Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Smart Formulae Trading Corp’sBSI Medicated Spray: A Non-Aerosol Topical Pain Reliever

The Run United Philippine Marathon last year was my seventh full marathon. It was also my longest marathon because I finished it beyond five hours. In short, it was a very frustrating race for me because of an injury that occurred in the last 10 kilometer of the run. It was not a sudden pain but a gradual discomfort on the top of my right foot growing from bad to worse as I came closer to the end of 42 kilometers. 

In many long distance races, ambulatory medical support is constant along the route. Runners make a quick stop to get some mentholated spray from paramedics stationed along the road. In the past, I seldom stop for these sprays because I don’t see the need for it. But last October at RUPM, with the worsening pain of my right foot, I made it a point to stop at every medicated spray station I could find just to relieve the pain. Unfortunately, these sprays containing diluted Methyl Salicylicate with Camphor Menthol didn't hold and the pain progressed until the finish line. 

It has been three months and I’m set to do another full marathon this coming February 1, 2015 at the Condura Skyway Marathon. I’m very excited for this marathon because it will be my eighth and it is also my first time to join Condura. I believe that my preparation is sufficient and my foot is completely healed and ready to face another grueling barefoot run of 42 kilometers. 

Despite my full recovery, my last injury was a lesson learned and I don’t want to experience it ever again. This is why during my training now, Iam using a medicated spray that is different from the ones being applied in races. It’s called BSI Medicated Spray (,distributed by New Smart Formulae Trading Corp, containing not just Methyl Salicylate  and Menthol but also eight kinds of pure natural herbs such as Nux Vomica, Pinelliae Tuber, Drynaria, Liquorice, Huperzia Serrate, Pseudo ginseng and Alcohol. These natural herbs are essential in helping give prolonged relief and not just a warm mentholated feeling. 

The BSI Medicated Spray is alcohol based, so you don’t feel the greasy feeling you get from oil-based mentholated sprays.With an alcohol-based spray, the menthol is absorbed by the skin much quicker so the menthol doesn't stay on your hands.

If you are the type of runner who is not used to doing dynamic stretching before runs, BSI Medicated Spray is very much helpful in warming up and conditioning muscles, too. BSI works also in preventing the swelling of muscles during injuries by making the blood flow normally in the injured area. BSI is a compact spray in 64 ml plastic bottle, which is very handy and very easy to apply when needed. You won’t have to look for the next paramedic station for a spray. 

I’ve been running marathons for almost five years now and every marathon for me is a life changing experience. The fatigue and some injuries I get on the side allow me to respect the sport and respect my body at the same time by knowing my limitations and what I can achieve in the challenges ahead. With my preparations, I am more confident now that I can run the marathon with a better time, this time. 

BSI Medicated Spray is available in Mercury Drug Store, Rose Pharmacy, and South Star Drug.

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