Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cobra Energy Drink: Gusto Ko Pa!

Cobra Energy Drink, the leading drink supplement that has been in the forefront of giving athletes the energy boost needed to go beyond physical limits. For five seasons in a row, it has also been the proud principal sponsor of Iron Man 70.3 in the Philippines and it is one of the most coveted triathlon competitions that have been well attended by the top triathletes around the world.

Cobra, as a local brand and proudly made by Asia Brewery, maintains a character that imbibes Filipino’s genuine strength, that no matter how tough things may hit us, we always keep an enduring spirit to get up and continue to fight whatever adversity we may face. This strength is what we call Tunay na Lakas ng Pinoy.

In the past, Cobra’s endorsements revolve in the sphere of well-known athletes like our very own, boxing champ Donito Donayre and some popular triathletes. For the first time, Cobra was able to pick a brand ambassador who captures the hearts of many young teen age fans by his charm and acting prowess. At the same time, he also displays an excellent standing in the field of triathlon and holds a three-time top-rank finisher at the Cobra Iron Man 70.30 held in Cebu. The Cobra Energy Drink’s newest brand ambassador is no other than Mr. Matteo Guidicelli. 

Last week, Asia Brewery the makers of Cobra Energy Drink launched their newest line of Cobra flavors along with its newest brand ambassador Matteo Guidicelli. Cobra also launched its newest TV ad that promotes their newest tag line, Gusto ko Pa! The new tag line embodies the aggressive attitude of every athlete to go further even after a race is done and it also describes the hard working character of every Pinoy who can perform multi-tasks even after a long day work is over. Cobra energy Drink is an energy boost so that every athlete can withstand and endure the toughest challenges in sports and in life.

At the event, a short display of strength was rendered by Matteo through an arm wrestling match with the representative of Speed Magazine, Mr. James Orlanda who happens to be a triathlete himself. At the prime of his active life, James tried the best as he can to beat Matteo. In the end, age overcame experience and Matteo won the match. 

With the new set of flavors new TV ad and new brand ambassador, we are expecting to more of Cobra in the sporting events  and of course Matteo Guidicelli along the racing routes that will make everyone go, ‘Gusto ko pa! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What’s New at Pinkyberry?

When can you say you have enough dessert for one day? At Pinkberry, with its wide variety of toppings and mix, tasting one flavor is short-changing your appetite for desserts. Pinkberry is one of the pioneer in revolutionizing frozen yogurt that started in 2005 in West Hollywood California. After almost 10 years in the yogurt industry, the company started with just two flavors, original and green tea, it has now expanded its mix to 18 flavors that are being rotated seasonally. 

Last week, I had the opportunity to be invited to the launch of its newest branch in SM Megamall where, I and other members of the media were treated to get the first hand taste of its newest flavors that will surely make a hit among yogurt dessert enthusiasts. 

Personally, my craving for frozen yogurt came a little later when I started put on a healthy lifestyle a few years ago. Before, yogurt for me was like ice cream that gone bad because of its sourly taste. I came to like them when it started to have fruit flavors making the taste more acceptable to my palate.

This year, Pinkberry will introduce another line up of flavors to its loyal followers. The Brownie a'la Mode and Apple Pie a' la mode:

The first one that was served was the Brownie a’ la mode. The trial variant were a little bit smaller than the standard size serving, just enough for us to have a good grasp of the taste of each flavor. We were able to experience the brownie a’ la mode on salted caramel, original, vanilla bean and butter pecan yogurts. Since these were our first set, I tried my best to set an easy pace and not to consume everything. 

After which, we were allowed to taste the Apple pie a’ la mode with the same set of yogurt mix. I like this one better, because the apple pie was not as over powering that you hardly taste the yogurt. The cinnamon acts as a balancer as well. 

New Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie and Butter Pecan

The next set were new yogurt flavors; Chocolate Chip and Butter Pecan. I was able to try the Butter pecan with glazed pili nut and caramel sauce which is for me is too sweet. However, this new flavor with Banana Nut bread was interesting. I never thought banana and Pili nut combination would be this good in yogurts. The light agave is actually a light honey syrup which is not too sweet. The Double Nut crunch taste good as well most especially for those who love variety of nuts on their yogurt. Since I’m not much a fan of caramel, I decided not to pour the caramel on this one. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie: In our third set, I started to feel “over-dozed” by all these yogurts. Good thing that the cookie in the Double chocolate chip cookie became a neutralizer that made me appreciate the other flavors. The Classic Sundae is a combination of cookie dough with chocolate chip cookie and whip cream and chocolate syrup. The Honey almond granola is my favorite in this set. 

