Saturday, April 28, 2012

ECCP's 2nd I Run For Integrity Fun Run

I Run For Integrity is a running event initiative of European Chamber of Commerce – ECCP in partnership with the Makati Business Club, a co-implemetors of the Integrity Initiative. On its second year, ECCP and its partners are confident to see more than 7,000 runners this year as compared to last year which is 5,000.

Last April April 19, 2012, Chris Sports, as one of the partners of the running event hosted a bloggers and media event that was attended by more than 10 online bloggers, gusts and friends form different partner proponents. It was held at the Health and Fitness Shop, the newest sports and running hub in located at the heart of Bonifacio High Streets. The evening was also graced by different representative form ECCP, Makati Business Club and Convergys, one of the biggest Call center out-sourcing companies in the Country today.

The essence of the fun run is to publically advocate integrity in the core practices of every business in the country. It is the core principle of the Integrity Initiative, advocacy groups that promotes honesty, integrity and clean business practices in the private sectors and also in the government agencies. As a pledge, members of this coalition are made to sign an integrity agreement that will symbolically express to practice clean and honest business practices.

I Run For Integrity will commence at the racing circuit of Bonifacio Global City on May 6, 2012. Race distances will cover 3k, 5k, 10k and 15k categories. Major event partners for the 2012 Integrity Run include Convergys who is sending at least 1,000 employees to the run, Chris Sports, Aboitiz Power, Globaltronics, Inc. , Smart Communications, Inc. & DHL Express Philippines Corp., Phinma Foundation, Inc. Event Supporters include : Bellacrocca Island Resort & Spa, Blue Cross Insurance Inc. , Electrolux Philippines, Kellogs Philippines and MAN Automotive. 

Registration site can be found in Chris Sports Megamall, Glorietta, Mall of Asia, Festival Mall, Market! Market! & Fitness & Athletics , BGC. or at the ECCP office, 19th Floor, AXA Life Center, Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City. All interested runners will not only have the chance to register in the race but also be encourage to sign a pledge that commits them to follow a culture of integrity.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Immuvit Metafit 30 day Challenge (Week two)

One week is over, three weeks to go.

Last week, I started to embark on a summer fitness routine in the hope that it would make me achieve the physique I always wanted to have in just 1 month, on a once-a-day session. It is called the Immuvit-Metafit system, a four minute intense exercise of different common calisthenics that will boosts the body's ability to burn as much as 600 calories thus reviving the growth hormones.

As a backgrounder, the human body stops producing growth hormones as we reach adulthood. As people grow older we loose growth hormones over time and we can only regain this back through a series of intense exercises. And the Immuvit-Metafit System is one of the easiest way to attain it.

I’m down to my first week which I incorporate with my weekly running regimen. At first, I thought that realizing my goals would be much easier because I’m doubling my effort with running. After a week of the Immuvit-Metafit System, I was a bit saddened because I haven’t seen any significant change on the aesthetic side. I guess some body parts I wanted to work on is much stubborn than I expected and are difficult to get rid of. I’m talking about my side -flab which are the remnants of a 38 inches waist-line a few years back.

However, one thing that has become obvious is on the first week was the sudden upper body strength I gained. Maybe it’s because of the intense push-ups that is included in the Immuvit-Metafit exercises I was able to improve it over time. At the beginning, the push up part is where I get drained easily because of a bad shoulder joint I’ve been nursing for months now. In short, I don’t execute quality push-ups. But after the 4th day, I made a lot of improvements.

The first three days, completing four rounds of Metafit was a struggle. But after a while, I increased in speed so I added one more round to increase my intensity. The Immuvit multi-vitamins food supplements made a lot of difference most especially on days when I run in the afternoons. Somehow, It has sustained me to endure an additional punishment.

As to my goals for first week, which is a toned and a more define physique was not achieved, but I’m more confident that in week 2 things will be a lot different. With a new set of exercises, I’m now more certain to see significant improvement not just on weight loss but the reduction of grit measurements which for me is more important. My goal for this week is not to be discouraged by my slow progress from last week routine. Since the set of exercises for the second week does not include push-ups, I plan to target more rounds as much as my body can bare.

