Monday, June 26, 2017

FWD Life Philippines champions FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge…

FWD Life, one of the newest players in the life insurance industry, is pushing its advocacy on wellness by being one of the champions of the Fit Filipino Movement’s FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge. Having been operating for the past three years in the country, this global brand enterprise is on high gear supporting this noble endeavor to encourage Filipnos who are overweight and with high risk of lifestyle diseases like heart attack and diabetes to switch to healthier lifestyles.

“As an Insurance industry pioneer in the space of health and wellness, FWD Life Philippines is delighted to partner with the Fit Filipino Movement  and coaches Jim and Toni to inspire Filipinos in leading healthier lives with a series of fitness-centered events. ‘ said FWD Life Insurance Head of Marketing, Rochelle Vandenberghe. "Through our Live to Move fitness parties, in collaboration with FitFil and the challenge’s partners, we hope to inspire a new wave of awareness for the health benefits of keeping fit. For us at FWD, living life to the fullest starts with being healthy." 

The FitFil Weight Loss Challenge is a nationwide campaign that rallies not just individuals but also institutions and brands to pledge and commit pounds of unwanted fat to contribute to the overall collective target of One Million Pounds in six months. Last May 23, 2017, the FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge was launched at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel where lead supporters such as FWD and other organizations expressed their pledges by signing a banner of support. 

Last June 24, 2017, FWD Life Insurance hosted the biggest fitness party at the SM Mall of Asia By the Bay area. The fitness celebration was led by the proponents of the FitFil campaign, coaches Jim and Toni Saret of the Fit Filipino Movement. The Fitness celebration was attended by various groups like the Philippine National Police, which sent a big delegation and committed the biggest pledge to lose 500 thousand pounds to be spread throughout all the police force all over the country. 

The fitness party was also participated by representatives of universities and colleges, medical societies, and members of the media. The event featured non-stop upbeat zumba and metabeat workouts spearheaded by Coaches Jim and Toni along with members of various gyms and fitness centers in the metro. Highlighting the fitness party was the unveiling of an oversized tarpaulin banner held by representatives of the campaign partners to signify their spirit of support. Everyone also expressed their energetic enthusiasm by participating in the series of heart pumping workouts. 

Start your fitness journey, too! Take part in the FitFil National Weight loss Challenge and make your weight loss pledge by logging on the campaign’s official website: .


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Robinsons Supermarket’s Wellness Festival Celebrates Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The month of July is when fitness enthusiasts celebrate wellness month. As many people are now gearing towards healthy living, Robinsons Supermarket is likewise relentless in supporting it. Yesterday, Robinsons Supermarket along with its supporting brands kicked-off this month-long celebration with its loyal costumers, members of the media, and various partners.

Ms. Aja Totanes, Robinsons Supermarket Marketing Manager
The festivity also coincided with the ongoing fitness campaign by Fit Filipino Movement headed by coaches Jim and Toni Saret – The FitFil National Weight loss Challenge. As this fitness campaign batters in full-swing, Robinsons Supermarket encourages everyone to register,  accept the challenge, commit to pledge and lose pounds of unwanted fats, and become part of the national target of 1 million pounds in six months.

Coaches Jim and Toni Saret leading the crowd in a Metafit workout...

One highlight of the fitness festival that was held at the activity center of Eastwood, is the Ninja Academy’s parkour course. This type of fitness activity does not only builds physical strength but also improves agility, flexibility, and endurance. For those who want to try a radical type of workout, the parkour courses is one alternative that allows everyone to try a whole new way of losing weight. Personally, parkour is a skill that piques my interest. It’s quite scary and the same time exciting. I guess it would be another outdoor sport that I need to put in my bucket list this year.

A "Ninja Warrior" in the making? :)
For now, shedding a few pounds is a priority every FitFil pledger needs to focus on, that is why I have come up with a physical regimen that is a combination of running, metafit, and jumping rope. The focus of the FitFil campaign is to lose as many pounds of unwanted fats as much as we can. That is why Coaches Jim and Toni Saret are relentlessly going around the whole country to teach people an effective way to lose weight through the Metafit exercises. In just four minutes, one can burn as much as 600 calories throughout the day.

Wall Climbing is another good way to lose weight...
I was introduced to this exercise by no less than coach Jim himself and I can attest that it’s really effective. Later on, I got learn other fat burning exercises as well that I incorporated into my metafit workout. Watch this video demo of one complete circuit of Jump Rope and metafit, which is a high intensity workout.

For those who registered at FitFil and committed to shed those unwanted fats, this circuit exercise is for you. The Calisthenic exercises are simple but the jump rope is a little bit tricky. Tripping is normal for those who are just starting to learn but later on, as you grow stronger, consistency will follow soon. Try to learn the “bounce” style first before learning other styles of jumping rope. As for me, I was able to learn the jump rope in two weeks of regular jumping rope, doing it as often as four to five times a week.  


Jump Rope and Metafit Circuit

1. Jump Rope (fast bounce)             1min
(10 Sec. rest)
2. Mountian Climbers                      30sec
(10 sec. rest)
3. Jump Rope (Alt. foot Step)         1min
(10 sec. rest)
4. Half burpees                                 30sec
(10 sec. rest)
5. Jump Rope (Fast bounce)             1min
(10 sec. rest)
6. Jump lunges with mid tap             30sec
(10 sec. rest)
7. Jump Rope (Alt. foot step)           1min
(10 sec. rest)
8. Jump squat                                    30sec

Note: Do this in three cycles with one minute in between cycles

Monday, June 12, 2017

Fit Filipino Movement Challenges the Philippines to lose 1 Million lbs.

