Friday, October 23, 2015

Sun Life Asia Health Index 2015

Filipinos, despite garnering the highest percentage (89%) among South East Asian Countries that gives importance to health, ironically, we also scored the highest (59%) who do not exercise regularly. In short, we don’t give action to what we say. 

Generation O - Overworked, Overweight and Overwhelmed

After hearing this report, I was shocked! Because I always thought that a lot have changed in the last decade in terms of how Filipinos have been into fitness and healthy lifestyle. One evidence of which is the exponentially growing running community in the country plus, the rise of the fitness center industry which populate the metropolis of every region of this country, such as Fitness First, Gold’s Gym, Slimmer’s World, etc. Given these facts, I guess much more are still not into the healthy lifestyle after all. 

 At Fitness First RCBC with Fitness practitioners...

On its second year, Sun Life Asia released new reports how people in the Philippines as well as other Asian countries have performed in terms of the improvement of healthy living. Here in our country, out of 700 respondents, about 97% regard health as an important aspect of their lives. However, contrary to this, almost half (46%) fall into the “unhealthy” segments of the society. 

Robinson's Fit n' Fun Buddy Run. With my son Gab

Further on in the study, researchers have also discovered the causes behind these alarming reports that prohibits Filipinos to fulfill their health aspirations. One segment is the group of people who don’t have  time or Lack of Time (30%) and another is who people are easily distracted or Unmotivated (13%) to take action toward healthier lifestyle. Subsequently, both these two segments are also the lead causes of dissatisfaction in all of life’s aspect, including stress management (80%) and level of exercise and energy which 79%.

The Philippines ranks 89% among Asian Countries that gives high importance to being healthy

Another highlights of the reports is being the top among the region which has less than six hours of sleep and having bad choices of diet or preference of eating unhealthy food. In terms of choosing the sedentary lifestyle, the Philippines and Indonesia shares the rank of having the highest proportion (13%). As to the having a Poor mind-set on health, the Philippines and Vietnam shares the rank that most likely to say that they can be healthy without putting an effort into it (3%). 

Ms. Mylene Lopa, Sun Life Philippines Chief Marketing Officer

But the biggest among the segments is the Generation O. These are people who are Overworked, Overweight and Overwhelmed. They have the highest stress level, not satisfied with their diet and are not satisfied with their level of energy. They say they want to get healthier but are STILL UNABLE TO DO IT. 

Sun Life Asia Health Index Media Forum

With the alarming rate of family history chronic health issues such as Diabetes and heart diseases, Sun Life is continually integrating health program initiatives, partnering with other like-minded groups to promote healthier lives. These initiatives does not only involve Sun Life employees but also its valued clients by integrating Sun Life products into their life insurances and other investments. It also involve the community through its annual SanPiology Run where various cause oriented groups are identified as beneficiaries of the fun run. 

SunPIOLOGY Run 2015, Happening on November 28, 2015 at West Mckinley, BGC

“Sun Life is committed to developing programs that build stronger, and healthier communities that are not only aware of health-related choices and consequences, but also engaged in actively developing greater self-efficacy in their own health care, Deeper insights into the Philippines’ Generation O – as well as each of the other five segments, will inform oh how we innovate product options with more customized incentives and benefits which would successfully health enhancing behaviors that are sustained over time, to avoid future healthcare cost.”  - Ms. Riza Mantaring, Sun Life Philippines Country Director. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Savour Australia at New World Makati Hotel

Breaking News! Australia has invaded New World Makati Hotel last week! 

It was an invasion like no other because it captured the attention of many Filipinos who loved Australia’s pure and natural produce. Last October 1, 2015, New World Makati Hotel hosted an exceptional food tasting event that highlights Aussie’s three product aces which are the, Beef, Cheese and wine. 

Chef Tim Hollands, Chef Robert Davis, New World Executive and Anthony Weymouth

A few months ago, I had a gastronomical time touring several restaurants around metro manila that serves Australia’s grass-fed beef which were purely awesome. There is really a distinct flavorful taste of the beef that was purely grass-fed and was bred to roam around in vast grace land of Australia. So when I got the invite to visit New World for another taste of Australia’s superb beef, I immediately said yes.