After the last set, we were offered another treat by allowing us to experience to dispense the yogurt from the machine itself. Pinkberry staff taught us on how to draw the lever of the machine that will produce a perfect swirly presentation.

To get a taste of Pinkberry’s goodness, visit Pinkberry in Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, SM Aura, Power Plant Mall and the newly open branch in SM Mega Mall. You may also log on to or Facebook page 

Win a Pinkberry party!

10 special sized yogurt with 2 toppings each, FREE! 
All you need to do is post your most refreshing Pinkberry summer photo on Facebook and/or Instagram and use #refreshingpinkberrysummer

The eight photos ( four face book and four instagram) with the most likes will win a Pinkberry party (10 special sized yogurt with two toppings), which can be claimed at any Pinkberry store.

The Contest will run from March to June. Two winners (1 Facebook and 1 instagram) will be announced on the 30th of each month.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Guam: Experience the Hafa Adai Spirit!

The first time I heard about Guam was way back in the early 70’s, because our neighbor then (my kababata) was born and raised there and shared to a lot cool stuff about that small island in the Pacific. I also learned from her that Guam is a US territory. Later, after the fall of Saigon (now Ho Shi Min City ) during the Vietnam war, my dad was tasked to join a Filipino military contingent to evacuate some GI’s and many were sent to Guam. So my idea of that place back then was that it is a military installation. 

"Hafa Adai!"

More than 30 years have passed and little did many of us know that Guam has grown a lot in terms of development, from a US Navy base of the Pacific Fleet, to an island paradise that offers more than just white sandy beaches and pristine clear waters. Guam is now one of the most sought after vacation havens with a robust, urban metropolis shopping destination. Yes ladies, shopping! 

FYI, commodities available  in Guam are all tax-free so all the stuff you may want to bring home will be priced pretty much lower than usual. In fact, many foreign visitors frequent the island just to shop for genuine US and European brands at much cheaper prices. And among the popular shopping places there, the most iconic is said to be the Micronesia Mall, which happens to be owned by Mr. Lucio Tan himself. 

Other than the all-day duty-free shopping, the island is studded with some of the world’s best resorts and hotels. One hotel that will stand out as far as giving you the perfect view of the Eastern seaboard of the Pacific Ocean is the Pacific Star Resort and Spa. Located at the Pale San Vitores Road in Tumon, this hotel resort offers a breathtaking view of the white sandy beach just a few meters from the hotel’s doorstep and its only 5 minutes from the international airport! It serves the widest variety of fine cuisine from all nationality and culture in the world so that it can give every guest a “closer to home” dining experience. 

Mr. Roy Abraham, General Manager, Pacific Star Resort and Spa
A sister of mine, after more than 10 years in New York as a nurse, moved to Guam with her surfing and trauma surgeon husband. Having been exposed to all the amenities of the island, my sister, who used to be conservative, reserved and a homebody type, was transformed into a marathoner, swimmer, and kayaker in no time at all. Surrounded by the vast ocean at 360 degrees, steep lime stone cliffs, and breathtaking waterfalls, the adventures you can experience here are plenty and you can cover more than one outdoor sport discipline in a day because of the close proximity of tourist spots to each other. Actually, you can practically circumnavigate the whole island in just half a day. That’s why they greet you “Hafa Adai! “. 

my sister, Grace, who made Guam her home
Check out the island's calendar of events because every month, there is always something going in on to give you one more reason to stay and celebrate. This coming April, they will be hosting the annual Guam International Marathon that is frequently visited by runners around the world. One special attraction about it is the race route that is practically staged along the scenic view of the Pacific Ocean. That is why as early as now, I’m preparing myself for this most coveted marathon in Guam and I’m hoping that my resources would be enough to take me there.    

But if marathons are not your type of adventure, try visiting some of their historic sites either up in the mountains or under the ocean. Yes, diving can be a lot of fun in Guam. If you are the extreme type of diver, you might want to check out a multi-wreckage of battle ships from WW1 and WW2. 

