Friday, January 29, 2016

FUJIFILM Unveils much-anticipated Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X70 in Manila

It seems that the Mirror-less cameras has now becoming very popular among professional photography community. When it started to come out in the market around four years ago, the most visible brand that often surfaced up was Sony with its NEXT Series. However, little that many people know, the Camera Company that pioneered the mirrorless-technology is FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM Corporation President Shigehiro Nakajima (4th from the left) with country's top photographers...
A film producing company which started back in the 1930’s, it grew in becoming as one of the of film of choice, ranging from photography films as well as reel tape films during the non-digital or analog age of photography. However, though it did not surpassed its bigger competitors such as Kodak Films at that time, Fujifilm continued to innovate other possibilities that might bring the brand to new heights. 

World's first Hybrid Multi-Viewfinder...
Right after the “death” of tape-films industry due to the emerging popularity of the digital photography, many of FujiFilm “high and mighty” competitors failed to foresee and learn to adapt changes, and eventually died a natural death. Apparently, the visionary people of Fujifilm saw the future of the company beyond films and other imaging aggregates that lead them to revolutionize digital cameras, where for decades use mirror to process image, and thus came up with the Mirror-less DSLR camera.

 Celebrating its 5th year anniversary as the leader of mirror-less cameras with its X-series, Fujifilm have finally announced the unveiling of its newest models of the X-Series, which are the Xpro2 and the X70. Both models shared similar power-packed features but at the same time unique in its functionality and use. 

1.    Newly developed 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III sensors that filters false colors thus increasing       resolution    
2.    New high-performance X Processor Pro image processing engine which is 4X the speed of a conventional image processing engine that is being used in other DSLRs.
3.     The world’s first advanced Hybrid multi viewfinder offering the benefits of both optical and electronic view finders. 

4.    New Focal plane shutter with a top-speed of 1/8000 sec. and flash sync up to 1/250 sec. It gives a faster mechanical shutter that allows more flexibility for aperture selections in bright conditions or when shooting with flash outdoors during the day.
5.    Robust, resistant body that meets the needs of professional photographers. The camera’s chassis is made from four-piece magnesium alloy and is sealed in a total of 61 points on each section, making it dust-proof, splash-proof, and capble of operating in temperatures as low as 10°C. Plus, it has two SD card slots for more reliable image storage.



1.    New FUJINON 18.5mm F2.8 lens for wide range of shooting conditions from landscape to snapshots.
2.    High-quality finish and easy operation encourage creativity. Weighing approximately 340g, X70 is the lightest X-series camera with an APS-C sized sensor.
3.    Compact body with an APS-C sized X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR processor II image. These are key technologies that deliver the high quality images unique to X-Series models have been compressed into a pocket sized body. 

4.    The first 180-degree tilting touchscreen LCD in an X-Series Camera. The X70 features a touchscreen LCD; a first of the X-series. Turing on the touch panel settings enables touch shots and focus area selection when shooting.
5.    Dedicated accessories to expand the world of the X70. It includes BLC-X70 half leather case for protection and to provide an extra grip, the LH-X70 lens hood to cut flare and ghosting, the VF-X21 optical viewfinder for those who prefer to frame images through a finder and the WCL-X70 wide conversion lens giving a 21mm view to 35mm equivalent. 

Other than these two amazing X-series models, Fujifilm also included in its newest line-up are the XE2S, which is an improve version of the original XE2 and the telephoto lens, Fujinon XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6 LM OIS WR. Check out these latest Fujifilm X-series models and the Fujinon lenses at the nearest Fujifilm exclusive vendors. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Summer will just be a few months from now and it is this season converse fan like me would love to put on some of my cons collection on a hot summer's day. Recently, Converse Philippines unveils the summer and spring collection for 2016 for the All Star Footwear. Many of them are the classic cons with some added upgrades. 

My personal line-up. A few Chuck Taylor All Star, A John Varvatos and a couple of  Jack Purcels...
I’m happy to say that I’m a proud converse user since 1986, specifically high school days. This is where the time when Boat shoes and Topsiders were the popular footwear. However, the classic Chuck Taylor I had, even after several decades never did get out of style. I remember wearing them most of the time with a classic 501 Levi Straus pants, which for me projects a rugged and yet humble character. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Mono II...
This January 2016, expect these Cons models on the shelves of the nearest Converse stores. To start with, are the original contrast colors of Classic Chuck Taylor All Star 2 Mono. Both black and white models come with a tough canvas body with reinforced rubber over-lay on the side. One added feature is the in-sole or sock-lining Lunarlon Technology, the same feature you will see on Nike running shoes. 

Lunarlon In-sole / sock lining...
Since Converse was already bought by Nike, you can now expect some of its tech-features embedded in converse as well. So for those who are a long time converse user, you might want to adjust your Cons-shoe size to a half or one size bigger because of the insole that is added into it. Better yet, you can just remove the in-sole and bring it to its original feel. Personally, I always like the feel of my feet closer to the earth. Zero Drop Heel differential. The retail price for this classic Chuck Taylor is P3,990.

