Thursday, October 8, 2015

Veloci Camo collection

 Have you seen the latest VELOCI watches lately? Once I tried it on my wrist, I got the feeling that this watch was specially made for people like me who love outdoor adventures. Whether I’ll spend another week in a remote community in Mindanao, or hitting the trails with my trustee old-schooler mountain bike on a Saturday Morning, work or play, the new Veloci Camo will be the coolest gear I can wear in my trail blazing adventures.

Veloci Camo Color collections: The classic Army-green, Rouge-Red, Cadet-grey and Infantry-blue

 All set for a good running day with Veloci Army-green...

Last year, my wife gave a Veloci Pulse sports watch which I use every time I run. It’s a two-tone blue and black time piece with the basic stop watch functions and features dual time display - analogue hands and digital. It also feature a 100 meter water resistant function which is very reliable when I do some laps in our club house swimming pool.

 My all reliable Veloci-Pulse. Ruth gave me last year...

 Last September 23, 2015, I was invited to attend a very exceptional launching of the newest Veloci Camo Collection. The event was very thematic where everyone was in the Camo attire, or at least a touch of it. Of course, as an adventure enthusiasts, camos and green apparels are part of my wardrobes, and wearing one is so natural for me.

 Gearing up in a semi-military attire...

Most of the guests present were fashion and lifestyle bloggers, which made me think that I was the only sports enthusiasts’ blogger present. It was a very close and intimate event where everyone gathered in a small “war-room” at the 100 miles café in BGC. Present also are the Veloci executives and Veloci Brand Ambassadors – Hideo Muraoka and Katriona Grey who also hosted the event.

 Veloci Brand Ambassadors, Hideo Moraoka and Katriona Grey

Ms. Katriona gave a short and warm welcome to everyone and after which, we were grouped accordingly in teams and battled in a friendly competition. The game was a “light” boot-camp” challenge that requires brains and brawns. Of course the game was time pressured that is why everyone got to field test the features of the Camo watches given to us.  Our team didn’t win in the end, but we surely had a wonderful time doing the challenges and of course our new Veloci Camo watches.

 Doing 10 jumping-jacks in the shortest time...

After an hour of Adrenalin rush competition, we proceeded to the highlight of the event where everyone enjoyed a feast of “Boodle-Fight”. It’s a military style banquet where the food is dump on the table with banana leaves with no plates, no spoon and fork, so everyone will just eat with our hands. Now for me, that’s adventure! 

 Boodle-fight...fine dinning version. :)

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