Saturday, October 10, 2015

Honda launches Gen S; Unveils All-New Zoomer X

Honda Philippines, the choice of many motorcycle riders in the country unveiled another brand in its scooter series that is especially created for the new breeds of riders that are growing exponentially in the motorcycling community. To date, with the increase of volume of four-wheeled vehicle rolling on major roads of the metro, many daily commuters are becoming motorbike riders, which made transportation very cost efficient. 

Even with the alarming cases of motorcycle accidents that cost the lives of many riders, many are still choosing to take the risk and ride motorbikes. This phenomenon gave way to a lot of suppliers in the motorcycle market which compete with the major players by their drop-down prices and hard to resist financing schemes. Such terms are so attractive, it encourage impulse buying and lure people even from the lower bracket of the society.  

Of course, all cheap commodities come with a costly trade-offs in the long run. And the danger of poor quality workmanship is the unexpected breakdown that may happen while on the road, and that will lead to paying a much bigger price which is our safety. So, being a responsible rider does not only observe road courtesy but a rider with a consciousness of having a motorcycle that is always in tip-top running condition. Riding a motorcycle always has risks involve. But these risks are lessen or become manageable if your ride offers an over-all superb quality workmanship that will give a rider a much easier and safer handling experience.

For over 45 years, Honda Motorcycles never fails to impress motorists with their all-time reliable motor bikes, whether these are the street motorcycles, scooters or even their big bike lines. For many years, they have dominated the public transport cab or tricycles in many parts of South East Asia with their TMX 155cc. An all-around utility and a true work-horse that can haul heavy loads and trek rough terrains in remote places. The only down-side of this is the fuel cost-efficiency because of its torque-displacement ratio. And with the present high cost of fuel, Honda needs to replace the TMX 155 with a much cost efficient model. That is why a couple of years ago, they launched the TMX Supremo 125cc. With this model, Honda was able to address the fuel efficiency problem with a much lesser displacement. However the horse power and torque were almost the same. A smart tweak of engineering only Honda can give. 

Today, the growing population of “scooter” riders are definitely at a constant pace which gives the motorcycle industry a wider market-segment to play around, because this is where the bulk of the business is much profitable. And despite the alarming number of industry players coming from China, Honda still keeps a considerable share of the pie. Because almost everyone who bought a low quality made scooter will sooner or later experience break-down and will eventually end up buying a quality motor bikes like Honda the second time around. China-made scooters are more like an entry level for scooter riders. 

Among the Honda’s Scooter series, they have recently launched another improvement of the first version, the Zoomer X. Part of the Generation S series which include Honda Click 125i and Honda BeAT Fi, The Zoomer X is especially designed to cater the much younger riders of today. It is for the college students or the young single professionals who want to escape the fatigue of the daily commute of going to school or work every day. The Zoomer X offers very easy handling which features Honda’s Smart Technology and ingeniously designed skeletal roll-bars on the side and front that serves as an additional safety buffers. It runs on a 110cc( Fuel Injected) engine, with superb fuel efficiency rate of 56 kilometres per litter on city driving.  

And just like Honda Click 125i and Honda Beat Fi, it also feature the Idling stop System which allows the engine to stop automatically after three seconds of idling that’s adds to its fuel efficiency feature. But when you need to go right away, a smooth turn of the throttle handle will automatically start the engine just as quickly. It also has the Combined Break system that gives a sufficient amount of breaking power for both wheels with one press of the left break lever.  

The all-new Honda Zoomer-X is available in lively Marigold Yellow and trend-setting Mat Crypton Silver Metallic colors for Php93,900. Visit your nearest Honda dealers and have a test drive of the all-new Zoomer X and the rest of the Generation S scooter series.

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