The week 2 routine is composed of another different set of exercises. The first is an Alternating leg raise. The second exercise is the Jump-Squat and the third is the Alternating lunges.

Alternating Leg raise - 10 reps per leg...

Jump Squat 10 reps...

 Alternating Lunges 10 reps per leg...

For my readers who are following this blog series, you may also try this set of exercises. It suites for people who have stronger legs and calves. After this week I'm hoping to do better routines that will eventually get me closer to my goals.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Join the “Cortal SQR Run and Fly Away from Pain” Running Event this May

Press Release:

Cortal SQR, the pain reliever from Pharma-Rex Inc. that gives the safest and quickest relief from body pain through its advanced formulation of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol, invites everyone to join the “Cortal SQR Run and Fly Away from Pain” running event. 

For the benefit of the academic scholars of the AMY Foundation, the fun run will be held on May 27, 2012 along Roxas Boulevard, stretching from the cities of Manila to Pasay City. 

Participants will not just get the opportunity to be part of a fun physical workout and help send scholars to school, but they will also get the chance to win round trip tickets from ZestAir! Two round trip ZestAir tickets to prime domestic destinations will be raffled off among the participants of each of the categories. Prizes are two round trip ZestAir tickets to Cebu for the 5K participants, two round trip ZestAir tickets to Puerto Princesa, Palawan for 10K runners, and two round trip ZestAir tickets to Boracay for those who registered in the 15K run. Tickets are transferable and redeemable within a prescribed travel period but are non-convertible to cash. 

Registration fee is PhP 500 for 5K, PhP 600 for 10K and PhP700 for 15K. The registration fee is inclusive of a Race Pack and a Singlet Kit and a Loot Bag. A Finisher Medal is included for the 15K Run. Interested parties may register from April 15 to May 24 at Toby’s Sports Trinoma, Toby’s Sports Megamall, Runner Bonifacio High Street, Toby’s Sports Parksquare and Toby’s Sports Mall of Asia. But if participants register from April 15 to 30 with a receipt of 30 pieces of Cortal SQR purchased from any drugstore within the same month, they can get a discount of PhP 200 from the entrance fee. 

For more information and online registration, please visit and like or contact PEP Squad Events and Marketing Services Inc. at 519-7010 and 519-8980 or 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Product Review : DIADORA Running Shorts

Last January 22, I finally fulfilled one of the items my bucket lists for the year 2012 and that is to run my first 42k marathon on barefoot at the Subic International Marathon 2012.The venue was the scenic route of Subic in Zambales and by God’s grace, I came out in one piece with no injuries. My sufficient training in the last quarter of the year 2011 also paid well as I developed, built strength and endurance to withstand the punishment of a full marathon armed only with just the soles of my feet.

Running long distance can give a runner several setbacks which normally do not occur during training. In my case, even with a strong core to endure long runs, I’m slowed down by the running apparel I wore. Before, I shoved away or even mucked at some running apparels with exorbitant high prices which seemingly has no significant value compared to the ones I use which are much cheaper, but when I started to run long distances, that’s where I noticed the difference. I experienced what some athlete called “fabric friction burn”.

This happens when a piece of fabric of a running short (normally the inner part of the thigh area)or sometimes the lower edge of a singlet, create a burning sensation on the skin brought about by the constant rubbing of fabric against the skin as I run. With the regular running short I used before, I never experienced this until I run long distances 21k or more. Somehow the quality of fabrics or stitches used was not designed to give a runner a sufficient comfort in long runs. That’s when I started to try a better quality running shorts of DIADORA.

DIADORA running shorts features a light nylon fabric with very smooth texture. The nylon fabric is thin and it does not absorb sweat and it quick to dry. The stitches are seamless without any rough texture that normally causes fabric friction burn. I field tested a pair last week for a 10k rout on a sunny Friday afternoon. Fabric-friction-burn normally starts when a runner began to sweat excessively, because sweat makes the skin a little bit tender. In a regular running short, discomfort occurs after the 10k and it worsen little by little as you go further and sweat even more. But with the DIADORA running short there was no discomfort at all so I decided to go a little further , do another loop to make my run 21k. To my surprise, I finished my run a few minutes early than my usual time. The apparel I wore really made a lot of difference. 