After the phenomenal growth of people who are now involved in the running culture which started almost a decade ago, many have completely transformed their lives for the better and have become staunch advocates of its benefits to our holistic wellbeing. One classic example of that transformation is me when I decided to have a complete turnaround from the unhealthy lifestyle I was into before with 182 lbs. on a five-foot five height. In short, I was overweight .

A challenge for a fitter and healthier Philippines...

The other day, I stumbled upon some not-so-old pictures of me and I was surprised at how I changed through the years. My journey was not easy and its not over. On many occasions, I tend to be so consistently driven but, after a while, the preoccupation of busyness from work tends to pull me back to sedentary living again. When I fail to be conscious about it, kilograms are gained back just as quickly as I lost them.

Me, at 180 lbs. (Circa 2009)
Along the way of my fitness adventures, I got to learn some valuable lessons in losing weight. Before, I was stuck on one form of physical activity: running. But, later on, I discovered the importance of cross-training that involves other muscle groups which are essential in losing significant amount of calories and fats in our body. In many ways, these cross-training exercises optimize other muscle fibers which tend to be in “rest mode” during running. That is why, a variety of cross-training exercises are important to weight loss because more muscle fibers that move constantly mean more fats attached to them will be burned. 

Members of the Philippine National Police taking in on the challenge and committing to pledge 500,000 lbs. 

Over the years, I have incorporated several cross-training activities with my running regimen, most especially during rainy season. Some indoor workouts I do are: wall climbing, jumping rope and Metafit exercises (I also play ultimate Frisbee on Thursdays). Sometimes, I'd combine jump rope and metafit on days when I can’t run. To find out more about this metafit exercise, you can read about it here in my blog. For jump rope, you can watch my video in another blog post for an actual demo.

Fit Fil proponents, Coaches Toni and Jim Saret with Fit Fil brand supporters, Phil. Med. Association president, Dr. Raul Lapitan and Robinsons Supermarket Marketing Director, Ms. Angela Tatones... 
The metafit exercises were introduced to me by a friend who is also a very popular fitness coach Mr. Jim Saret. According to fitness experts like Coach Jim, Metafit exercises can actually burn as much as 600 calories in four minutes of high intensity execution. It is a combination of “simple” callisthenic exercises such as Half-burpees, Jumping Jacks, and mountain climbers. On the other hand, Jumping rope has also proven to be a very effective to weight loss. By jumping 120 revolutions per minute, one can actually burn 13 calories in just one minute.

120 revolution per minute can burn 13 calories in one minute. 

This year, Coach Jim Saret and his wife, fitness coach Toni Saret, offer the Filipino people a challenge to lose I million pounds in six months in a campaign called the Fit Fil National Weight Loss Challenge.  The National Challenge is the first activity for the Fit Filipino Movement's vision of one million fit Filipinos by 2020. According to Food and Nutrition Research Institute's (FNRI) Mario Capanzana, “Three in 10 Filipinos are overweight or obese. Of these three, one overweight adult can be found in the National Capital Region.

FNRI President, Mario Capanzana

“We want Filipinos to see that getting fit and healthy can be easy and fun when you have the whole nation rallying together for this cause, “ said Coach Jim Saret. 

Recently, the Fit Fil Challenge was launched during the Philippines Heart Association Convention at the Shangrila Hotel in Mandaluyong City. The PHA, as one of the lead convener of the event, presented some medical facts from Cardiologists, Endocrinologists and other specialists about the effects of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Likewise, they also talked about the adverse effects of being overweight as well as proper and safer weight loss programs to those who wish to lose pounds. The Symposium ended with public pledging from the audience that publicly announced their support and the number of pounds each group wishes to commit that will be counted for the One Million lbs. target in six months.

“We want Filipinos to see that getting fit and healthy can be easy and fun when you have the whole nation rallying together for this cause, “ said Coach Jim Saret. 

Among the groups that were present and showed their support were: Robnisons Supermarket, Far Eastern University, Conrad Manila, Anytime Fitness, Fitness First, FWD Insurance, Nurture Wellness Village, and the Philippine National Police, who committed half of the target which is 500 thousand lbs., to be spread out to the entire police force in the country and various Pharmaceutical companies and LGUs of different municipalities across the regions. 

Ms. Cathy Turvil forging her commitment to pledge 1,000 lbs. for Nurture Wellness Village 

For individuals who want to participate in this noble health initiative, the registration is free from June 5 to December 5, 2017. Everyone can visit select Robinsons Supermarket branches every Saturday to register and submit their official weight. After their final weigh-in, participants can avail of a reward if they achieve their wellness goal.

Members of the academe of Far Eastern University also pledge their support...

Regardless of your physical regimen, it is important that you start somewhere. I would also recommend not letting yourself be stuck on just one form of sport or exercise. Try to learn other physical skills or activities so that more muscle groups will be optimized to burn those unwanted fats. And again, weight loss is always 20% exercise and 80% diet, so always make sure to watch the food you eat.  


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