Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Get a Huawei Pocket WiFi and Be a #HOTSPOTTIE

Last December 6, 2015, Huawei, the leading ICT Solutions provider launched three pocket devices that allows you to be connected anywhere and anytime as you demand it. These pocket internet connectivity devices are just some of Huawei’s product that made the company popular all over the world when it comes to building efficient telecommunications. 

The Philippines, being the Social media capital of the world and ironically having the lowest internet speed connectivity, devices such as these would come very useful and handy in giving the Filipinos to stay connected with whatever platform of Social media they’re into, may it be Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Huawei, a global brand in ICT and mobile devices has been the partner of choice of many telecommunication companies in the country. May it be PLDT, Smart or Globe, Huawei brands are always present in any of its hardware facilities. As to the consumer platform, Huawei is also committed in bringing the end-user the industrial capacity of Huawei with its pocket WiFi devices. 

Presently, Huawei is proud to launch the latest “Hotspot” devices to the public with its latest sleek designs and variants that fits the needs of the demands of Filipino Netizens. “Everybody wants a reliable internet connections, as the leading ICT solutions provider, Huawei is known for building telecommunication networks around the world, as such, our strength lies in the designing products that would work best with the current infrastructure of these mobile broadband networks, “ says Charles Wu, Country Manager of Huawei Philippines. 

Backed up Huawei’s extensive research on how Filipino access the internet, it has been found out that we stay online on the average of 53 hours a week, making it 11 hours more on the total global usage. It seems that the title of being the text capital of the world is elevated of becoming the social media capital of the world as well.

Here the three latest Huawei WiFi Devices for consumer use…


The Huawei Flash is an LTE enabled mobile wifi hotspot. It can provide internet connection to 10 wifi enabled devices with download speed of up to 150mbps and upload speed of 50mbps. The battery life is up five hours of online usage and up to 300 hours of standby mode. With Huawei’s mobile app 3.0, the flash lets you easily and quickly share photos, apps between mobile phones accessed to the same mobile wifi.


Among the three models, the spark is the most compact of all 21mbps 3G router in the market. It is designed for those who engage business in the field and those who are always on the go and traveling light. The Huawei Spark can support up to 10 wifi devices to access internet with a download speed of 21.6mbps and upload speed up to 5.76mbps. It likewise boasts of a start-up time of just five seconds.


The Huawei Lightning offers a lightning speed connection of 150mbps. Now, that is fast. Best offer to small and medium scale enterprises, the Huawei Lightning will surely give you an edge in bringing your business to a higher level, where you cannot afford to compromise the efficiency of sending valuable information to clients. This wifi router can deliver maximum speed of LTE CAT4 150mbps through its Gigabit Ethernet port. 

“Whether it’s to keep in touch with friends and family, share new experiences or meet new people, we are always looking for the best way to connect with the internet,” notes Jose Vega, Sales and Marketing Director, Huawei Device Philippines.

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