival that will feature a wide variety of gastronomical delight and an explosion of authentic Thai’s flavors and spices. 

Goong Phad Wonsen or the Stir-fried Noodles with Shrimps
 Last month, I had the opportunity to be invited to experience these Thai street food that was prepared exclusively for selected guests and media. Chef Tum, the new executive chef of Mango Tree have creatively designed an amazing line-up of dishes and street food favorites that were quite common to our street food here in the Philippines but with a Thai twist. 

Pork Dynamite...
These will include Tom Yum Chicken Poppers, Salmon Skin Crisp (Chicharon), Tom Yum Fries, and Pork Dynamite, among others. The Thai Street food festival is designed to feature the common everyday food that is being cooked on the side-walks of Thailand but highlights some of Thai cuisine very common to Pinoy taste such as the Tom Yum and Pad Thai dishes. It is a fusion of the Thai cuisine that will all enjoy with the ordinary common street, that if you mix them together, street food becomes extra special.

Spicy Squid Salad...
Other dishes to look forward to include the Pla Meuk Thod or Fried Squid Rings; The Goong Phad Wonsen or Stir-fried Glass Noodles with Shrimps, and the Lard Pla Meuk or the Spicy Squid Salad. And definitely not to be missed is the Thai style halo-halo. 

Salmon Skin Crisp (Chicharon)
Thai Mango Tree is a Global Thai food brand and this month-long event which take place in all Mango Tree and Mango Tree Bistro branches, is a testament to Thailand’s culture, authenticity and bursting flavors. It in cooperation with Shingha Beer and the Thai Trade Commission.

Tom Yum Chicken Poppers...
 Mango Tree is located at 7th Avenue Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City. It is open from 11am to 3pm and 5:30pm to 11:30pm daily. Mango  Tree Bistro is located at the 3rd level of Trinoma Quezon City and is open from 11am to 9pm , while the Greenbelt 3 branch in Makati, operates from 11am to 11pm daily. 

Chef Tum, Mango Tree's executive chef...
For reservations, please contact 621-3233 or 09175342273 for Mango Tree BGC. For Mango Tree Trinoma, you may reach at 916-0297 or 890-2166, and for Mango Tree TriNoma, you may contact them through, 576-9052 or 0917-524-2273 for Mango Tree Greenbelt 3.



New Sneaker Collection Pays Homage To The 40th Anniversary Of Punk Music 

Whenever I passed by a Converse Store, I never failed to drop by and check out the All Star Converse John Varvatos design, day dreaming that I would own a pair someday...
 Rock is very much alive and well in the newest Converse by John Varvatos sneaker collection. Launching this spring, the collection celebrates the 40th Anniversary of punk, a defining moment in music history. Worn-in leather, metal studs, zippers and rock-inspired colors --some of the archetypes that exemplified punk style years ago -- have collided to create a collection that synergizes the world of fashion with music.

naturally stained toe caps with elastic shoe laces...
With its subtle edge, the Deck Star Slip ’67 silhouette in rusty leather offers an easy alternative to a lace-up sneaker for the summer. Skinny leather stitching adorns the heel and frames the laces of the Chuck Taylor All Star Artisan Stitch. A metal zipper winds around the Chuck Taylor All Star Tornado Zip and comes in perforated sand-colored suede and burnished red and black leather for an unafraid, street-inspired look. The All Star Multi Stud sneakers get the rock star treatment with gradient clusters of studs wrapped underneath a soft, black leather upper. 

Clear gum-sole that marks an authentic John Varvatos design...
Punk is more than just music: its fashion, style, culture, and lifestyle. And no one knows more about the rock ’n’roll culture than John Varvatos. The new Converse by John Varvatos footwear collection is available now at Converse stores. Visit or for more sneaker designs!

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