O'Conner Premium Grass-fed Beef, Oven roasted to perfection...

The food tasting event was held at the Glass House New World. There, the hotel’s executive Chef Robert Davis featured the O’Connor Premium Grass-fed beef which was oven roasted to perfection. This premium meat is naturally bred from the Grippsland region of Victoria, Australia. Chef Robert also featured Ox cube Roll, Premium Ox Chuck, Short Ribs and my personal favorite, the Tomahawk, which were also equally superb.

Premium Ox Chuck and Short Ribs

The event also highlighted the arrival of hotel’s guest chef, Chef Tim Hollands who featured some of the best cheese of Australia, such as the Ashgrove aged cheddar, Jindi Tripple Cream, Jindi Double Brie, Ashgrove Double Glaucester, Ashgrove Lavender, and Ashgrove Rubicon. Chef Tim also featured some of Australia’s best wines that are best paired with Australian cheese. The wines which Australia is quite famous for is the De Bortoli Wines, which is a long heritage of De Bortoli Family tradition of wine brewing which is rooted all the way back from Italy.

Australian Blue Cheese

De Bortoli Wines (Photo credit to

Jindi Double Brei...

These awesome Australian grass-fed beef dishes are being served at Café 1228 on a lunch buffet spread for only P1,999 per person.  But during dinner times and on weekends these wonderful dishes are priced at P2,229 per person. Of course, the packages come also with an array of international cuisines, traditional sides, desserts as well as hot and cold beverages.

Premium Ox Short Ribs

For some who wish to savour these Aussie’s grass-fed beef in oriental cooking, you can visit Hong kong Master chef Wong Kam On at Jasmin Restaurant. It highlights Australian beef creation such as Stir-Fried Diced Beef Tenderloin with Salt and Pepper, Beef Steak and Goose Liver Black Truffle Sauce, Chinese Steamed Beef Buns, Fried Tenderloin and Mango Signature dish, all offered for lunch and dinner.

O'Connor Permium Ox Chuck

Chef Robert Davis, Executive Chef of New World Makati Hotel

Beginning October 9, 2015, New World Makati a different kind of weekend get-a-way experience for the whole family at the poolside area. For only P1,500 per person, everyone in the family can enjoy a laid back dinning with Grilled Sea Foods and meats. And On Sunday afternoon, grilled snack skewers are served a la carte.


And more desserts...

New World Makati Hotel’s Savour Australia promotion is available from October 19 to November 8 2015. Rates include service charges. For more information you can contact the hotel directly at 811-68-88. Or visit

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rexona Celebrates Fitness through First Ever RXN FITFEST…

For several years of organizing one of the coolest and jam-pack running event that fuses fitness and music is the Rexona Run. This year, Rexona takes the fitness event on another level, by bringing the fitness community the first ever Fitness Festival. 

Mar Corazo, Rexona's Brand Manager with 360 Circuit Training Instructors...

Rexona Fitness Festival or RXN FitFest, is an all-day fitness workout that involves, Circuit Training, Yoga Cardio, and Body Jam. These three work-outs will be facilitated by Rexona’s fitness gym partners namely; 360 Fitness (for Circuit Training), Plana Forma (for Yoga Cardio), and Fitness First (for Body Jam). 

Fitness bloggers getting ready for a Circuit workout...

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a sneak peak of what RXN FitFest will in store for all the fitness enthusiasts on November 14. The 360 Fitness, one of the gym partners that will facilitate Circuit Training gave me and several media and fitness bloggers a short session of Circuit workouts. The session lasted for an hour and it involves moderate intense workout. But for some of us who were first timers in in this type of training, the workout was already pretty intense.   

Sparta Gym's wide variety of fitness equipment...

