Friday, April 27, 2012

Immuvit Metafit 30 day Challenge (Week two)

One week is over, three weeks to go.

Last week, I started to embark on a summer fitness routine in the hope that it would make me achieve the physique I always wanted to have in just 1 month, on a once-a-day session. It is called the Immuvit-Metafit system, a four minute intense exercise of different common calisthenics that will boosts the body's ability to burn as much as 600 calories thus reviving the growth hormones.

As a backgrounder, the human body stops producing growth hormones as we reach adulthood. As people grow older we loose growth hormones over time and we can only regain this back through a series of intense exercises. And the Immuvit-Metafit System is one of the easiest way to attain it.

I’m down to my first week which I incorporate with my weekly running regimen. At first, I thought that realizing my goals would be much easier because I’m doubling my effort with running. After a week of the Immuvit-Metafit System, I was a bit saddened because I haven’t seen any significant change on the aesthetic side. I guess some body parts I wanted to work on is much stubborn than I expected and are difficult to get rid of. I’m talking about my side -flab which are the remnants of a 38 inches waist-line a few years back.

However, one thing that has become obvious is on the first week was the sudden upper body strength I gained. Maybe it’s because of the intense push-ups that is included in the Immuvit-Metafit exercises I was able to improve it over time. At the beginning, the push up part is where I get drained easily because of a bad shoulder joint I’ve been nursing for months now. In short, I don’t execute quality push-ups. But after the 4th day, I made a lot of improvements.

The first three days, completing four rounds of Metafit was a struggle. But after a while, I increased in speed so I added one more round to increase my intensity. The Immuvit multi-vitamins food supplements made a lot of difference most especially on days when I run in the afternoons. Somehow, It has sustained me to endure an additional punishment.

As to my goals for first week, which is a toned and a more define physique was not achieved, but I’m more confident that in week 2 things will be a lot different. With a new set of exercises, I’m now more certain to see significant improvement not just on weight loss but the reduction of grit measurements which for me is more important. My goal for this week is not to be discouraged by my slow progress from last week routine. Since the set of exercises for the second week does not include push-ups, I plan to target more rounds as much as my body can bare.

The week 2 routine is composed of another different set of exercises. The first is an Alternating leg raise. The second exercise is the Jump-Squat and the third is the Alternating lunges.

Alternating Leg raise - 10 reps per leg...

Jump Squat 10 reps...

 Alternating Lunges 10 reps per leg...

For my readers who are following this blog series, you may also try this set of exercises. It suites for people who have stronger legs and calves. After this week I'm hoping to do better routines that will eventually get me closer to my goals.

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