The Black Chucks practically goes with anything...
 Another Converse model that is now in stores is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star SEX PISTOLS collection. Converse came out with this models to pay tribute to the legendary British punk-rock band back in the 80’s, the SEX PISTOLS. An iconic band that some might say pioneered the “Anarchaic” form of music which a lot teenagers gone crazy over their songs.

Converse Celebrates British Legendary Punk-Rock band SEX PISTOLS...
I remember some of my high school buddies who were into punk-rock music, jazzed-up their white Chuck Taylor with their own personal sketches of Anarchy symbols and names of their favorite punk rock bands. I’m not much of a fan of Sex Pistols but I can still remember one of their most popular song, God Save the Queen. It’s only now that I learn that the band members are Converse followers as well. If you’re a Sex Pistols fan, you can grab a pair of these iconic sneakers at P3,510.

This tee also comes in gray...
  Of course, wearing a pair of Chucks this summer won’t be complete without getting into a cool Converse Chuck Taylor All Star tees. These apparels come in two-tone colors – gray and black on sleeves and neck line and the other one is white, also with black sleeve and neck lining. These cool tees also feature nice logo of converse. A very cool tops to wear in hot summer days ahead. This January, available colors are Gray and White, but more exciting colors will soon arrive in the coming months.
Checking out if I can still ride this thing... :)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Café Laya…

Who says modern IV leaguers can’t be social enterprising?

Café Laya (Free), was born out of freedom and passion by three enterprising young and creative minds who wish not only to be free from the corporate rat-race but to pursue a profitable business venture. Ms.Tricia Cusi and together with her friends, wanted to uphold “Triple-bottomline”Profit, People, and Environment as a core values of the company.

Located right beside DLSU Taft Avenue, Café Laya is a cross-over between a coffee shop and an art gallery. But not like any other coffee shop, this café features local produce of humble farmers from different regions in the country. The coffee beans are 100% Arabica produced from Benguet Province and use as a base for hot and cold and classic mixes such as Salted Caramel Latte and Mocha, Dark Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and more.

The café also serves Italian Pasta with a local twist of Adobo flakes on brown rice. Guests may also want to try Bacon Sandwich with Queso de Bola with Kamote Chips for some lite meals. For dessert, a choice of Kesong Puti Cheese cake, Chocnut Cake and Ube Pandan cake are just some of the delights you can savor while finishing up laid back meeting with friends.

Café Laya, also features an art gallery where everything displayed are also for sale, even the very tables and chairs you’re dining on. So don’t be surprise to see a different set of dining on your next visit, because guests may not just take home food take-outs but the furniture and art frames as well. Almost everything there has a price tag on it you can buy. 

The place does not only promote art appreciation but also encourages guests, to express their creativity within by brushing a few strokes of colors in their artist nook at the mezzanine area. Once done with your “masterpieces” you can hang them on the “Laya Walls”or Freedom Walls for everyone to appreciate among other artworks. The area also holds Poetry Reading, and for the musically inclined, anyone can just simply jam with friends on a guitar or Ukulele with your favorite tunes.  

On Saturdays, Café Laya hosts Art Workshops. Participants who can commit to complete five out of nine consecutive sessions and get to attend a free session for two, who can also commit to attend to finish a five workshop session.

So, whenever you eat any dish or drink their locally concocted mix beverages at Café laya, rest assured that every ingredients of it were bought from a framer in Benguet or a Gawad Kalinga Farming Community in Bulacan. And whenever you buy an artwork or a piece of furniture, you are also helping a furniture maker from Silya Elektrika, Atbp., a group of young artist that use reclaimed and repurpose treated wood and steel to masterfully create one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

At Café Laya, one can experience world standard quality tasting meals with locally produce ingredients.  It satisfy not only ones food cravings but also helps local Filipino resource and farming communities in our regions.Corporate Social Responsibility is definitely in the heart of Cafe Laya, its goal is to extend its passion forward to the very costumer they serve.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Two years ago, Samsung unveils a “smart” watch that syncs with the Samsung android phone. At that time, its features pioneers a cutting edge technology that no other smart phone company have come up with. However, the watch was said to be not as good as its price tag because it was exorbitantly over the edge. As much as it was new, its features somehow didn’t match the high price tag, which was almost the same as of the phone itself. In this case, practicality will became an issue. Now, after two years, a smart watch that is similar to the latter is now already in the market, but this one comes with a better upgrades and with a reasonable price rate. 

HUAWEI, a global leader in ICT market and is becoming the fastest growing brand in the Smart mobile phone race, finally launched the HUAWEI Smart Watch. The launching was held just a month before 2015 ends.The event was a spectacle of the latest LED projection, where the high-tech features of the watch can be appreciated 360 degrees, covering every wall. The event highlighted the awesome features of Huawei Smart Watch that allows the user to change the face of the watch by swiping the touch sensitive AMOLED display that is actually a scratch proof sapphire crystal lens. 