Guam is a very small island but there are hundreds of things you can do here to make you feel that each experience is always a self discovery. So go make your reservations now for at least a week's stay because enjoying the island will take you more than “Hafa Adai”!   

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CRYO Instant Cold Wraps: A compact cold wrap for sport injuries

Since 2010, I have encountered all sorts of injuries related to running. Some of them were negligible and recovery periods were short. But sometimes, there were running injuries that took a longer time to heal and were really frustrating. Thankfully, as I grew stronger, my injuries became less and less. 

Recently, a group of young Applied Chemistry students from Ateneo de Manila University successfully developed a compact and reusable cold-wrap without the “ice”. It contains a simple fusion of two chemicals that create an instant cold wrap in gel form. This product actually provides four degrees Celsius of cold therapy that can last for 30 minutes. Amazing, right?! I regret that this stuff was not around during my earlier running days when I often experienced injuries. 

Last February 1, 2015, I had the opportunity to join the Condura Skyway Marathon for the first time and it was my 8th full marathon run on barefoot. It has been months since my last marathon (RUPM) where my performance was not as good as I expected because of an unexpected sprain that happened on my right foot, which resulted to a grueling 5 kilometer run-walk to the finish line. For months, I patiently recovered from the injury and little by little, I trained to grow strong again for another full marathon

Since it was my first run on the Skyway, I didn’t take any chances to suffer another injury again so I brought my CRYO Instant Cold Wrap just in case. The run for the 42k started at 12 midnight and the road is mostly paved; a barefoot friendly route. I finished the run at 4 hours and 48 minutes, a little over than my last PR which is 4 hours 40 minutes. Nonetheless, my Condura Experience was generally good, because the injury I was worried about did not happen. 

However, my good friend who is recovering from a “Torn Meniscus” ran 21k at the same event. During his run, he took two tablets of Celebrex to block any pain that may occur. I guess the drug was so effective because he finished the 21k earlier than expected. But after the run, the pain retaliated with a vengeance leaving his two knees swollen. He brought his ice pack to cover a knee and I lent him my CRYO Instant Cold-wrap to cover the other knee. 

I’m happy that I was able to finish strong at Condura without any injuries and didn’t have to use the CRYO for myself. I’m also glad that I brought it and helped my friend instead. The CRYO pack comes with a neoprene holster that you can wrap around the injured limb. The cold pack in gel form comes in a very durable container. 

Prick the solution inside and mix the two chemicals inside...

Mix the pack until it becomes a gel form, then place it inside bag...

Wrap it around the injured limb...

Cold temperature will last for 30min...

To know more about Cryo Instant Cold Wrap, please visit this Facebook page:, and follow Twitter: @CRYOPLUS_ICW and Instagram: @CRYOPLUS

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

7-Eleven Run 1500


7-Eleven will be holding RUN 1500 this coming March 15, 2015, the latest installation to its successful Run series. 

The first ever 7-Eleven fun run, RUN 800, was held last 2012, and attracted over 10,000 participants. It was then followed by RUN 1000 and attracted close to 18,000 runners and was the largest paid race in the country in 2014. Traditionally, the 7-Eleven Run Series is also held to celebrate store opening milestones: RUN 800 to celebrate 800 stores in the Philippines, RUN 1000 to celebrate 1000 stores and this year, RUN 1500 in anticipation of opening its 1,500th store in the country. 
What’s New?

RUN 1500 promises to be bigger and better, featuring new categories as well as new venue partners, Skyway and Filinvest City.

Now a full marathon, the race now includes a 42KM category, a 10KM buddy run and a 500M fun run for kids. Runners joining the 10KM, 16KM, 21KM, 42KM categories and 10KM Buddy Run will enjoy the course set along the Skyway. Those joining the 500M, 3KM and 5KM categories can look forward to an organized race course in Filinvest City.
What to Expect?

People can enjoy a fun, organized race made more convenient with 7-Eleven’s system. Runners can easily register online and pay at the nearest 7-Eleven store and claim their race kits there.

The registration system also allows participants to choose their wave starts to allow them to run with those of the same skill or speed, or with friends or family.

