Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yoree Korean Barbecue Dining Opens another branch in the South

One thing that is great about Asian foods is the wide variety of dishes with exotic ingredients that is very different from any dishes in the world. Among the Asian foods I like is Korean. I've been and tasted a lot all over the city and each one has a different take on a particular Korean dish

Yoree Korean Barbeque Dining is not like any other Korean resto that offers the typical Korean food. Somehow, Yoree dishes are cooked in a very special way that allows you to experience another side of Korean cuisine like you have never tasted before. 

Last week, I had the opportunity to be invited to another food tasting event and launching of the second branch of Yoree Barbeque Dining located at Molito Complex, Madrigal Business Center. For quite some time, the Molito area in Alabang have been gaining visitors from all over because of its diversified restaurants that offer all sorts of dishes from different culture. Yoree is just one of the newest food joint that adds to Molito’s concoctions. Yoree is also one of brands that are under the Amado Group of Companies, the same group that carries Tous Les Jous Bread and Pastries. 

The launch was graced by Ms. Andrea Amado herself with Korean business partners, celebrity friends like Rhian Ramos, Vannsesa Matsunaga and Ms. Lea Salonga, and members of the media. The launching is a sit-down dinner where each dish is served with matching trivia knowledge from the waiters. 

As a standard, Yoree serves the usual appetizers like "kimchi" and fried "spiced-dilis" which we all love, but they added some other variety such as the pickled mango and more.

Yoree use special coal-brickets to grill meat right at your own table. These brickets when fired up produce hotter temperature and gives a smokey flavored to the meat, so the meat are cooked much faster and tastier too.

Ms. Vanessa Matsunaga is showing us her grilling prowess.. 

The finish Product. Not but Vanessa... 

Ms. Vanessa Matsunaga was given the chance to do the grilling of the dish that was served to us. This dish is called YangNyeom Galbi.It is a USDA Prime Short Rib served in a dish platter with grilled Prawn and Squid. Priced at P895 good for two people sharing. 

Here is Yoree's version of a Pinoy's favorite, "Bulalo". Its called Balbitang. This Korean Beef Soup is something everyone should try. This one is cooked with USDA Prime Rib with Korean Juju Ginseng with Berries. Galbitang is priced at P380 good for sharing. 

Japchae - P198

The Japchae is Korean's typical version of Pinoy's "Sotanghon Guisado". And it is also one my favorite dish in a Korean Restaurant. This one is sauteed in with sweet potato noodles and beef strips. But Yoree's Japchae is quite different because it is wrapped in "Papillote". It is a french style in cooking where the dish is wrapped to seal the moisture. It is open when it is about to be served. 

Jeyuk Bokkeum - P298

The Jeyuk Bokkeum is something exceptional because in order to enjoy eating eat it, you need to wrap it in a lettuce leaves. Much like the SunWrap of another popular Korean Restaurant, only the filling is a saucy one and spicy. Very much like the "kaldereta" but its not. 

Gyeranjjim - P198

Gyerajjim is a typical Korean dish that is quite common in some of the Korean Restaurant I know. It's a steamed egg in a bowl with herbs and spices and  its very flavorful. My wife likes to eat the brown part that was left on the bowl..

Korean Rice Punch - Shikye

Dried Berries
And the best way to wrap up the evening is a cold Korean Rice Punch - Shikye with matching Dried Berries. Its like enjoying a good wine with Cheese. For Koreans, this is more of a dessert, so make sure to order some before going home. Its quite a treat. 

Ms. Lea Salonga and Family...

Before leaving, I made sure to take a picture of Ms. Lea Salonga and Family. I'm so fortunate I was able to get a good photo of this since Ms. Salonga seldom entertain "Paparazzi" shots when she's dining with family privately. I'm glad to caught-up with this rare opportunity. 

So when you're visiting the south, make sure to drop by Yoree Korean Barbecue Dinning located at Molito Complex, Madrigal Business District, Alabang-Zapote Road, beside Ayala Alabang Village.

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