Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What’s New at Pinkyberry?

When can you say you have enough dessert for one day? At Pinkberry, with its wide variety of toppings and mix, tasting one flavor is short-changing your appetite for desserts. Pinkberry is one of the pioneer in revolutionizing frozen yogurt that started in 2005 in West Hollywood California. After almost 10 years in the yogurt industry, the company started with just two flavors, original and green tea, it has now expanded its mix to 18 flavors that are being rotated seasonally. 

Last week, I had the opportunity to be invited to the launch of its newest branch in SM Megamall where, I and other members of the media were treated to get the first hand taste of its newest flavors that will surely make a hit among yogurt dessert enthusiasts. 

Personally, my craving for frozen yogurt came a little later when I started put on a healthy lifestyle a few years ago. Before, yogurt for me was like ice cream that gone bad because of its sourly taste. I came to like them when it started to have fruit flavors making the taste more acceptable to my palate.

This year, Pinkberry will introduce another line up of flavors to its loyal followers. The Brownie a'la Mode and Apple Pie a' la mode:

The first one that was served was the Brownie a’ la mode. The trial variant were a little bit smaller than the standard size serving, just enough for us to have a good grasp of the taste of each flavor. We were able to experience the brownie a’ la mode on salted caramel, original, vanilla bean and butter pecan yogurts. Since these were our first set, I tried my best to set an easy pace and not to consume everything. 

After which, we were allowed to taste the Apple pie a’ la mode with the same set of yogurt mix. I like this one better, because the apple pie was not as over powering that you hardly taste the yogurt. The cinnamon acts as a balancer as well. 

New Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie and Butter Pecan

The next set were new yogurt flavors; Chocolate Chip and Butter Pecan. I was able to try the Butter pecan with glazed pili nut and caramel sauce which is for me is too sweet. However, this new flavor with Banana Nut bread was interesting. I never thought banana and Pili nut combination would be this good in yogurts. The light agave is actually a light honey syrup which is not too sweet. The Double Nut crunch taste good as well most especially for those who love variety of nuts on their yogurt. Since I’m not much a fan of caramel, I decided not to pour the caramel on this one. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie: In our third set, I started to feel “over-dozed” by all these yogurts. Good thing that the cookie in the Double chocolate chip cookie became a neutralizer that made me appreciate the other flavors. The Classic Sundae is a combination of cookie dough with chocolate chip cookie and whip cream and chocolate syrup. The Honey almond granola is my favorite in this set. 

After the last set, we were offered another treat by allowing us to experience to dispense the yogurt from the machine itself. Pinkberry staff taught us on how to draw the lever of the machine that will produce a perfect swirly presentation.

To get a taste of Pinkberry’s goodness, visit Pinkberry in Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, SM Aura, Power Plant Mall and the newly open branch in SM Mega Mall. You may also log on to or Facebook page 

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