Race Category Fees
500M Kids P400
3KM P500
5KM P600
10KM P700
10KM Buddy Run P500 each
21KM P1,000
42KM P1,500

Race Categories, Fees and Inclusions

All finishers in each category will receive finisher shirts and medals. Top 3 for each category will also receive cash prize.

Another tradition in the 7-Eleven Run Series is to give Filipino runners opportunities to be more competitive. Each Run, 7-Eleven sends top Filipino placers of the 21K category to represent 7-Eleven Philippines and compete in an international marathon, all expenses paid.

7-Eleven Run Series winners have been sent to the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon in Cambodia and Seoul Race in South Korea where Pinoy pride was well represented. Following in the footsteps of Janette Agura (2nd place winner in Angkor Wat), were our RUN 1000 delegates who dominated the Seoul Race last 2014. Mary Joy Tabal, won 1st  place in the women’s 21KM, while Mario Maglinao and Elmer Sabal won 1st and 3rd place, respectively for the men’s category. 

This year, 7-Eleven will be sponsoring the top 3 Filipino males and females of 21KM and 42KM to join the Laguna Phuket International Marathon in Thailand. 

Join Now!
Runners can expect tons of fun and freebies at the event, thanks to 7-Eleven’s generous event partners. 

Register online at and pay the fees at any 7-Eleven store within 24 hours. Registration is until February 23, 2015 only! 

7-Eleven Run 1500 is in partnership with Skyway and Filinvest City and is brought to you by: Safeguard, Selecta, Pocari Sweat, Gatorade, Nature’s Spring, Del Monte, Powerade, Bacchus, and 7-Connect, official footwear and apparel sponsor, Saucony and media partners: Solar Sports, CNN Philippines, and 

Like 7-Eleven Run Series for updates:  and remember to use the hashtag #711Run1500!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Smart Formulae Trading Corp’sBSI Medicated Spray: A Non-Aerosol Topical Pain Reliever

The Run United Philippine Marathon last year was my seventh full marathon. It was also my longest marathon because I finished it beyond five hours. In short, it was a very frustrating race for me because of an injury that occurred in the last 10 kilometer of the run. It was not a sudden pain but a gradual discomfort on the top of my right foot growing from bad to worse as I came closer to the end of 42 kilometers. 

In many long distance races, ambulatory medical support is constant along the route. Runners make a quick stop to get some mentholated spray from paramedics stationed along the road. In the past, I seldom stop for these sprays because I don’t see the need for it. But last October at RUPM, with the worsening pain of my right foot, I made it a point to stop at every medicated spray station I could find just to relieve the pain. Unfortunately, these sprays containing diluted Methyl Salicylicate with Camphor Menthol didn't hold and the pain progressed until the finish line. 

It has been three months and I’m set to do another full marathon this coming February 1, 2015 at the Condura Skyway Marathon. I’m very excited for this marathon because it will be my eighth and it is also my first time to join Condura. I believe that my preparation is sufficient and my foot is completely healed and ready to face another grueling barefoot run of 42 kilometers. 

Despite my full recovery, my last injury was a lesson learned and I don’t want to experience it ever again. This is why during my training now, Iam using a medicated spray that is different from the ones being applied in races. It’s called BSI Medicated Spray (,distributed by New Smart Formulae Trading Corp, containing not just Methyl Salicylate  and Menthol but also eight kinds of pure natural herbs such as Nux Vomica, Pinelliae Tuber, Drynaria, Liquorice, Huperzia Serrate, Pseudo ginseng and Alcohol. These natural herbs are essential in helping give prolonged relief and not just a warm mentholated feeling. 

The BSI Medicated Spray is alcohol based, so you don’t feel the greasy feeling you get from oil-based mentholated sprays.With an alcohol-based spray, the menthol is absorbed by the skin much quicker so the menthol doesn't stay on your hands.

If you are the type of runner who is not used to doing dynamic stretching before runs, BSI Medicated Spray is very much helpful in warming up and conditioning muscles, too. BSI works also in preventing the swelling of muscles during injuries by making the blood flow normally in the injured area. BSI is a compact spray in 64 ml plastic bottle, which is very handy and very easy to apply when needed. You won’t have to look for the next paramedic station for a spray. 

