Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Movie Review: Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 1

The long awaited final segment of the blood-sucking chick-flick movie Twilight ends with its fourth installment Breaking Dawn. This romantic love-triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob has been the source of excitement of many young moviegoers who have been avid followers of the movie since its inception a few years back.

My wife and I had the opportunity to finally be immersed in the Twilight phenomena for the very first time last week in a press screening courtesy of friends from Jollibee. Understanding the details of a sequel from a four-part story was a bit tough for us since it’s our first Twilight experience. So, this review would only be confined in the context of the series’ fourth chapter: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

I’ve read several movie reviews of this film from other movie critics and majority was not as satisfactory. I assumed that their reviews were based from past Twilights movies which I’m not very familiar with and which is why my version would be a little different.

I realized inside the movie house that there are two factions. One group belongs to the Bella-Edward team and the other one for the Bella-Jacob team. I also discovered that since the beginning, it has been a battle of “fangs vs. abs”. After all, Bella is one fickle-minded damsel who can’t make up her mind whether she would settle owning a “dog” or loving the centuries-old “undead” boyfriend.

As expected by many, she ended up marrying Edward, the cutie vamp. After the wedding, the real story began when Edward brought Bella to a luxurious villa in an uninhabited island near the coast of Brazil for the traditional honeymoon getaway. Prior to this, a “taboo” was mentioned in the first part of the movie where Edward and Bella made Jacob freak out which I didn’t get at first. Soon after, I realized that it meant Bella would die if the couple does the sex part while she is still human. Later, Jacob’s premonition took form in a graphical, out-of-this world conception that cut the honeymoon short.

Back in Edward’s house, Bella tried to adapt to her fast-tracked conception as the baby inside her grew every minute. What I like in this part was the CGI and cinematography of Bella’s transformation into a deteriorating state as the fetus-vamp drains her from inside which forced her to drink plasma to feed her baby.

Meanwhile, the werewolf pack alpha male Sam went against the standing truce between vamps and werewolf and planned to kill all the vamps while Jacob, along with his disloyal cohorts, watch the perimeter of Edward’s house as self-declared watchdogs/security guards ever ready to stop him. In the midst of all this chaos between the vamps and werewolves, and keeping Bella alive on the side, the story was not that bad because the CGI effects were really good. For me, the film can stand alone even in the absence of the three previous parts.

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