The circuit training session was done in pairs, and each partner pushes the other for greater impact. One can also encourages the other partner if one is slowing down or getting tired. It motivates one to match the fitness level of the other, by increasing one physical limits. Circuit Training is a radical fitness workout that involves high intensity exercises with the use of non-conventional weights, such as high density ball, rope, sand bags, etc. 

Sparta Gym...

The exercises targets special muscle groups and cardio vascular system that allows the body to burn calories and fats much faster in a short period of time, compared to conventional weight training or aerobics. The Circuit Training is just one of the three fitness events of RXN FITFEST, which I’m sure, the intensity will be quite high. It is a good cross-training for runners who wish to improve other muscle groups that will help prevent getting injured. For me, I believe it is a good way to strengthen other body parts, since running involves a constant forward motion and other muscle groups that don’t support the running activity tends to be resting. 

Juju food Catering, after an hour of Circuit workout...

Of course, there are other disciplines that can be a good form of cross-training like bicycle riding or swimming, but the circuit training can target muscle groups biking and swimming cannot address because of the variety of movements the training offers. Other cross training discipline is the Body Jam which is a series of fast aerobic movements integrated with an up-beat music. Now this is something that a lot of people can look forward to at RXN FITFEST on November 14 Hall 1 of SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

SunPIOLOGY Run 2015

For seven years, the SunPIOLOGY Run have consistently pushed its mission for a fit and healthy lifestyle. Over the years, many Filipinos are now into the running culture because of SunPIOLOGY’s celebrity presence and the novelty experience to run along with them. These runners who started as “celebrity-fan” runners eventually transformed into serious fitness enthusiasts. I guess that’s one unique factor of Celebrity-filled fun runs. Because it can rally not just Runners but non-runners as well, who are “super Fans” and will brave to run-after their favorite celebs just for a quick selfie. Soon, after several kilometers chasing celebrities, all those running eventually convert them into the mainstream running crowd.

On its seventh year, SunPIOLOGY Run is giving a portion of its proceeds to a special institution that advocates awareness and treatment of a debilitating illness of many Filipinos today. The Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation, Inc. (ISDFI) is one of the proponent organization that helps many Filipinos who are currently suffering from Diabetes and to date, there more than four million Filipinos who have contracted by this lifestyle illness. Diabetes is the leading cause of other complications such as Heart Attack, hypertension, stroke, etc. 

In line with its thematic advocacy, The SunPIOLOGY Run will feature some easy obstacles scattered along the race course. These “obstacles” are life-size inflatable tumblers of Junk foods, or symbols of poor healthy living that a runner needs to kick as you pass by them. There are some objects can be kicked as many as he or she wants and the more kicks corresponds to more donation will be given by Sun Life to the ISDFI.  Another feature is the Golden kilometer or the GK which is a one kilometer distance designed for people ages 50 and up. 

SunPIOLOGY Run has always been a fundraising event that benefits foundations and cause oriented groups and improves the lives of many marginalized people in our society. So other than supporting the cause of ISDFI, SunPIOLOGY will also donate some of its proceeds to organizations, HEBREYO Foundation and Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation. The Distances of the race are as follows: 500 meter kids dash (P350), 3k (P700), 5k (P800), and 10k (P900). The running event is a sunset run and it’s on November 28, 2015 (Saturday), at the newly opened Mckinley West of Megaworld Properties. 

Since 2009, the SunPIOLOGY Run has already raised millions of pesos foer education and social services. Every year, the event is made even brighter by the presence of Star Magic’s crowd drawers including Bea Alonzo, Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador, Paul Avelino, Matteo Guidicelli, Xian Lim, Liza Soberano, Enrique Gill, Ejay Falcon, Iza Calzado, Reyver Cruz, Jessy Mendiola, Robi Domingo, Joem Bascon, JC Devera, Pokwang, Angeline Quinto, ZaiJian Jaranilla, Nash Aguas, Alexa Ilacad, Inigo Pascual, Sofia Andres, Michelle Vito and some PBB Alumni to name a few.

