Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sun Life Grepa Boosts Financial Literacy with a Fun Board Game

One characteristic of many Filipinos is the complaisance of their security of the future. Most commonly, these people are the ones who have alleviated themselves economically by securing a decent paying job or have engaged in profitable business. These are the individuals who are the least receptive in the idea of a life insurance.  

Sun Life Grepa is a joint venture of YGC and Sun Life Philippines

One classic example is a friend of mine who is a ship captain and has been in the sea faring work for more than 20 years. At fifty, with a few properties acquired here and there, suddenly was rushed in the hospital for a mild heart attack and underwent an angioplasty which cost half a million pesos. We were so shocked to discover that he didn’t have any medical or life insurance. The only insurance he has is an accident insurance if he is in the boat, working. 

Praxis is invented by a Singaporean Finance Expert

He went through the operation successfully and was discharged and was cleared fit for work a month after. Actually, as much as he wanted to slow down and retire, he didn’t have a choice but to go to work because of the loans he incurred to pay the hospital bills that are needed to be settled. So, when I asked him why he didn’t get an insurance, he said he never thought something bad will happen to him. Now here is a guy who has the money and the capacity to fund an insurance policy but chose not to get one because of a thought that nothing bad will happen to him. Thankfully, after that unexpected crisis, he and his wife got their insurances just recently. 

Praxis simulates real-life events...
 Last week, my wife and I were invited by Sun Life Grepa Financials to participate in a board game with some members of the media. It’s called Praxis. It’s like the board game - Monopoly but better. Praxis is a board game that simulates real-life events, such as getting promoted, catching illnesses, and losing a job, that allows players to make other financial decisions like investing in stocks, getting an insurances or properties.

the Game Master...

The game was facilitated by a Game Master that dictates economic situation resulted by inflation or natural disasters, etc. Each table has a Banker that help facilitate the process. The game lasted for more than an hour and after of series of cycles, we all assessed our financial statuses and the one who had more money is the winner. After which, the game master took time to synthesize the game and allow the players to sink-in the lessons learned.

Its all in the roll of the dice...

The Praxis board game was designed to allow the audience/players to sort of experience a typical financial presentation being done by an agent. The process was so participatory that the learning becomes more effective, at least much better approach than showing a lengthy power point presentation to an audience that will eventually find boring and less engaging.  Somehow, I realized that if my friend experienced playing the game much earlier, his receptiveness to the importance of a life insurance could have been more positive, and might have saved him more funds for the hospital bills.  

Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc., (SLGFI) is a joint venture of Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) and Sun Life Financial Philippines (Sun Life). SLGFI has an exclusive distribution agreement with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). SLGFI offers life protection products through its agency, Bank assurance and Group Account Channels. YGC is one of South East Asia’s Largest conglomerates with over 90 countries, while Sun Life has been the top player in the Philippine market for over 120 years. 

Praxis players from members of the media...
Sun Life Grepa Financial is offering this game for free to any group of fifty who wish to have a fresh perspective on financial literacy.

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