Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cobra Energy Drink: Gusto Ko Pa!

Cobra Energy Drink, the leading drink supplement that has been in the forefront of giving athletes the energy boost needed to go beyond physical limits. For five seasons in a row, it has also been the proud principal sponsor of Iron Man 70.3 in the Philippines and it is one of the most coveted triathlon competitions that have been well attended by the top triathletes around the world.

Cobra, as a local brand and proudly made by Asia Brewery, maintains a character that imbibes Filipino’s genuine strength, that no matter how tough things may hit us, we always keep an enduring spirit to get up and continue to fight whatever adversity we may face. This strength is what we call Tunay na Lakas ng Pinoy.

In the past, Cobra’s endorsements revolve in the sphere of well-known athletes like our very own, boxing champ Donito Donayre and some popular triathletes. For the first time, Cobra was able to pick a brand ambassador who captures the hearts of many young teen age fans by his charm and acting prowess. At the same time, he also displays an excellent standing in the field of triathlon and holds a three-time top-rank finisher at the Cobra Iron Man 70.30 held in Cebu. The Cobra Energy Drink’s newest brand ambassador is no other than Mr. Matteo Guidicelli. 

Last week, Asia Brewery the makers of Cobra Energy Drink launched their newest line of Cobra flavors along with its newest brand ambassador Matteo Guidicelli. Cobra also launched its newest TV ad that promotes their newest tag line, Gusto ko Pa! The new tag line embodies the aggressive attitude of every athlete to go further even after a race is done and it also describes the hard working character of every Pinoy who can perform multi-tasks even after a long day work is over. Cobra energy Drink is an energy boost so that every athlete can withstand and endure the toughest challenges in sports and in life.

At the event, a short display of strength was rendered by Matteo through an arm wrestling match with the representative of Speed Magazine, Mr. James Orlanda who happens to be a triathlete himself. At the prime of his active life, James tried the best as he can to beat Matteo. In the end, age overcame experience and Matteo won the match. 

With the new set of flavors new TV ad and new brand ambassador, we are expecting to more of Cobra in the sporting events  and of course Matteo Guidicelli along the racing routes that will make everyone go, ‘Gusto ko pa! 

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