The technical race organizer of SunPIOLOGY Run is Run Rio Inc. This event is supported by: Megworld Properties, Medicard, Toby’s and Runnr, Max’s Restaurant, with Gardenia, Cebu Pacific and Sante Barley. Media partners are, The Philippine Star, Philippines Daily Inquirer, Business Mirror, Business World, CNN Philippines, Star Studio, Yes Magazine, ANC and Cinema One. It also supported by PhilRice, SLAMCI and Sun Life Foundation.
For race details, you can check its website: or

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sun Life Grepa Boosts Financial Literacy with a Fun Board Game

One characteristic of many Filipinos is the complaisance of their security of the future. Most commonly, these people are the ones who have alleviated themselves economically by securing a decent paying job or have engaged in profitable business. These are the individuals who are the least receptive in the idea of a life insurance.  

Sun Life Grepa is a joint venture of YGC and Sun Life Philippines

One classic example is a friend of mine who is a ship captain and has been in the sea faring work for more than 20 years. At fifty, with a few properties acquired here and there, suddenly was rushed in the hospital for a mild heart attack and underwent an angioplasty which cost half a million pesos. We were so shocked to discover that he didn’t have any medical or life insurance. The only insurance he has is an accident insurance if he is in the boat, working. 

Praxis is invented by a Singaporean Finance Expert

He went through the operation successfully and was discharged and was cleared fit for work a month after. Actually, as much as he wanted to slow down and retire, he didn’t have a choice but to go to work because of the loans he incurred to pay the hospital bills that are needed to be settled. So, when I asked him why he didn’t get an insurance, he said he never thought something bad will happen to him. Now here is a guy who has the money and the capacity to fund an insurance policy but chose not to get one because of a thought that nothing bad will happen to him. Thankfully, after that unexpected crisis, he and his wife got their insurances just recently. 

Praxis simulates real-life events...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Honda launches Gen S; Unveils All-New Zoomer X

Honda Philippines, the choice of many motorcycle riders in the country unveiled another brand in its scooter series that is especially created for the new breeds of riders that are growing exponentially in the motorcycling community. To date, with the increase of volume of four-wheeled vehicle rolling on major roads of the metro, many daily commuters are becoming motorbike riders, which made transportation very cost efficient. 

Even with the alarming cases of motorcycle accidents that cost the lives of many riders, many are still choosing to take the risk and ride motorbikes. This phenomenon gave way to a lot of suppliers in the motorcycle market which compete with the major players by their drop-down prices and hard to resist financing schemes. Such terms are so attractive, it encourage impulse buying and lure people even from the lower bracket of the society.  

Of course, all cheap commodities come with a costly trade-offs in the long run. And the danger of poor quality workmanship is the unexpected breakdown that may happen while on the road, and that will lead to paying a much bigger price which is our safety. So, being a responsible rider does not only observe road courtesy but a rider with a consciousness of having a motorcycle that is always in tip-top running condition. Riding a motorcycle always has risks involve. But these risks are lessen or become manageable if your ride offers an over-all superb quality workmanship that will give a rider a much easier and safer handling experience.

For over 45 years, Honda Motorcycles never fails to impress motorists with their all-time reliable motor bikes, whether these are the street motorcycles, scooters or even their big bike lines. For many years, they have dominated the public transport cab or tricycles in many parts of South East Asia with their TMX 155cc. An all-around utility and a true work-horse that can haul heavy loads and trek rough terrains in remote places. The only down-side of this is the fuel cost-efficiency because of its torque-displacement ratio. And with the present high cost of fuel, Honda needs to replace the TMX 155 with a much cost efficient model. That is why a couple of years ago, they launched the TMX Supremo 125cc. With this model, Honda was able to address the fuel efficiency problem with a much lesser displacement. However the horse power and torque were almost the same. A smart tweak of engineering only Honda can give. 

Today, the growing population of “scooter” riders are definitely at a constant pace which gives the motorcycle industry a wider market-segment to play around, because this is where the bulk of the business is much profitable. And despite the alarming number of industry players coming from China, Honda still keeps a considerable share of the pie. Because almost everyone who bought a low quality made scooter will sooner or later experience break-down and will eventually end up buying a quality motor bikes like Honda the second time around. China-made scooters are more like an entry level for scooter riders. 