I’ve been running marathons for almost five years now and every marathon for me is a life changing experience. The fatigue and some injuries I get on the side allow me to respect the sport and respect my body at the same time by knowing my limitations and what I can achieve in the challenges ahead. With my preparations, I am more confident now that I can run the marathon with a better time, this time. 

BSI Medicated Spray is available in Mercury Drug Store, Rose Pharmacy, and South Star Drug.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yoree Korean Barbecue Dining Opens another branch in the South

One thing that is great about Asian foods is the wide variety of dishes with exotic ingredients that is very different from any dishes in the world. Among the Asian foods I like is Korean. I've been and tasted a lot all over the city and each one has a different take on a particular Korean dish

Yoree Korean Barbeque Dining is not like any other Korean resto that offers the typical Korean food. Somehow, Yoree dishes are cooked in a very special way that allows you to experience another side of Korean cuisine like you have never tasted before. 

Last week, I had the opportunity to be invited to another food tasting event and launching of the second branch of Yoree Barbeque Dining located at Molito Complex, Madrigal Business Center. For quite some time, the Molito area in Alabang have been gaining visitors from all over because of its diversified restaurants that offer all sorts of dishes from different culture. Yoree is just one of the newest food joint that adds to Molito’s concoctions. Yoree is also one of brands that are under the Amado Group of Companies, the same group that carries Tous Les Jous Bread and Pastries. 

The launch was graced by Ms. Andrea Amado herself with Korean business partners, celebrity friends like Rhian Ramos, Vannsesa Matsunaga and Ms. Lea Salonga, and members of the media. The launching is a sit-down dinner where each dish is served with matching trivia knowledge from the waiters. 

As a standard, Yoree serves the usual appetizers like "kimchi" and fried "spiced-dilis" which we all love, but they added some other variety such as the pickled mango and more.

Yoree use special coal-brickets to grill meat right at your own table. These brickets when fired up produce hotter temperature and gives a smokey flavored to the meat, so the meat are cooked much faster and tastier too.

Ms. Vanessa Matsunaga is showing us her grilling prowess.. 

The finish Product. Not but Vanessa... 

Ms. Vanessa Matsunaga was given the chance to do the grilling of the dish that was served to us. This dish is called YangNyeom Galbi.It is a USDA Prime Short Rib served in a dish platter with grilled Prawn and Squid. Priced at P895 good for two people sharing. 

Here is Yoree's version of a Pinoy's favorite, "Bulalo". Its called Balbitang. This Korean Beef Soup is something everyone should try. This one is cooked with USDA Prime Rib with Korean Juju Ginseng with Berries. Galbitang is priced at P380 good for sharing. 

Japchae - P198

The Japchae is Korean's typical version of Pinoy's "Sotanghon Guisado". And it is also one my favorite dish in a Korean Restaurant. This one is sauteed in with sweet potato noodles and beef strips. But Yoree's Japchae is quite different because it is wrapped in "Papillote". It is a french style in cooking where the dish is wrapped to seal the moisture. It is open when it is about to be served. 

Jeyuk Bokkeum - P298

The Jeyuk Bokkeum is something exceptional because in order to enjoy eating eat it, you need to wrap it in a lettuce leaves. Much like the SunWrap of another popular Korean Restaurant, only the filling is a saucy one and spicy. Very much like the "kaldereta" but its not. 

Gyeranjjim - P198

Gyerajjim is a typical Korean dish that is quite common in some of the Korean Restaurant I know. It's a steamed egg in a bowl with herbs and spices and  its very flavorful. My wife likes to eat the brown part that was left on the bowl..

Korean Rice Punch - Shikye

Dried Berries
And the best way to wrap up the evening is a cold Korean Rice Punch - Shikye with matching Dried Berries. Its like enjoying a good wine with Cheese. For Koreans, this is more of a dessert, so make sure to order some before going home. Its quite a treat. 

Ms. Lea Salonga and Family...

Before leaving, I made sure to take a picture of Ms. Lea Salonga and Family. I'm so fortunate I was able to get a good photo of this since Ms. Salonga seldom entertain "Paparazzi" shots when she's dining with family privately. I'm glad to caught-up with this rare opportunity. 

So when you're visiting the south, make sure to drop by Yoree Korean Barbecue Dinning located at Molito Complex, Madrigal Business District, Alabang-Zapote Road, beside Ayala Alabang Village.


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