DIADORA Running shorts is definitely Trails Unlimited field test approved!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Global Pinoy Heroes Unveiled

The Commission of Filipinos Overseas , in partnership with Toblerone, the “thank you” Chocolate are making its mission to acknowledge the efforts of the modern day Filipino Heroes through a special event dubbed as “Thank You Global Pinoy Awards Night” hled at Seventh High Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

This tribute event is where a number of identified OFWs who are making a difference in the lives of not just their families but also in the lives of other people of other countries where a Global-Pinoy display an exemplary best practices in their own field of expertise thus bringing great impact in the lives of people around them. 

OFWs as they are right now are already our Country’s heroes by their dollar remittances which amount to an average national revenue of 20 Billion dollars a year. But beyond their contributions to the economy of the country, these OFWs are extending more of what they are expected as workers in another land. 

This year, there were 10 ten Global Pinoys are recognized, including Reynaldo Lachica, a power plant Chemist in London, who pushes for academic excellence through the Annual Ulirang Kabataan Awards that was held in Paco, Manila. Dennis Laforteza, the head Chef of US President Barrack Obama; and Francis Padua Papica, a lawyer in San Francisco who spearheaded a foundation helping young Bicolanos pursue their education, to name a few. 

Since all of the awardees are currently living in different parts of the globe, the awards were given to the member of their families instead. The awards were a plaque of appreciation and huge size of Toblerone each.

Photos courtesy of Orange MagazineTV. com

Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrity Moms Ham it up with Purefoods Fiesta Ham

In the Filipino culture, Ham is the ever present center-piece dish during Christmas season as it has been always the star of the Noche Buena feast. But as soon as the season died down after December, the ham is seemed to mismatch other occasions throughout the year.

Away from the yuletide celebration, celebrity moms and Purefoods Hambassadors, Suzi Entrata-Abrenica, Christine Jacobs-Sandejas, Barbie Almalbis-Honasan and Danica Sotto-Pingris share to all fellow moms how Purefoods Ham can be as special as a Christmas dish in every occasion.

The four mom hambassadors share their culinary creativity by jazzing up Purefoods-Ham in four different kinds of dishes according to a specific type of occasion. May it be a meal after work-out, a simple date, party treats for birthday parties or just a simple Sunday lunch dish, Purefoods-Ham can be a spectacular dish and as memorable as Christmas.

For Suzi, spending a quality time outdoors with husband Paulo and kids on a typical Sunday afternoon can be doubly special with Crepe pouches and kebabs made with Purefoods Fiesta Ham smoked boneless.

 For the former Olympian Christine, maintaining a good physique can be fun with friends as she served fresh green salad with special herb dressing and chunks of Purefoods Fiesta Ham. To complement the Salad is a creamy tomato soup with small tid-bits of ham.

A newbie mom, Barbie, knows how to rock things up when it comes to celebrating parties for small kids with her creamy pasta with Purefoods Fiesta Ham.

Danica Sotto-Pingris knows best when it comes to celebrating a romantic evening with husband PBA player Marc Pingris. She can really captures Marc’s heart with her Ham Wellington prepared with purefoods Fiesta Ham. 

Now, who says that Purefoods Fiesta Ham is only good to eat during Christmas season? A creative variations or preparing it as it is, Purefoods Fiesta Ham is a delightful dish suited for all occasion all year round. 

My Immuvit-Metafit 30 day Challenge

I’m officially embarking a new summer endeavor this 2012. It’s called my personal IMMUVIT -METAFIT 30 DAY CHALLENGE.

Yesterday, I was fortunate to be invited to visit Coach Jim Saret of Better Bodies Gym to witness a demonstration and had a firsthand experience of the Metafit, Bodyweight Training System that aims to boost the metabolism and actually burn fat. It is a four-minute exercise routine that enables one to burn up to 600 calories in just a few minutes of exercise. Doing this form of exercise promotes higher metabolism and energy, stronger bones, lower blood sugar and increase growth hormones. It consists of 10 reps of fast, short and intense bursts of anaerobic exercises such as JUMPING JACKS, SQUATS, PUSH-UPS and LEG LUNGES.

