Thursday, May 19, 2016

NBFA: Committed to advocate a drug-free fitness community

“Many athletes are into it, but nobody wants’ to talk about it. It’s an unspoken taboo”, Reijo del Prado, a National Body Building Title holder boldly confessed about the realities of Steroid use among athletes today in a media launch of  Natural Body Building and Fitness Association - NBFA. 

NBFA Founder and Co-founder Mr. Reijo del Prado and Bonn Marjo Jestre
 In a small gathering of fitness enthusiasts and health advocates, the Natural Body Building and Fitness Association was officially launched at the Fitness Exchange Gym in Makati city, to advocate and promote body building and fitness and maintain competitive edge even without the use of illegal muscle enhancement such as steroids.

The mission of NBFA is to promote natural body building as a safe lifestyle alternative that can discourage the use of dangerous drugs for athletic and recreational pursuit. NBFA envisioned itself to be a globally recognized advocacy group that acts a conduit in preserving high integrity of sportsmanship by establishing high level of community awareness and interest. 

Officers and Directors of NBFA Inc.
In the launch, NBFA founder, Mr. Reijo del Prado gave his testimony how he was once a user of steroids to further his career in the sports of body building. He also shared the consequences of his actions where the organizers of body building competition stripped him from the title he won and was suspended to compete for two years. From his experience, that almost lead his career in a total lost, he encountered an enlightenment to clean up his action and vowed not to return to his old ways ever again.

First set of officers of NBFA Inc. taking their oath...
After a short furlough in body building, he encountered several like-minded body building enthusiasts who are immersed with the “practice” and are committed to pursue body building without any blemish of illegal drugs. The passion of these people glued them together to clean up the fitness community with steroid use which were very much alive in the lives of these athletes in the confines of fitness gyms.

PHILOSPHY: Drug free, Guilt free

NBFA Core Values:

HUMILITY: We are eager to learn from others, accept criticism and acknowledge everyone’s importance
INTEGRITY: We have a very strong moral principle that can never be tempted, bribed or paid
PRIDE: We have a satisfied sense of accomplishment towards our choice of this advocacy with arrogance
INSPIRATION: We inspire and influence people based on our advocacy
NON-JUDGMENTAL: We avoid judging someone’s personal and moral standard
CONVICTION: We have a firm belief, free from doubt in our advocacy

Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (NBFA) Inc.

President: William C. Go
Vice-President: Connie N. Fortich
Secretary: Love D. Reyes
Treasurer: Jun T. Bueno
Athletic Director: Camelo Panopio
Spokesperson: Manu A. Reyes
Iloilo Chapter Head: Sar Dadison
Middle East Chapter Head: Rei del Rosario
Public Relations Officer: Sidney Schneider / Liza Schneider
Conduct And Ethics Adviser: Joseph L. Velasco
External Affairs Adviser: Manu A. Reyes
Organizational Adviser: George Jalandoni
Marketing Adviser: Walter B. Estrera
Founding Chairperson: Reijo M. del Prado
Co-Founding Chairperson: Bonn Marjo B. Jestre

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