“This is the first smartwatch in the Huawei wearable family and is also the first watch in the market that truly bridges the gap between fashion and technology. As part of our expanding line of our premium wearable products. The Huawei Watch was design and created to enhance and be part of othe consumer’s everyday lives. It is our response to consumer’s request who are looking for a smartwatch that combines timeless design and truly usable features”. Says Charles Wu, Country Manager of Huawei’s Consumers Business group.   

The Huawei Watch, with its cutting edge digital technology, it upholds the elements of a watch should be which are the crown, the frame and hinge from high quality and scratch resistant cold-forged stainless steel, making it 40 percent harder. So, as the very look and feel of it, it is really a watch and not a sports watch looking, as much as it has all the sporty features of a sports watch. Meaning, you can expose it in the harshest condition of trail running, mountain biking or even swimming, and get the accurate laps, cadence, and caloric burn count, just like any sport watch can.

Among the visual features, the watch has a display at 400 x 400 resolution in ppi at a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio. Okay, for the non-techies, this is a mouth-full. In simplest term, this watch has the most vibrant display smartwatch in the world. For a relatively small screen, an excellent clear view really does matter a lot. The high density display makes the images look crisp and full of life in all viewing angles. With its 40 unique faces, all face-design will give clear images.

Compared to other smartwatches in the market today, Huawei smartwatch works with both iOS and Android. Powered by Google’s proprietary Android Wear, receiving SMS, email, calendar app, and phone call notifications has never been easier and more convenient. This watch will run in any Android 4.3 or higher and is powered by a Qualcomm 1.2GHz for uncompromised performance. This also features 4GB of memory 512MB of RAM and Bluetooth 4.1 Support. 

The HUAWEI SMARTWATCH comes in two models. The Huawei Watch Classic is priced at P19,990.00 while the Huawei Active retails at P23,990.00. Both models come with 2 year warranty. These awesome watches from Huawei are now available in Huawei Experience Store in SM Mall of Asia and all Brand shops in major malls all over the country. It is also available in Zalora. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Get a Huawei Pocket WiFi and Be a #HOTSPOTTIE

Last December 6, 2015, Huawei, the leading ICT Solutions provider launched three pocket devices that allows you to be connected anywhere and anytime as you demand it. These pocket internet connectivity devices are just some of Huawei’s product that made the company popular all over the world when it comes to building efficient telecommunications. 

The Philippines, being the Social media capital of the world and ironically having the lowest internet speed connectivity, devices such as these would come very useful and handy in giving the Filipinos to stay connected with whatever platform of Social media they’re into, may it be Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Huawei, a global brand in ICT and mobile devices has been the partner of choice of many telecommunication companies in the country. May it be PLDT, Smart or Globe, Huawei brands are always present in any of its hardware facilities. As to the consumer platform, Huawei is also committed in bringing the end-user the industrial capacity of Huawei with its pocket WiFi devices. 

Presently, Huawei is proud to launch the latest “Hotspot” devices to the public with its latest sleek designs and variants that fits the needs of the demands of Filipino Netizens. “Everybody wants a reliable internet connections, as the leading ICT solutions provider, Huawei is known for building telecommunication networks around the world, as such, our strength lies in the designing products that would work best with the current infrastructure of these mobile broadband networks, “ says Charles Wu, Country Manager of Huawei Philippines. 

Backed up Huawei’s extensive research on how Filipino access the internet, it has been found out that we stay online on the average of 53 hours a week, making it 11 hours more on the total global usage. It seems that the title of being the text capital of the world is elevated of becoming the social media capital of the world as well.

Here the three latest Huawei WiFi Devices for consumer use…


The Huawei Flash is an LTE enabled mobile wifi hotspot. It can provide internet connection to 10 wifi enabled devices with download speed of up to 150mbps and upload speed of 50mbps. The battery life is up five hours of online usage and up to 300 hours of standby mode. With Huawei’s mobile app 3.0, the flash lets you easily and quickly share photos, apps between mobile phones accessed to the same mobile wifi.


Among the three models, the spark is the most compact of all 21mbps 3G router in the market. It is designed for those who engage business in the field and those who are always on the go and traveling light. The Huawei Spark can support up to 10 wifi devices to access internet with a download speed of 21.6mbps and upload speed up to 5.76mbps. It likewise boasts of a start-up time of just five seconds.


The Huawei Lightning offers a lightning speed connection of 150mbps. Now, that is fast. Best offer to small and medium scale enterprises, the Huawei Lightning will surely give you an edge in bringing your business to a higher level, where you cannot afford to compromise the efficiency of sending valuable information to clients. This wifi router can deliver maximum speed of LTE CAT4 150mbps through its Gigabit Ethernet port. 

“Whether it’s to keep in touch with friends and family, share new experiences or meet new people, we are always looking for the best way to connect with the internet,” notes Jose Vega, Sales and Marketing Director, Huawei Device Philippines.


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