In order for the body to sustain the workout, Metafit system is partnered with Immuvit, a special type of food supplement which harnesses the power of two types of ginseng (Korean and Siberian) and CoQ10 that helps boost the surge of energy while doing the workout. 

I’ve been into running for several years now and personally I can safely say that in three years of running, I have accomplished the strength, energy and a body physique I needed to be called as “Fit”. Coming from a body weight of 187 pounds a few years back to 140 pounds, the state I am now is pretty much acceptable to many.

However, at 41, even with a rigorous running regimen coupled with controlled diet, the body tone and definition I always wanted is not showing off, most especially on the upper portion of my body. It seems that running alone would take a longer time to achieve it. The 15 years of carrying a belly-bulge that turned into a much thiner grit, left an awful flabby skin around it. With shirt on, it looks like I’m wearing the “six-pack” but without it, it’s an awful seen. My mid-section is one stubborn part I’m battling for years now and I’m hoping that after 1 month of Immuvit-Metafit system will give this obstacle a much greater improvement. 

In my 30 day journey, I would hope to achieve a more toned upper torso and a much leaner mid-section. Coupled with my weekly running regimen, I will do my best to consistently complete weekly running distances I set. This time, I will apply a more rigid discipline to veer away from sodas and to have a more controlled food intake.

Right now, I’m keeping a personal journal in order to document my daily progress. On the first day, my pre-workout weigh-in is 142.3lbs. Together with other Metafit-challengers, all of us were prompted to do as many rounds as we can in order to reach the acceptable intensity that will increase metabolism thus burning as much as 600 calories in just four minutes.

With Immuvit-Metafit System, working out with instant results have never been so easy. That's why I'm encouraging all my readers to try it and see the result for yourself. No need to go to the gym, or suiting up yourself with fancy workout apparels. One can do the workout even in your Pjs or in your most comfortable "pam-bahay" get-up.

Jumping jacks 10 reps... 

Squats (finger tips touching the floor) 10 reps...

Push-ups 10 reps...

Lunges per leg 10 reps...

 To know more about the IMMUVIT-METAFIT SYSTEM, you can check out Coach Jim Saret's comprehensive presentation by simply clicking this link:

Immuvit MetaFit Challenge
View more presentations from Janette Toral
Follow Immuvit on Facebook.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spyder-Charge Your Summer Campaign

Last March 31, 2012, Spyder Team launched a summer campaign that promotes various outdoor sports such as running, swimming, biking and motorcycling with their top quality sports gears that will bring an athlete’s competitiveness in a higher level. It was held at The activity center of Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

It was a kick-off of a week-long activities that encourages mall-goers in the south to engage in various health endeavours. The activities involves clinic of different sports like running, road-biking, swimming and motorcycling. This was conducted by sports group like Safety Riders, Mr. Edmund Mangaser, team manager of the Philippine Cycling Team for SEA games and three-time Ulthra-Marathon Champion and Best Triathlete nominee Michelle Estuar.

The event was also the venue for the awarding of the winner of the Spyder Blogging Contest that was promoted in the social media and was participated by various sports blogging individuals.

Spyder featured their most popular models of sports shades, sports watches and helmets. One special feature of these products are the Spyder Assist where a Spyder owner does not only get a quality sports gear but also get an extra protection of insurance that comes along with all Spyder Products. The insurance component of Sypder Products is in partnership with Standard Insurance Company.

With a minimal cost on the part of the owner, he or she is already covered up to 100,000 pesos. Medical reimbursements of up to P5,000 is included for accident related injuries including moto-related accidents. And for the helmets, Spyder is also providing cash replacement policy for damaged helmets during major accidents.

Spyder-Charge your Summer is an event of Spyder Helmets and Optics and are sponsored by Sketchers, Go Run, Sun Cellular, Kawasaki, All Terra Cyclery and are supported by Total Fitness, Multi-sport, One Sport, Inside Racing and Weekend Warrior Magazine,,,, and 

Spyder Helmets and Optics is distributed in the Philippines by Roshan Commercial Corporation.


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