Monday, November 7, 2011

Wideout Reanimation

APPS is a four letter word which is becoming very popular among techies and non-techie alike or simply people who uses web-enabled gadgets and hardware. These have become a necessity in being connected anywhere in the world, wherever you are. And with the fast paced innovations of information technology, software applications, or simply apps, are now covering almost every segment of social and commercial realms.

WIDEOUT Technology Services is an application service provider for online advertising, specializing in Google and DoubleClick platforms. Aside from Asia, its clients can be found all the way from North America and Europe. As one of the pioneers in process outsourcing in 2000 as a multi-media and flash development outfit, Wideout has expanded its services to include web design and development, creative design, web-analytics, and mobile application development.

Wideout is the only country partner of Google for analytics in the Philippines and a DoubleClick Preferred Partner. With the integrity that Wideout holds, the company has earned the trust of the world’s biggest brands in creating cutting-edge advertising solutions using the latest online technologies. At the moment, Wideout is eager to offer its world-class quality services with one of the most rapidly growing technologies at present -- the Android Mobile Platform

Last October 29, 2011, like many companies holding their traditional Halloween parties, Wideout held its Reanimation Beer Bash where a very interesting twist to Apps was featured and which revolutionizes how parties and events are being held. With the emerging popularity of smartphones these days, event organizers can now use Android Apps to update guests or participants almost everything about the event’s peculiarities such as raffles, constant notifications on supplies of drinks, and even how much drinks an individual consumes during the event. This technology can also revolutionize how organizers can send invitations, conduct games, and give away freebies. At least, this is just one example of what Wideout services can do to a business.

At present, such services can only serve quite a few people because not too many yet own a personal handheld android hardware. But pretty soon, with the rapid changes in how technology evolves in a very short period of time, it won’t be too long before such apps become a normal standard just as cellular phones have emerged to be a common necessity that everyone now seemingly posseses. It’s just a matter of time on how Apps will soon change the very life that we know now.

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