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Sun Life Asia Health Index 2015

Filipinos, despite garnering the highest percentage (89%) among South East Asian Countries that gives importance to health, ironically, we also scored the highest (59%) who do not exercise regularly. In short, we don’t give action to what we say. 

Generation O - Overworked, Overweight and Overwhelmed

After hearing this report, I was shocked! Because I always thought that a lot have changed in the last decade in terms of how Filipinos have been into fitness and healthy lifestyle. One evidence of which is the exponentially growing running community in the country plus, the rise of the fitness center industry which populate the metropolis of every region of this country, such as Fitness First, Gold’s Gym, Slimmer’s World, etc. Given these facts, I guess much more are still not into the healthy lifestyle after all. 

 At Fitness First RCBC with Fitness practitioners...

On its second year, Sun Life Asia released new reports how people in the Philippines as well as other Asian countries have performed in terms of the improvement of healthy living. Here in our country, out of 700 respondents, about 97% regard health as an important aspect of their lives. However, contrary to this, almost half (46%) fall into the “unhealthy” segments of the society. 

Robinson's Fit n' Fun Buddy Run. With my son Gab

Further on in the study, researchers have also discovered the causes behind these alarming reports that prohibits Filipinos to fulfill their health aspirations. One segment is the group of people who don’t have  time or Lack of Time (30%) and another is who people are easily distracted or Unmotivated (13%) to take action toward healthier lifestyle. Subsequently, both these two segments are also the lead causes of dissatisfaction in all of life’s aspect, including stress management (80%) and level of exercise and energy which 79%.

The Philippines ranks 89% among Asian Countries that gives high importance to being healthy

Another highlights of the reports is being the top among the region which has less than six hours of sleep and having bad choices of diet or preference of eating unhealthy food. In terms of choosing the sedentary lifestyle, the Philippines and Indonesia shares the rank of having the highest proportion (13%). As to the having a Poor mind-set on health, the Philippines and Vietnam shares the rank that most likely to say that they can be healthy without putting an effort into it (3%). 

Ms. Mylene Lopa, Sun Life Philippines Chief Marketing Officer

But the biggest among the segments is the Generation O. These are people who are Overworked, Overweight and Overwhelmed. They have the highest stress level, not satisfied with their diet and are not satisfied with their level of energy. They say they want to get healthier but are STILL UNABLE TO DO IT. 

Sun Life Asia Health Index Media Forum

With the alarming rate of family history chronic health issues such as Diabetes and heart diseases, Sun Life is continually integrating health program initiatives, partnering with other like-minded groups to promote healthier lives. These initiatives does not only involve Sun Life employees but also its valued clients by integrating Sun Life products into their life insurances and other investments. It also involve the community through its annual SanPiology Run where various cause oriented groups are identified as beneficiaries of the fun run. 

SunPIOLOGY Run 2015, Happening on November 28, 2015 at West Mckinley, BGC

“Sun Life is committed to developing programs that build stronger, and healthier communities that are not only aware of health-related choices and consequences, but also engaged in actively developing greater self-efficacy in their own health care, Deeper insights into the Philippines’ Generation O – as well as each of the other five segments, will inform oh how we innovate product options with more customized incentives and benefits which would successfully health enhancing behaviors that are sustained over time, to avoid future healthcare cost.”  - Ms. Riza Mantaring, Sun Life Philippines Country Director. 

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