Among the Honda’s Scooter series, they have recently launched another improvement of the first version, the Zoomer X. Part of the Generation S series which include Honda Click 125i and Honda BeAT Fi, The Zoomer X is especially designed to cater the much younger riders of today. It is for the college students or the young single professionals who want to escape the fatigue of the daily commute of going to school or work every day. The Zoomer X offers very easy handling which features Honda’s Smart Technology and ingeniously designed skeletal roll-bars on the side and front that serves as an additional safety buffers. It runs on a 110cc( Fuel Injected) engine, with superb fuel efficiency rate of 56 kilometres per litter on city driving.  

And just like Honda Click 125i and Honda Beat Fi, it also feature the Idling stop System which allows the engine to stop automatically after three seconds of idling that’s adds to its fuel efficiency feature. But when you need to go right away, a smooth turn of the throttle handle will automatically start the engine just as quickly. It also has the Combined Break system that gives a sufficient amount of breaking power for both wheels with one press of the left break lever.  

The all-new Honda Zoomer-X is available in lively Marigold Yellow and trend-setting Mat Crypton Silver Metallic colors for Php93,900. Visit your nearest Honda dealers and have a test drive of the all-new Zoomer X and the rest of the Generation S scooter series.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Veloci Camo collection

 Have you seen the latest VELOCI watches lately? Once I tried it on my wrist, I got the feeling that this watch was specially made for people like me who love outdoor adventures. Whether I’ll spend another week in a remote community in Mindanao, or hitting the trails with my trustee old-schooler mountain bike on a Saturday Morning, work or play, the new Veloci Camo will be the coolest gear I can wear in my trail blazing adventures.

Veloci Camo Color collections: The classic Army-green, Rouge-Red, Cadet-grey and Infantry-blue

 All set for a good running day with Veloci Army-green...

Last year, my wife gave a Veloci Pulse sports watch which I use every time I run. It’s a two-tone blue and black time piece with the basic stop watch functions and features dual time display - analogue hands and digital. It also feature a 100 meter water resistant function which is very reliable when I do some laps in our club house swimming pool.

 My all reliable Veloci-Pulse. Ruth gave me last year...

 Last September 23, 2015, I was invited to attend a very exceptional launching of the newest Veloci Camo Collection. The event was very thematic where everyone was in the Camo attire, or at least a touch of it. Of course, as an adventure enthusiasts, camos and green apparels are part of my wardrobes, and wearing one is so natural for me.

 Gearing up in a semi-military attire...

Most of the guests present were fashion and lifestyle bloggers, which made me think that I was the only sports enthusiasts’ blogger present. It was a very close and intimate event where everyone gathered in a small “war-room” at the 100 miles café in BGC. Present also are the Veloci executives and Veloci Brand Ambassadors – Hideo Muraoka and Katriona Grey who also hosted the event.

 Veloci Brand Ambassadors, Hideo Moraoka and Katriona Grey

Ms. Katriona gave a short and warm welcome to everyone and after which, we were grouped accordingly in teams and battled in a friendly competition. The game was a “light” boot-camp” challenge that requires brains and brawns. Of course the game was time pressured that is why everyone got to field test the features of the Camo watches given to us.  Our team didn’t win in the end, but we surely had a wonderful time doing the challenges and of course our new Veloci Camo watches.

 Doing 10 jumping-jacks in the shortest time...

After an hour of Adrenalin rush competition, we proceeded to the highlight of the event where everyone enjoyed a feast of “Boodle-Fight”. It’s a military style banquet where the food is dump on the table with banana leaves with no plates, no spoon and fork, so everyone will just eat with our hands. Now for me, that’s adventure! 

