Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Event Coverage: Cream Halloween Ball 2011

BIGFISH, the premier dance party organizing outfit in the country, held the most talked-about and much-awaited posh Halloween party last October 29 at the World Trade Center Manila: the Cream Halloween Ball 2011.

This was my very first Cream Halloween party experience among the very few parties I’ve been in my life. Much of the fun and intoxicating feel of it was more of discovery and amazement. I guess it’s just a normal reaction for somebody like me who did not grow up in the type of culture that party and dance-loving Pinoys had. 

The freakiest party experience I had to-date, which I already considered extreme, was the Yahoo! OMG Awards event that happened a few months back which, until now, I seem to feel the hangover from just by remembering it.  I never thought just a few months later, I would have the chance to experience a much freakier one that definitely measured way beyond my scale of parties.

Cream Halloween Ball is, by far, the longest running Halloween party that ever stormed the Philippines’ dance party community. BIGFISH has been nurturing the club brand in the country for several years now. As the party becomes bigger and better every year, so does its party-goers that come in their most creative and grandest costumes which blew me away.

My friends and I were invited by AXE Body Spray cologne, one of the major sponsors of this year’s Cream Ball party. Together with friends from Stratworks and the quad media, I had the rare opportunity to be in this event and mingle, share drinks, and dance a bit among the hippest crowd that stormed the venue. By 12mn, the party was just starting to heat up as hundreds of party animals crowded the halls of WTC in their creative Halloween outfits as everyone danced to the ingenious house music-mixing of Ashley Wallbridge of UK and legendary DJs W&W.

By one o’clock in the morning, everything was just starting to get wild as the crowd and music rose to full intensity. The atmosphere was in high gear as everyone in the house seemed to be fantastically having the craziest time.  By 2am, our group made our exit and called it night. Cream Halloween Ball 2011 was a wild and fun experience for many but, for me, it’s more of a revelation about how far some people would go just to have fun celebrating Halloween.

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