Friday, November 25, 2011

Event Coverage: Launching of Kaspersky EndPoint 8.0 and Kaspersky Center 9.0

Last November 17, 2011, Kaspersky Lab unveiled the newest defense and protection software in its arsenal -- the Kaspersky EndPoint 8.0 and Kaspersky Security Center 9.0. This special event was held at the function room of the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City.

Guests from the IT community and members of the quad media were invited to witness and share the celebration of this launch with a comprehensive presentation from key people including a major from the PNP Anti-Transnational and Cyber Crime Division (ATCCD); Peter Beardmore, Senior Director of Product Marketing Kaspersky Lab; and Suk-Ling Gun, APAC Director Corporate Sales also of Kaspersky Lab.

Major Felix shared that even though the country’s anti-cyber crime group is young compared to its international counterparts, this law enforcement unit has proven its capacity in digital forensic or handling of digital evidences and pursuing cyber criminals. In partnership with Kaspersky Lab, the ATCCD is loaded with the ultimate protection and defense from any malware attacks that might come their way.

Peter Beardmore presented some updates on how these malware and other viruses work and grow and how Kaspersky’s 2012 EndPoint 8.0 and Security Center 9.0’s amazing features can give the best protection and defense to a company’s valued data. At the very least, approximately 70,000 new threats are made every day or one new virus every 1.2 second. With the fast growing global IT trends in terms of mobility, consumerization , cloud virtualization, and IT infrastructure, the ever-prevailing threats are likewise on a fast track and are seemingly one step ahead.

However, Beardmore further explained that the End-point 8.0 and Security Center 9.0 is always ahead of the latest threats with its superior intelligent protection and comprehensive management thus improving business efficiency and productivity. With the latest in cloud computing technology, businesses can maximize their protection capability through Kaspersky security networks.

Ms. Suk-Ling Gun shared with everyone how Kaspersky is moving alongside the more popular key players in the IT security industry. Though its present revenue does not surpass others’, in terms of market share, it ranked #2 among the bigwigs. This means that KL products are more affordable and yet provide the high superior protection and defense that everyone needs.

Later in the afternoon, guests and partner vendors of Kaspersky Lab were treated to a fast-track adventure in the cart-circuit in Park Square where everyone got to experience cart racing and a glimpse of how Formula One race car drivers feel during races.

*The Kaspersky EndPoint 8.0 and Security Center 9.0 are server protection software that covers networks of computers for businesses that depends a lot on IT requirements.

*Photos borrowed from Orange Magazine TV's Facebook page 

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