 Boodle-fight...fine dinning version. :)

Monday, October 5, 2015



MANILA, PHILIPPINES -Registrations are now open for The Music Run™ by Philam Life Manila, a truly immersive and rocking 5km fun run that is bringing the beat to the Philippines for the first time. Having toured Asia and entertained over 50,000 participants or Music Runners™ from Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Yangon, The Music Run™ by Philam Life promises to deliver a brand new experience to participants on Saturday 14thNovember at the Philippine Arena.


Set over 5km, The Music Run™ by Philam Life takes Music Runners™through an exciting odyssey of sound with five different Music Zones– Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop and Dance. Concert-quality speakers will line the entire course or “Sound Track”, creating a truly immersive and rocking music experience which ends with live performances from local artists at the Finish Zone Music Festival.

The Music Run™ has partnered with Spotify to build a bespoke digital music selection mechanic that enables crowd sourcing of music providing a true social voice to the event. With the tagline Your music, Your beat™, Music runners™ can stake their claim on the music in rotation by voting for their 5 favourite tracks in each music genre on the website The five most popular tracks from each genre will then be selected to form music zone playlists for the actual run. 

Unlike other marathons and themed running events, The Music Run™ by Philam Life has no time clock which means anyone of any fitness level can join in the fun and complete the run at his or her own pace. It is not about who has the fastest time, but simple who has the most fun. All Music Runners™ will be awarded with a medal at the Finish Line.
Manila is just one of 20 cities in eleven new countries experiencing The Music Run™ for the first time in 2015. The Music Run™ is one of the fastest growing fun running events in the world and the Manila leg of the hugely popular series is expected to draw 10,000 fun seekers, runners and music lovers. Music Runners™ may start signing up via the Ticket World website or at Ticket World outlets from August 27 onwards. A limited number of early registrants also get a special 20% discount.
For more information please visit The Music Run website, Facebook page or YouTube Channel.

Date:     14th November 2015 (Saturday)

Time:     Gates Open at 3PM.
Event Starts at 4PM
Event Ends at 9PM

Venue:    Philippine Arena at Ciudad de Victoria, Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines

Entry:    P700 (Standard Run Pack) Includes Official Event Tee, Drawstring bag, Car decal, TMR temporary tattoo, wrist band, runner’s bib and finisher medal)

P1200 (Rock Star Pack) Includes Official Event Tee, ‘Live the Beat’ Baseball Cap, ‘Live the Beat’ Phone Case, ‘Live the Beat’ Rave Shades, Drawstring bag, Car decal, TMR temporary tattoo, wristband, runner’s bib and finisher medal) 

From 27th August 2015 till tickets are sold out




Official Handles:    #TMRbyPhilamLife #TheMusicRun

About The Music Run™

Launched in 2014 by Fresh Events Global, The Music Run™ is the only 5km fun run that puts music at the heart. For music lovers, casual runners and fun seekers, the bespoke digital music selection mechanic lets fans play DJ and help decide the music they want to listen to across 5km’s with five different beats. The Music Run™ is total music immersion with Music Every Step of the Way™.

The Music Run™ brought the beat to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta and Yangon in its first year of business, creating moments for 35,000 Music Runners™ and bringing 15 live performances to fans at the events.

In 2015 The Music Run™ will rock the following countries: USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar.

About Philam Life

The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (Philam Life) is the country’s premier life insurance company. Established on June 21, 1947, Philam Life has earned the trust of customers for its financial strength, strong brand name, and ability to deliver on its promises. 

Philam Life has P226.8 billion in total assets as of December 31, 2014 and has delivered timely pay outs of over P9 billion in education benefits (2004-2014) and over P118 billion in insurance benefits (1950-2014), while serving close to 600,000 individual policyholders and over 1,700,000 insured group members. 

Philam Life understands the real-life needs of its customers and provides the right plans and the right solutions including life protection, health insurance, savings, education, retirement, investment, group and credit life insurance. It also offers bancassurance and fund management products and services through its subsidiaries—BPI Philam Life Assurance Company (BPI-Philam) and Philam Asset Management Inc. (PAMI). 

Philam Life is a member of AIA Group Limited, the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group. As of August 2015


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